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Eoin O'Riordan

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  • Male, Luv 394
  • from ballinhassig
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 4,587
  • Member since: August 2007
  • Last active: 12/22/12
  • www.bebo.com/EoinO407
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About Me

cmon den!!:P :P
Me, Myself, and I
me n my twin dunny kid !!!!!!
sup sup Eoin ere from bhassig
dats al i gotta say

jak o d is my twin

ballinhassig afc 4 life :P :P haha

kieran o leary funniest guy alive !

david guetta = amayonaising

tinchy stryder = leathal

paul collins === unspoken hero !!!!!!:L :L
The Other Half Of Me


immaculate conception number 2:P:P:P

rap , r'n'b all dat stuff lyk
shawshank redemption , bad boys 1 n 2
soccer , hurling , ruggers , football
Scared Of
girls wit squiley voices da talk 2 much
Happiest When
playin sports , r hangin wit da lads
despise and utterley hate with all my heart
man united nd der fans

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  • my best buds

    Top 20 friends hassig/skool
    1. rob murph
    2.darn dullea
    3.paul collins
    4.ryan leary
    5.liam lee
    6.ciaran mac
    8.michael collins
    9.emma v
    10.dan callaghan
    13.sean coleman
    14.pa leary
    15.james cal
    18gav sheehan
    19killian coleman
    20 cheese

    3 Comments 306 weeks

  • bebo family

    My Bebo Family
    leave a comment sayin wat u wanna b!!!!!!!!
    My number 1 biatch:butler
    My girlfrend - dnt hav 1 but n da luk ot
    My mummy :dc
    My daddy -
    My Big sister -aimee
    My uncle -gav
    My aunt -dan
    My cousin - cookie
    My daughter - rob
    My son - kian mac
    My best friend(s) - pa ,ryan,darn,paul,michael,rob,killy,
     sully,kian,donny ,liam lee takka,dan,james,sean
    My bit on the side -ur mom
    My worst enemy - man utd fans
    My blonde biatch-kian
    my soccer skills trainers ; kev o mullane ,dooner and cian haha
    My niece - takka
    My nephew - ciaran
    My cool friend-dc
    My drinkin friend- darren dullea
    My blond- manda
    My sxc gal-ur mom
    My god father -
    My twin - dunny
    My chatterbox -manda coleman
    My hot admirer - ur mom
    My always be there for you friend- liam lee= ledgend
    My makes me laugh person -fintan,kieran, ciaran
    My star - job
    My krazy group ;killian makes a group n his own
    My class mate –frank scannel
    My super cool person - ricey haha
    My funky kik ass person –rob ! wierdo
    My pain in the B.U.T.T –conor mcugh
    My crazy ass salsa dancin chick;ur mom
    My Weirdo-diarmuid donovan

    0 Comments 306 weeks

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69 Things About Me

Height: 5 11
Weight: 12 n a half
Birthday: 7/2/93
Town you were born in: ballincollig
Single or Committed: single
Favorite band: kings of leon
Favorite sports team: liverpool
Favorite drink: pear bulmers
Favorite getaway: my bedroom :P
Favorite pasttime: sports
Favorite reality show: der a loada shit
Best thing to ever happen to you: :P:P
Favorite clothes: fats n t shirt
Your hair color : brown
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Do you kiss on the first date: hell ya
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Favorite restaurant: subway
Favorite movies: die hard , bad boys
Love or money: money to buy love
Blondes or Brunettes: meh. jessica alba r eva longoria
Your ambition: get a 6pack
Ever bungee jumped: na
Ever swam in the ocean: yep
Ever been in love: meh sorta
Ever broken someones heart: i dunno
Had your heart broken: naa
Broke a bone: ya several
Favorite TV show character: charlie from 2nd a half men
Cats or Dogs: dogs
Pizza or Burger: burger
Your first crush: ???????
Ever lied to your parents: ye every weekend haha
Worst fear: fuckin needles
Your weakness: da boys smith n weston (balls)
Any tattoos: na . dis summer
Favorite subject in school: pe
Kisses or hugs: depends mstly kisses
Done anything you regret: oh ya
Passive or aggressive: aggressive nyting to argue
Morning or Evening: evening
Summer or Winter: summer
Ever won a sports medal: ya
Ever been out of your country: ya
Your dream vacation: skiing wit da lads again
Best gift you have received: ps3
Favorite Actor: will smith (hero)
Favorite Actress: angelina jolie
Best compliment someone gave you: nice cock (dc)
Do you hate anyone: ya several people
Hip-hop or Rock: hip hop
Favorite perfume: i dnt were perfume :L:L
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: na
Country you: amsterdam
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: naa
Ever lied to teachers in school: ya
Craziest thing you: fallen outta a tree house
Your craziest dream in life: cnt rememba
Ever dyed your hair: ya
City you live in: cork boi :P:P
Favorite day of the week: saturdays
Favorite childhood memory: playin ball in da garden
Do you swear a lot: ya gud fukin bit
Ever puked at a party: ya 1nce r twice
Ever danced all night long: naaaaa 2 lazy
Have a crush on anyone: ya bt shes sorta taken
Your best buddy these days: butler paul kieran
Are you a health freak: naaaaaaa
Vehicle you drive: pauls megane wen i get da chance

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    Brian O Donovan

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  • Dennehy

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on BernaStrickertanwye@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Xmariex

    am i black r sumtnk lyyk >:( :P :L

  • Ricey

    sure thats always shit lad frank looks druged the whole time haaaaaa:L :L :L :L

  • Ricey

    ah sure look u kno work is always the job:L :L

  • luv Paud

    Fagoooo boyyyyyy :L

    5/5/10 via Mobile
  • Xmariex

    naah ii wzz a bad mood lyk.....:( awww itzz cute:L :L LAZY CUNT;o ammmm i dnt no y???? xXxXxXxXx:O

  • Xmariex

    ,b> yaaa yu wud wnt ta b:( awww mint job..... awww u put tat pic urrr soo cute n it;o ;o ;o naah fuuk all yuuuu xxxxxx

  • Xmariex

    i no yaaaaa:( skul awww fukn shit yuuuh... i no yaaa sound man 4 tat xxxxxxxxxx:L

  • Xmariex

    thankzzzzz owzzzzz yuuuu xxxxxx;o

  • Ricey

    wat crak me aul flower

  • Xmariex

    i dnt ave cred:( :( : xxxxxx

  • Xmariex

    heeey...:P :P :P wel luk hu it is...:DD :DD owzz yhOoO xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • Bandon-G.A.A

    hi eoin! ya fat cunt

  • Ricey

    ya i lost it but got another 1 same number tex on ur number to me lad

  • Bandon-G.A.A

    ur fat

  • Ricey

    so thats minor football thats the job lad wat time

  • Ricey

    wats that under lad

  • Ricey

    we must go on the tear some other nite 2 lad we bring podge bowles out yeah u my legend ......yeah......:L :L

  • Ricey

    wat the crak my legend ha