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Gunfire 76 later on tonight!!!

12/7/09 | me too! | Reply

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Next show: Gunfire 76!
Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to LiveMusic's official bebo page.

LiveMusic is a Scottish, music based, online tv channel, focused on all sorts of music. Founded in August 2007.

xInterviewing your favourite artists
xBringing you the latest news
xPromoting lesser known bands
xRaising money for a variety of charities

Meet your favourite bands/artists. Get your questions answered. Help raise money for charities. Exclusive interviews, videos, photos, news - all this and more through LiveMusic!

Want to be a part of the LiveMusic team for a gig? You could get the chance to meet your favourite band or artist. Following invites:

7th @ Cathouse, Glasgow - Gunfire 76 w/Bullets And Octane!
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_LiveMusic_
Myspace: www.myspace.com/Livexmusic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/Livexmusic
Five people who help promote and moderate our pages over the internet: Kay, Damo, Lou, Sarah & Georgia.
Five people who will be the physical group of LiveMusic. They'll attend shows with LM, do photography/filming for interviews! Lots of travelling. There are currently no members in the Crew.

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All Time Low - Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Dont) - #3 Nothing Personal

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@fhnixon WWE fan?? Sweet. (:

08:25 PM November 26, 2009 from web

The LiveMusic 2009 Awards are now open for votes. You have until the 31st Dec to vote. www.bebo.com/livexmusic

07:46 PM November 26, 2009 from web

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  • LiveMusic 2009 Awards

    That's right, the time has come for this years awards!

    However, unlike last year, this years categories aren't to do with our old RPG's, they are for the real deal. We're also not going to send out the awards list to whoever comments, we'll instead put the categories in here and you will copy them into a message with your votes under each title.

    You can only vote once.
    Don't leave any categories blank.
    Your vote will not count if it's placed in the wrong category - so do your research!

    LiveMusic 2009 Awards Categories

    1. Best British Newcomer
    2. Best International Newcomer
    3. Best Album
    4. Best Single
    5. Best Video
    6. Best Live Band
    7. Best Solo Artist
    8. Best British Band
    9. Best International Band
    10. Hero Of The Year
    11. Villain Of The Year
    12. Sexiest Female
    13. Sexiest Male

    * Best Single is the song not the video, that's why there's also a category for best video.
    * DO NOT post your votes here - mail them. You should only comment here if you have any queries or comments to make!

    You have until midnight on the 31st Dec to send your votes in. The results will be revealed sometime the next night on New Years Day.

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  • NEWS UPDATE: RPG's Getting Deleted.

    Yes, you did read that right. Before 2010, all of our RPG's will be gone...forever. But don't fret! LiveMusic is still here. :)

    The reason for them being deleted is because so much is happening for LiveMusic right now. Lots of opportunities etc. We already have other sites to run - Myspace, Youtube, Twitter and by January our official site should be up! And we just won't have the time to run the RPG's anymore. They were also getting in the way of what we're really all about.

    We want you fans to get the most out of your favourite bands, through interviews, videos, photos and much, much more! If you have a question, we want you to get your answer! Have you ever wanted to meet your favourite band, so much, you'd do about anything to get that chance? Well LiveMusic wants to help you get that chance to meet them! (Hence the new invites we've planned out for The Used and All Time Low!)

    We also want to raise money for various charities. We have so many goals and things to look forward to, it's unbelievable.

    Because LiveMusic needs as much support as it possibly can, we're looking for two teams of five. The Crew and the Livers.

    If you can remember, we did a competition for the Livers and we currently still have five Livers on the go. They help promote us and looked after our RPG pages, making sure everything was running smoothly. But now we're looking for a Crew!

    The Crew will be five assigned people who will join LiveMusic to shows and interviews. They will get to do the likes of filiming and photography. They're the more physical side of LiveMusic, whilst the Livers deal with the more technical internet side! - there'll be more information on these soon.

    We'll hopefully have our first Crew member assigned next month. Good luck to Kay!

    Any questions. Ask here. :)


    2 Comments 208 weeks

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    LM!!!! How are you? Enjoying the snow? Thought I'd leave you a little message seeing as I havnt made it on here in ages and I've not got a proper conversation goingwith anyone for a while! Happy new year to you all by the way speak to you soon xxx

    1/11/10 via Mobile
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    Tiffany B

    Hi!!!How r u?..I hope that fine...well i just wanted to comment to say...Happy New Year and late Merry Xmas ..XD..hahaha lol!I was busy on those days so it was really difficult 4 me to congratulate those days..well hope 2010 gets better 4 everyone...bye!take care!:) ..:D ...^^

  • Rachael

    gadz i wonder if there is any left :L and i don't get paid until friday so that kinda sucks big time i could ask the parents but ... i'd need two :L two tickets and two passes then again... i've met him several times already ahhh this should be fun dragging my fiancee with me and she has only started listening to weds today don't know if she likes him yet or not though :L xxx ♥

  • Rachael

    how the hell did you manage to get a hold of a soundcheck pass? D= see now i really wanna get one of those )= xxx ♥

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    The Skunnered

    Hi, thanks for connecting with us. http://www.reverbnation.com/theskunnered No.1 on the ReverbNation Scottish Coiuntry chart

  • Rachael

    o m g you haven't seen weds yet? D=

  • Corey.

    Schweet :L What's it for? Like I know about the music bit but yeah :L :L

    11/28/09 via Mobile
  • Rachael

    glasgow of course xD and hell yeah been a w13 fan since i was like.... 10 :L 8 years xD he is like my idol of music xxx ♥

  • Corey.

    Hello thanks for the add

    11/28/09 via Mobile
  • Rachael

    do you know if gunfire 76 is sold out? i think i'll cry if it is :( xxx ♥

  • Ricki'

    thanks for the add, if you have twitter follow me on it please :) www.twitter.com/rickibourne x

  • Lou La Belle
    luv Lou La Belle

    :) I'm looking forward to it anyways :) :L , maybe. It usually comes up with a thungymajigamy telling me to update though. It could just be my laptop, it's been through the wars this year. Xx Oooh I know I need to get looking at who is up for what :P xx

    11/26/09 via Mobile
  • Lou La Belle
    luv Lou La Belle

    Good good :) yeah I'm alright thanks :) Oh nooo!!! Not good! :( I miss talking to you guys but my msn is being all funny sometimes it thinks I've got no contacts others it only shows me who's either on or offline it's never both! Good good :) stupid girl!! Missing you all, lou xx

    11/26/09 via Mobile
  • Kaysnurf.
    luv Kaysnurf.

    Hahah, I know! I never get across to changing it. It's the first thing I notice when I come on my profile and I'm like "Right, I'll change that after I reply to a comment" and then the next minute I forget and I'm on Facebook!!! :P xox.