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Suicide Commando fanpage

Better than Suicide

2/23/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Suicide Commando is the name of a Belgian musical act combining aggrotech with elements of electro-industrial. Created by Johan Van Roy in 1986, Suicide Commando's first widely released album, Critical Stage, did not emerge until 1994.

GENRE Aggrotech/Electro-industrial/EBM

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  • History

    Johan Van Roy, Suicide Commando's only member, began experimenting with music in 1986. Three years later, he released his first tape under the moniker Suicide Commando, and made an appearance on the vinyl compilation, Electric. As Van Roy continued self-releasing tapes, he landed more compilation appearances on Rotation II and Induktion, Varianz und Deren Folgen, both released by Kugelblitz records.

    1994 finally saw Suicide Commando's first CD, Critical Stage, released on the German label Off-Beat. Shortly after in 1995, Suicide Commando released Stored Images, which contains to date one of van Roy's most popular songs, See You in Hell.

    1996 was the ten-year anniversary of Suicide Commando, and with it came the release Contamination, as well as the limited boxed version, which contained a bonus 3" compact disc. Contamination was released a year later in North America by the now defunct Electronic Death Trip records.

    In 1998, Suicide Commando released the album Construct-Destruct and its sister release, Reconstruction, the former of which was picked up by Possessive Blindfold Records for distribution in North America with bonus tracks. The next Suicide Commando album, Chromdioxyde, reached number 7 on the Deutsche Alternative Charts.

    Van Roy was one of the founders of the Dependent Records label in 1999. It was on this new label that Suicide Commando's next releases, two singles and one EP: Hellraiser, Comatose Delusion, and Love Breeds Suicide, accompanied Suicide Commando's 2000 release, Mindstrip, reached the number one spot on the Deutsche Alternative Charts. It was at this time that Metropolis Records began releasing Suicide Commando in North America.

    For Suicide Commando's next release, Axis of Evil, a special edition double single called Face of Death was released beforehand, selling out in two days. The regular edition of the single continues to sell, and Axis of Evil was voted album of the year (2003) by the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Later, Suicide Commando released another limited edition double single, Cause of Death: Suicide + One Nation under God.

    In 2006, Suicide Commando released the album Bind, Torture, Kill, featuring the single "Godsend".

    In 2007, Suicide Commando will release a special 2CD,DVD release celebrating 20 years of Suicide Commando. The album will be called X20.

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  • Discography

    Critical Stage (1994)
    Stored Images (1995)
    Contamination (1996)
    Construct-Destruct (1998)
    Re-construction (1998)
    Chromdioxyde (1999)
    Mindstrip (2000)
    Anthology (2002)
    Axis of Evil (2003)
    Bind, Torture, Kill (2006)
    X20 (2007)

    Comatose Delusion (2000)
    Hellraiser (2000)
    Love Breeds Suicide (2001)
    Face of Death (2003)
    Cause of Death: Suicide (2004)
    Cause of Death: Suicide / One Nation Under God (2004)
    Godsend / Menschenfresser (2005)

    Suicide Commando (1988)
    This is Hate (1989)
    Industrial Rape I (1990)
    Crap (1990)
    Go to Hell (1990)
    Into the Grave (1991)
    Industrial Rape II (1991)
    Black Flowers (1992)
    Electro Convulsion Therapy (1993)

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    Sarah Linst by Sarah Linst
    The Synthetic Dream Foundation's newest album "Mechanical Serpent" is currently finished and being manufactured as you read this. The album is a stylistic continuation of the sound created during the last two albums, with a deft fusion of industrial, IDM, electronica, and orchestral music. The album features guest vocals by Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion and The Gathering), Summer Bowman (the machine in the garden), Susan Siren, and Tamara Kent. The album is being released by Mythical Records, and will be shipping on Feb. 18th 2010. The album is currently in pre-order from both TSDF's and Mythical Record's websites for the price of $10. The full track listing is as follows:

    1. Glittered Ripples from the depths (w/ Marcela Bovio)
    2. Invoking the beast
    3. Auf dem see (serpentine mix) (w/ Summer Bowman)
    4. On whom the dreadful claw
    5. The spectre's masquerade (w/ Susan Siren)
    6. The one eyed maiden
    7. Puzzlebox (mechanism mix) (w/ Tamara Kent)
    8. Ascent to heaven's eye
    9. A silvered freeze

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    L'Art De Moi Destruction by L'Art De Moi Destruction

    Yes, get your old turntable from under its dust because SUICIDE COMMANDO goes vinyl !

