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  • Female, Luv 6
  • from The Place I Consider Home Is...My Home
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2007
  • Last active: 5/9/08
  • www.bebo.com/StRaNgE_ToM
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Heya! Me Name Is Nicole! Obviously, But, Oh Well! Who Me? Me Is Some Person Who Has An Account On Bebo, And You My Friend, YOU Are The Person Viewing My Account! Well, Obviously, I HATE Captain Planet! I Also LUV The Name Tom! I Must Tell You Though, If I Was A Boy - Which I'm Not - That Would've Been Me Name...Anyways. What Should I Talk About? What Do You Want Me To Talk About? My Fat Dog, Who Surprisingly, Has The Same Name As One Of My Teachers...? My Dad Who Loves To Sing To 'Keep Your Hands Of My Girl' By Good Charlotte?...Wait, Don't Make Me Talk 'Bout That...Uhhhhh...Well, My Friends Are


And, Well, Those Are In No Particular List! ^^ Also, I Would Like To Say, Hi To Patrick And Luke! Oh! And Alen Too! Where You Been? :O Oh Well. And For All You Gravy Lovers Out There, GRAVY MADE MY DOG FAT!!!
Fall Out Boy, Kisschasey, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, 30 Seconds To Mars, Panic! At The Disco And A Few Others.

Bands/Artists I Hate:

Pink (Even Thought She's Got That Protest Song 'Bout Bush, I Hate It! >.< It Drags On 4EVA!!! Soz To People Who Like It Though!), Evermore (All There Songs Sound The Same...), And People Who Sound Old....O! And Amy Winehouse! She Sounds Like She's In Her Late 50's/Early 60's! >.<

Soz For Peeps Who Hate My Music And Like What I Hate...But I Can't Help That.
Comedy! Horror! Stuff Like That?....
Uhm, Don't Really Have Favourite Sport. I Just Watch Em And Do Em As They Come And Go! n___n
Scared Of
.....Uh......Don't Know? There Are Things That Scare Me!...Just Can't Think Of Anything Right Now...
Happiest When
I Don't Know. ?_____?
n______n Stephanie, I Can Say Is One Of My Best Friends. She's Really Cool And, Kind Of Emotional...But That's A Cool Trait About Her. Hmmmmmmm. What Else Can I Say....O! She's Likes Fall Out Boy (Luv Em!) Good Charlotte (Luv Em Too!) MCR (^ ^) And Things Like Those. Yay Stephanie! ^^
Renee Is One Of My Best Friends. She Can Be Really Nice Sometimes, But Other Times She Gets Me REALLY Annoyed...-__- She's Also Obessed With Birds, Looking At Weird Proffeser Snape Pictures (She Doesn't LIKE Like Him), Potter Puppet Pals, And, Would Go To The End Of The Earth To Destroy All Male Kind... She's Always Looking Depressed. Never Talks In A Cheerful Manner. She Even Talked Depressingly In A Speech She Did. But, She's Cool None Tha Less! n_______n She Also Likes Old Songs! Like Songs From The 70's...But, She's One Of Ma Besties! I Luv That Weirdy! ^^

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  • Hello!

    Um, I'm Relatively New To This Thing So, PLEASE Don't Blame Me If It's Totally Yuck K?

    0 Comments 308 weeks

  • Hi Everyone

    Hi umm yea i created a new account cause i got frustrated at my other old!!! one yea so add me my friends lol no matter who u are and it might take some time to make it fab again lol

    well luv ya's bye

    0 Comments 309 weeks

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  • luv Laura

    hawt picture cole cole :P that was before emoism took ova u.. T.T so sad u were so cute and innocent!

  • Colleen Hartwell

    sup babe come check out me and my friends get down and dirty on cam its FREE! www.tuckpill.com bye bye

    7/19/08 via Mobile
  • Vaunii
    luv Vaunii

    hi again im givin yu the luv now do yu hav a msn? can i hav it ;) hehe mine is tomboy_is@hotmail.com bye!!

  • Sammi

    heyy how r u goin?? i lyk ur bebo page!!! soz but if i had sum lov i wuld give it u but i used it 2day already!! bye bye (btw wats ur msn)

  • Vaunii

    o yer im special! i got mentioned in her friend list!! wooh! ok enuf im ova it i think.... anyway howz it goin? despite i c yu everyday hehe anyway i feel like sharing the love! so here yu go!! sum love passed to yu! bye!! have fun at wateva yu do!! o no!! the luv is gone! :( im sorry i will give it 2 yu later!! YAY!! :D well bye

  • Electro Sexcial.Xx.Issii.Xx
    Electro Sexcial.Xx.Issii.Xx

    haii do i no u cause i dnt memba yoooh

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    Hi nikky kewl account i'll give ya some love just to make it a bit betta

  • Ohmz.
    luv Ohmz.


  • Sammi

    heyy stephy n nicole can u sign mi guestbook plz :) but as different ppl!!!!!!!!:D n stephy im gonna get u bak 4 wat u said on da bebo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!!!!!!!!!!

  • luv Sammi

    hey sthepy bby k will do wat u say...LOL!!!

  • Aimzee

    ok bye

  • .D

    lol cool i would give u mine but sorry ive ready used it lol

  • Aimzee

    heya thank you for add me from aimee xoxoxo

  • Xxxmatty Tuck Fan Isxx
    Xxxmatty Tuck Fan Isxx

    heaiizz i accpted cyaz round' -synXXfreak