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JOanne Wayne Jhyreh

bebo's too exciting for me :Z

Feb 6 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • from HEAVEN
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a life lived in fear, is a life half lived!
Me, Myself, and I
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I will ƒorεvεr be grατeful:D
what life is and what we make of it , is two
totally different things .
'everyday is a choice' and i choose ; GOD, FAMILY & my blessings Jeneliah sauaga, Wayne jaxon, Jedahnel silafaga lafaitele, Jhyreh watson lokeni lafaitele & my Love 'wayne <3
Loving you all endless xo
The Other Half Of Me
.Lafaitele KinGdom.

.Lafaitele KinGdom.

LOVE OV Mii Life..

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  • Michelle Faleafaga Su'A
    luv Michelle Faleafaga Su'A

    A heart to show our love, from a cuzzy to cuzzy :L serz! Love yas our Su'aSqd x

    1/4/13 via Mobile
  • ItsJustSaweet
    luv ItsJustSaweet


    hey cous ; good to hear from you . Im algoods ; & true that since you guys moved over to mounty weve lost connection lol but i hope yous are doing well : ) Lots of love to You , Wayne & the Kids

  • Ur Now Passing Anotha Fox
    luv Ur Now Passing Anotha Fox

    hello heloo shariing sum love while im on hahahahahah

  • Uzumakii
    luv Uzumakii

    lmao fangkiu cuz yes it is makua'i ugly lolz ia falaia !!

    12/15/11 via Mobile
  • A

    Heart for The Kids ;) hope all is well down your end. much alofas Riddah-Rox lol hehe

    9/7/11 via Mobile
  • A
    luv A

    PEEKAHBOO (: heres a heart for you and the kiddies Loveyouu cousin xox MWAH

    4/10/11 via Mobile
  • Silafaga Kerrigan-Gasu
    luv Silafaga Kerrigan-Gasu

    Love u family!xx

    3/27/11 via Mobile
  • Katrina
    luv Katrina

    Returning the luv xxx

  • Shazz N Sunna Liva
    luv Shazz N Sunna Liva

    Heart for yah !

    1/14/11 via Mobile
  • .Lafaitele KinGdom.
    .Lafaitele KinGdom.

    Love u hun. And all my love for our childrens jeneliah and jawaydan and jedahnel. I love you Xo

    1/5/11 via Mobile
  • PoLynesien Soulja
    PoLynesien Soulja

    heyy joe havent seen you and ur kidz in ages howz the family sebd ur luv to sa family

  • Janice N Tamara
    luv Janice N Tamara


  • luv Cecilia Pua Levae

    Hi darling!! How r u and family??Here's red hart for you and your gorgeous son.. He looks just like your dad...hahaha but anyway, hope to hear from you soon.

  • Selesa Su'A
    luv Selesa Su'A

    Hi Dear Sorry for the long delay but anyway thanks for the hart but hear one in return for you and babes. Takecare and have a good weekend and a happy Sabbath God is Love Su'a Family

  • luv Rettzah

    Heres some luv for you and the kids!!! :D

  • WayneZe Leilua
    luv WayneZe Leilua

    LOL.. hw random... nd RUDE.. lolol.. hahh heart-U

  • XZaviah Dah Man 4/25/10
  • Aaliyah Babesz'.
    Aaliyah Babesz'.

    Heyy dere ehttsz meeh Huldah :) used 2 qo Minto SDA ! How r u quysz ? Hope all sweet** down ur waysz :DD take ehtt easzyy ; l0vd l0ve xx.

    4/24/10 via Mobile
  • -Blah.

    :D You can only share. 3 loves a day awwe fanx ii feel spezal say hi 2 the aiiga alofa atu mnwahs

    4/24/10 via Mobile
  • MIzz Dee
    luv MIzz Dee

    MALO SUGA LOL wats up... hows da fam goin, mommy.. be in nsw may be in 3weeks... i think? hahhahah coz gotta go home 2 brizzy 4work... any ways look afta ur self xoxooxox much luv fa