    On July 31st. SUICIDE COMMANDO finally will return with brandnew material in the form of a strictly limited (to 500 copies !) red coloured vinyl featuring 2 new songs called "until we die" and "severed head", going back to Johan's KLINIKal roots.

    Make sure to order your copy soon at the Out Of Line online shop OR at our own SUICIDE COMMANDO mail order shop as this one probably will sell out really fast.

    In September SUICIDE COMMANDO also will release their new physical single "die motherfucker die", but more details on that one soon.


    It hasn't been a secret that both SUICIDE COMMANDO and the US PSYCLON NINE share a lot of mutual respect for eachother, it actually was SUICIDE COMMANDO who got Nero and C° into starting PSYCLON NINE several years back.

    Now their mutual respect and support will be immortalized on the forthcoming PSYCLON NINE album "we the fallen" as Johan aka SUICIDE COMMANDO will be one of the guest vocalists on the opening track "Soulles (the Makers Reflection)" from their new album.
    Other guest vocalists that will appear on this song are for example Gary Zon from Dismantled, Jason C. Miller from Godhead etc ...

    PSYCLON NINE are in the studio right now putting the last touch on "we the fallen", so expect it pretty soon now !

    Other collaborations between both bands are already in planning, so be prepared !


    It's for sure now, the long awaited new SUICIDE COM MANDO single "die motherfucker die" will be released in September through Out Of Line in Europe and Metropolis in the USA !

    "die motherfucker die" is the first new single from SUICIDE COMMANDO since the 2007 X20 boxset release (which included the last SUICIDE COMMANDO single "f*** you bitch") and will, among brandnew material, also feature remixes from Noisuf-X and C-lekktor.

    But there will be more ... announced soon here !!!


    SUICIDE COMMANDO will be headlining the last day of Summer Darkness 2009 in Utrecht (Holland) on sunday the 9th of August !

    Summer Darkness, located in the unigue premises of Utrecht city centre, is a 5 (!) day dark underground lifestyle weekend, presenting numerous live events, workshops, markets ... at different locations from the 5th till 9th of August.
    Some of the bands playing at this year's edition of Summer Darkness are Covenant, Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre, VNV Nation,Absolute Body Control ... and many many more.

    More information about the festival can be found here:


    11.07.2009 Dark Castle Festival - Paris - France
    09.08.2009 Summer Darkness - Utrecht - Holland
    26.09.2009 The Black Cave 15th anniversary - Waregem - Belgium


    18.07.2009 Amphi festival - Cologne - Germany
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  • NEW album and ep from suicide commando

    L'Art De Moi Destruction by L'Art De Moi Destruction
    2009 is promising to become a very busy musical year with brandnew material from SUICIDE COMMANDO (new EP, new album ...), KOMBAT UNIT and the possible return of LESCURE 13 ! We also soon will announce the new labelhome of SUICIDE COMMANDO, so be surprised !
    We also already confirmed and announced the first live shows for 2009 (Tinitus festival - Sweden, Blackfield festival - Germany ...), so check out our homepage for more updates !
    And we also might have some other surprises up our sleeves for 2009, so stay tuned for more !

    Thanks for your neverending support !!!
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Suicide Commando - Conspiracy With The Devil (Live 2007)

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    oh my :P i LOVE the band, but uber ghey band skin for this band ]=

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  • L'Art De Moi Destruction
    L'Art De Moi Destruction

    the Bind,Torture, kill i think is the best album he has done so far try the Axis of evil album its good and the X20 remixes are very heavy but if ur not sure try the the Suicide Commando - Anthology 1986 - 2002 then u will see what suicide commando has done over the years http://www.musicnonstop.co.uk

  • L'Art De Moi Destruction
    L'Art De Moi Destruction

    hi fans of suicide commando sorry this page has been boring but Sucicde Commando hasnt been doing much cause he as got married but i understand he his working on another album for next year

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    blind, torture, kill has been in my hi-fi with i dunno how long. keep up d great noize!

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    Black.Agnes Hölgy.Eromu

    Great band! They are really good :)