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capture the gideons


5/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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unsigned Self Published
longford Ireland
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About Me

why prey to a god for salvation were damnation is all that awaits.....
Me, Myself, and I
The current positions are:
on vocals-ciaran
on lead/rythem-john
on bass-dave
the band is composed of rather great players from extremly good bands like red midnights liam and niall, omega's dave, phyrik souls's john and then there's ciaran, the unexperianced bastard.
Our influences include the work of
some rather excellent bands, including: "Devildriver", "lamb of god", "Machine Head", "slayer". The outcome shall be interesting. We'll keep the site up to date.
Goodbye. And remember, God loves you..but then again..so does Barney

and for sharyn....cookies!

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Coffee: "Duncan Hills Jingle" Dethklok

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  • Ciaran.

    wtf is with your profile picture o_O I bet your freaks

  • Shane Croghan
    luv Shane Croghan

    The legends live on!

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood

    AHHAHA! Oh fuck, I forgot about this till I got a recommendation! :L

  • Michael Bunch

    sawp :S how are you pimp out your profile with this site its sooocoool :P www.sick-offer.com cya

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • David Dunleavy
    David Dunleavy

    another phyrik souls incident eh john ??:L

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood

    Em... is this going anywhere? O_o

  • Luke Etherton
    Luke Etherton

    Yeah, it's meant to be 60 euro instead of 30 and Donal is basically not letting it out to anyone! Not that it's his fault, he's just not allowed or something.

  • capture the gideons
    capture the gideons

    so here's the deal, were to be practicing with red midnightwhenever we book the temperance but rumor has it that some moron from ballymahon broke his leg so the price has risen due to insurance costs but were not sure on that rumor yet. other than that practice should go ahead, we all know redneck so we shall get that down, also we'll try get the gist of the fury of our makers hand. when do you's wanna have the practice???

  • I Am Magicarp

    at any time and the gig's on at the 11th, if we get redneck down i should be able to get us play time:D

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood

    when would you book the temperance? and where's the gig? also, shit amp [mine] is shit. :(

  • I Am Magicarp

    ok so here it is, i have resently discovered that it's 30 euro for a 6 HOUR band practice in the temperance, as we need this alot i shall book it on everyone's go ahead. also there is an up coming gig on the 11th (13 days for those who cant do mathe.....daaaave) so as we all know most of redneck i might be able to squeeze that in as a song for the night as i am helping to organise it, just need the go ahead from fello band people.....WHAT SAY YOU?????

  • I Am Magicarp

    i have the first 2 learned, just putting the approate vocals to them, tis annoying:/

  • I Am Magicarp

    john REALLY does have a point, longford's loosing its regular metal bands fast and they shall need replacements. bands are riseing as we speak and if we want a place we NEED to practice.....on that note has anyone learned any of the songs???

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood

    because we are losing metal/rock bands by the day and we still havnt had a practice! :( WE ARE THE NEW WAVE OF LONGFORDIAN METAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL  LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR  !!!!!!!

  • I Am Magicarp

    why do such hard songs have to cover us???