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Nadine K

Funny how quickly people forget all the things that you've done for them when they're fucking you over. Friend my fuckin arse!

6/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 31, Luv 193
  • from Falkirk
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hiya folks! I have two sons, Ruairi's seven and Reece's fourteen months. If i'm not with them i'm usually at the yard with my horses. Life pretty much revolves around Ruairi and Reece and looking after my animals at the moment. I have two dogs, two horses, two guinea pigs and a cat!
I'm also a volunteer for the German Shepherd Rescue in Scotland which involves assess dogs needing rehomed, doing follow-up checks and home checks for people wanting to adopt a dog.
I'm a "faithful to the end" type of friend that can be relied upon wherever and whenever. Oh and yes i am camera shy so you'll never see many pictures of me on here x
For those that don't know me, i can be a cold hearted bitch and if you fuck me over it won't be forgotten about in a hurry. Revenge is a dish best served cold!
The Other Half Of Me
James Davidson
I like loads of different kinds of music. Madonna, Eminem, 50 cent, Timbaland, Queen, Gwen Stefani, Jamiroqui, the Killers, Calvin Harris, Example etc ...
Anything horror, the scarier the better! The Ring, The Others etc
Horses, Horses and Horses!
Scared Of
Anything happening to my kids or animals.
Happiest When
Riding my horse, having a drink with friends, sleeping and when i've helped to rehome a GSD.
Rudeness, manners cost nothing!! Bullies, liars, thiefs, know-it-alls, people that harm/abuse/neglect animals, ignorant folk, shit stirring lying big-mouthed bastards, idiots who abuse me and think they'll get away with it.

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  • Story Teller

    Does anyone else born in the early eighty's remember the Story Teller magazine's and the cassetts that came with them? There was a binder to put all the mags in and you also got a box for the cassetts. Series 1 started late 1981, early 1982. There was a series 2 aswell but not sure when that started.
    Let me know if anyone has any series 1 tapes or cassettes please, cheers xxx

    2 Comments 282 weeks

  • Memories

    Leave one memory of you and me together as a comment. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this on your own blog and see how many people leave a memory about you!! xx

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  • Karen G
    Karen G

    Heya chic hws u?? Did stacey tell u am havin a 30th bday pty on sat 20 if u want to come av sent an invite to stacey for u! Hope u r all well xxx

    11/5/10 via Mobile
  • Dawn

    Riley likes a mini tantrum the minute he doesnt get his own way! wee devil!! yeh mum and that are all fine, my brothers got a wee boy and another on the way but apart from that nowt much changed. how bout you? x

  • luv Dawn

    Hey we're doing good! Totally can't get over him being one, honestly where does the time go! His birthday was yesterday and he got spoilt! Riley can't walk either can walk round the furniture and has started letting go and standing for a few seconds so god knows when he will walk by himself! Can't believe reece weighs that much although I've no idea was Riley is lol! Hope you's all had a great day for reeces birthday! X

    9/9/10 via Mobile
  • luv Claire

    Thats great :) , we are doing awayf ine thanks, Jock is still on loan to a Vet in Edinburgh and is doing really well. Have u got Facebook? xxx

  • luv Claire

    Hiya Nadine hows everyone doing and animals? xxx

  • Karen G
    Karen G

    Heya chic how's u?? Long time no c!! Soz to hear bout Bruno that mustv bn hard u had him forevr!!!!! Gotno lov left but here's a big kiss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    4/5/10 via Mobile
  • luv Maxine H

    Hiya - went to Five Sisters Zoo yesterday with Lorraine etc - it was a really good day out. Have u been there before? No other plans this easter weekend unfortunatley. I said id take Kristopher out on his bike tommorow if the weather is ok - need to try and get him to go without stabilizers - the joys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.....Mxx

  • This Is Sparta
    luv This Is Sparta

    sum red 4u happy easter xxxxxxx

  • luv Maxine H

    Kris doesnt start school till next year thank god - im dreading having to sort out my work with school holidays. Hopefully ill win the lottery before that! Weather has been snowy here last few days, but was nice n sunny today. Wot u up to this weekend??

  • luv Maxine H

    Hiya - im good :) Nuthin exciting happnin down here - im a bit hungover today - had a wrks nite out last night :Z Wot u been up 2? Kristopher is good - thanks. How is Ruairi and Reece doing? Mx

  • This Is Sparta
    luv This Is Sparta

    aye a thought u had just wrote it.

    3/23/10 via Mobile
  • This Is Sparta
    luv This Is Sparta

    hi cuz sorry bout yer dog.hav sum red stuff..x

    3/23/10 via Mobile
  • Garry Tank Comander
    luv Garry Tank Comander

    thanks nadine.x

  • luv Claire

    Hiya hows all and things goin? xx

  • luv Dawn

    yeh he's a totally crazy maniac! haha! just climbed that glen brae the day with the pram for the first and probably last time lol!!! god am fecked!

  • luv Dawn

    I know, prefer him now he is bigger but i get jealous when i see newborns and they are tiny wee things. Cant wait till he can sit up thou he's at that in between stage which is a nightmare coz he is gettin too big for his car chair but not ready for his new one!

  • luv Maxine H

    Hello - we're good thanks. Had a look at ur new pics of Reece - he's a wee cracker. Not been up to much - Kristopher has a better social life than me - how sad is that?!! lol.

  • luv Dawn

    Hey doing good although we have been plagued with ilness in this house since xmas! Rileys good, he's a big boy was weighed last week and he is 17,7. howz Reece coming along? cant believe how time is flying now! x

  • Elliot Hastie

    I tk that job wen I moved up 2 quothy 2 save me drivin 2 Glasgow everyday, i wouldn't say i like it it's just handy no fuel expence, if my car brakes down I don't nd 2 worry about gettin 2 wrk 5 mins wlk besides there's not much going about, every1 nds milk a kind of safe job. Like the pic's of the wee shorties.

    2/18/10 via Mobile
  • Elliot Hastie

    Going 2 head off 2 bed will speak 2 u again nite.

    2/18/10 via Mobile