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Jude Murdock

:-( i hate this feeling

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  • Female, 25, Luv 165
  • from Killead
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 22,324
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 8/17/12
  • www.bebo.com/lilmissMD88
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey Jude here pretty much anything you need to know is on this page at the side or below! Enjoy and leave me a comment and i'll get back to you! ;) xx
Little bit of everything really from Dance to Country and everything in between!! Aslong as I can sing or dance to it I'm happy! Going to see the scrpit in september!!! :)
Love most types of film, but horrors are awesome. Love a good comedy or romcom. In the end tho you really cant beat The Lion King! lol
Rugby (watchin not playing!lol) Six nations was amazing this year loved it. Footy when im in the mood for it (aka once a year for YFC lol)
Scared Of
Spiders they are so gross!
Happiest When
Sleeping, eating, talking and getting cuddles. Basically sums me up!! :)

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  • Quizzla!

    Q: Name A Friend Who's Name Starts With An "A"
    A: Andy
    Q: 4th Person On Your Missed Calls:
    A: Mum
    Q: Do You Chew On Your Straws?
    A: Lol sometimes
    Q: Do You Have Curly Hair?
    A: Sometimes
    Q: Who Is Your Favourite Person In Your Life?
    A: Hmm one comes to mind but not saying lol
    Q: What Curse/Swear Word Do You Say A Lot?
    A: Dont really swear much
    Q: What Is The Last Thing You Ate:
    A: A cookie i made!!!
    Q: What Was The Last Thing You Said To Someone And Who Was It?
    A: My bro 'get off the dam computer' lol
    Q: Do You Watch Tv?
    A: Yea when i get time
    Q: Ever Been Hunting?
    A: Only if men count haha oj
    Q: Is Marriage In Your Future?
    A: i hope so
    Q: When Was The Last Time You Said, "I LOVE YOU" And Meant It?
    A: friday
    Q: What Should You Be Doing Right Now?
    A: Probably should be in my bed cos im workin tomorow!
    Q: Do You Have A Nickname?
    A: Usually either MD or short stuff
    Q: Who's The Youngest One In The Family?
    A: My brother Stu
    Q: Are You A Heavy Sleeper?
    A: Oh yea!! I slept through a bomb! Seriously! Even ask lou or kyle! lol
    Q: Do You Clean Ur Room?
    A: Yea annoys me when its really messy
    Q: Last Time You Used A Skateboard?
    A: When i was about 8
    Q: Where And When Was The Last Place You Slept Besides Your House?
    A: Um lol the staff room the other day!!
    Q: Ever Run Out Of fuel On The Road?
    A: Nope but managed to drive from banor to home on the red light one night!
    Q: Best Movie You've Seen In The Past Two Weeks?
    A: Haven't really seen any in the last 2 weeks but Mall cop was pretty funny

    1. Days Of The Week : SATURDAY!!
    2. Food : mmm pizza or indian!
    3. I have too Many =): brothers!! haha
    1. Person You Saw: My bro
    2. Talked To On The Phone: Lou
    3. Hugged: Kyle :(
    4. Text: Hmm think it was John W
    5. Kissed : haha no comment ;)

    1. Is: Sunday
    2. Got Any Plans: nope
    3. Would Like To Accomplish? going to bed as its gettin late

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  • Raja Gee


    6/2/11 via Mobile
  • Brian TheMusicMan
    luv Brian TheMusicMan

    Back on Bebo after an absense due to illness. I'm still available in the main on FB and myspace networks daily & Yahoo, weekly.

  • Debbie Bradley
    Debbie Bradley

    http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/... hey check out my lady gaga tribute page xx

  • Gillian Orr
    luv Gillian Orr

    hav sum luv since im a pain in the ass about that damn facebook!! haha loves yooooooooo xoxox

  • Kellyanne

    Yo missus!! yeh ano long time indeed!! im good thanks...how hav u been?? nothing much new in my world dearest....anything new wiv u?? xxx

  • Miss Rush
    Miss Rush

    hows yu huni???xxx mail mee yur number love xxx

  • Louise Downey
    Louise Downey

    Awk thats a pity! i'm workin 11-7 both fri and sat! :( how are you keepin?x x x

    10/21/09 via Mobile
  • Louise Downey
    luv Louise Downey

    Hey pet... any chance of you gettin down this weekend?xox

    10/21/09 via Mobile
  • Jane Bingham
    Jane Bingham

    yea ya look totally different. god take it easy chick no point stressin urself out. ill see ya tomara babe x

  • Jane Bingham
    Jane Bingham

    i was wondering who on earth that was!!! lol hey ya chick how ya doin x

  • Miss Rush
    luv Miss Rush

    you go gurlie...not much atall chicky...we have to organise a nite out for all the adce over the next month...wot dya say???get all the gurls togeher and go madd lol...wots the career objectives now missus??? xxx

  • Miss Rush
    Miss Rush

    well well well missus how the hell r yu?? xx

  • Boobla

    Heya hows u been\// love the new hair lol xoxo

  • Chris Wallace
    luv Chris Wallace

    I did, how about you?? Was pretty funny at times! lol xx

  • Nicky Eccles
    luv Nicky Eccles

    My dancing is second to none! The way I was grinding Mr Bean just had many heads turning... Ive been touted to join such groups as 'JLS' and 'Diversity'! This will be fulfilled one day. lol xo

  • Charlotte
    luv Charlotte

    heeya jude waat been hapenin wit yhu lurve yhu loadzzz bbz lol .Ox

  • Louise Downey
    Louise Downey

    oh goody!! i hopefully have next friday night off. not sure about the saturday, but we'll get somethin organised. :D Ohh, i'm all excited! :)) x x x x

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • Louise Downey
    luv Louise Downey

    yeah pet... next weekend? can't wait to kyley's home! :) xx

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • Zoë Campbell
    luv Zoë Campbell

    that wasn't what i ment! lol! but anyway yea it was a good night! u going to kilraghts barn dance on 25th?