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Ricky Bobby

My oh my its been a while :-)

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  • from The mighty Erskine
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About Me

Shake and bake
Me, Myself, and I




Thats all that matters!!!

Sum say i'm invincible but i tend to think i'm bullet proof. I'm the big deal so get used to it!!!!!!

well have fun everyone...dont worry about being safe cos some times great things come out of it !!
The Other Half Of Me
David Miller

David Miller

This Guy Is More Ripped Than Shredded Paper...FACT

Anything by the legend that is michael jackson!!!
Braveheart , the simpsons movie , shrek 1 and 2 and anythin with adam sandler in it.
Football , Celtic of course HAIL HAIL !
Scared Of
Not a thing, hard as!!!
Happiest When
Eating , Sleeping, drinkin or spending time with the most important wee guy in my life....Joshua!!
Who I Am
The one and only wonderful me!!!!
What i hate most!!
Workin, yeah got to be work And people that cant keep there nose out of my buisness. Jealousy is a terrible thing!!!!! Get over it....its done!!!

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"Better on the other side tribute to Michael Jackson" by THE GAME, USHER, BOYZ II MAN

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    001: Name - David McGrory
    002. Nickname - McGrory, McG
    003. Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius
    004. Male or Female - Male
    005. School - Trinity High
    006. Hair Color - Dark Brown
    007. Hair: Long or Short - Short
    008. Eye Color - Blue
    009. Are you a health freak - Ehhh........NO
    010. Height - 5ft 10in (nojoke plz)
    011. Do you have a crush on someone - Yeah
    012. Piercings - none
    013. Tattoo - 0
    014. Righty or Lefty - Righty

    015. Surgery - None
    016. First piercing - none
    017. First best friend - Marc coyle
    018. First pet - rabbit
    019. First vacation - majorca
    020. First Concert - steps....shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    021. First love - Stephanie Barn

    022. Movie - water boy
    023. Favorite tv show - simpsons
    024. Color - green
    025. Music - Dance
    026. Drink - vodka red bull
    027. Body part on a female - Bum Bum Bum
    028. Favorite piece of clothing - My boxers with the secret compartment
    029. What do you sleep with - anythin that is avalible!!
    030. Favorite Animal - ?????
    031. Favorite Books - Teens laid bare
    032. Favorite Magazines -Teens laid bare

    033. Want Kids? - Got one already but want more, hopefully to the same mother as my first child !! lol
    034. Want to Get Married? - Yup...defo
    035. Careers in Mind - i have a good one

    036. Lips or Eyes - lips
    037. Hugs or Kisses - Both
    038. Shorter or Taller - shorter
    039. Romantic, Spontaneous or larma - Spontaneous
    040. Nice stomach or nice arms - Nice stomach
    041. Sensitive or Loud - Both
    042. Hook-up or Relationship - Relationship
    043. Sweet or Caring - Both

    044. Kissed a Stranger - once or twice ahhh good times
    045. Drank bubbles - yes sadly...not so good times
    046. Lost glasses/contacts - Nope perfect eyesight
    047. Ran Away From Home - Nope
    048. Broken a bone - Nope..yup...my nose and wrist
    049. Got an X-ray - Yip!!!
    050. Broken Someone's Heart - Yeah i think so...sorry x
    051. Turned Someone Down - Yes
    052. Cried When Someone Died - Yes .....:(

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    Shoped With Me ?

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    Seen Me Dance ?

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  • Laquanda Ruic

    You have to check this out http://is.gd/DvFBQM

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Cheeky.
    luv Cheeky.


    7/9/10 via Mobile
  • Nino

    THIS FRIDAY!!!! 7th MAY 2010 BLINK are delighted to welcome to The Club, Twisted Frequency label boss James Harcourt! Anyone who caught his set at The Arches back in December will tell you that he absolutely destroyed the place. Since he started taking production seriously in 2005/6 he has gained support from some of the biggest names in the business. Such as Sebastien Leger, Eric Morillo, Hernan Cattaneo, Seb Fontaine, Fergie, Dave Seaman and many more! His remix of "H2O" proved to be a massive hit with Sasha, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, and James Zabiela to name a few. With a 3 track EP scheduled for release on French Techno maestro Popof's label, this is a name bound for big things in 2010. Joined by residents Nino and Mofo this is truely shaping up to be one of the best nights of the year. The Club (Club 69) 40 New Sneddon Street Paisley 11pm-3am £8 AppLink:10279325780

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  • Xx Kerry Erskine Xx
    Xx Kerry Erskine Xx

    Hiya guys!! I have been very fortunate to make it through the interviews into the Semi-Finals of Miss Scotland. It has been good fun but I need your vote to carry on the compitition to make it into the final 10. 4 girls are eliminated everyday, so far there are 26 left!!! If you would like please vote for me online at www.thescottishsun.co.uk or text VOTE 15 to 61008 voting closes at 4pm each day, you are allowed one online vote and one text vote a day! Thank you soo much for your support xxxxxxxxxAppLink:10279325780

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  • Gerry McCafferty
    Gerry McCafferty

    Son it's me yer da what's happening ?

    4/13/10 via Mobile
  • Alex Neill

    you are one sad sad dude

  • XxlouXx

    Hey stranger hows u??hope all is well xxx

  • .

    can i have a 1000 free love:O (L) xxx

  • AL Al The Bookies Pal

    david you sickkooooo PRAYING on these young eyes and telling fibs that u know the love cheat aaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa Hillarious Rickyyyyyyy who loves ya xxxxx

  • Roory-O
    luv Roory-O

    show me da love

  • Wendy Galloway
    Wendy Galloway

    ma bro inlaws fi govan :D :D :D xxx :P

  • Wendy Galloway
    Wendy Galloway

    hey :D just saw ur comment on 1000 free loves wats o that about lol :) xXx bmb xXx :)

  • C.M
    luv C.M

    you said youd give me 50 loves

  • JawdaN.
    luv JawdaN.

    apparentley you no the love cheat if so id like bout 250 please wb :D

  • Kellymaarie
    luv Kellymaarie

    can u send me 1000 loves PLEASEE !!!! x

  • S'S
    luv S'S

    hello, dont no who you are but you sed on 1000 free loves site that you no the cheat! :) can i have 1000 loves plz have 1 for yourself. x

  • David Miller
    luv David Miller

    just sittin in my house bored out of my dids, what about you?