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  • from in your mums bed ! :)
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About Me

Stevie Cox Is Myy Bestest :D x
Me, Myself, and I
B a s i c s (L)

Nameee-Kaylee Paigee
Agee-12 Years Youunngg
Brushes-Blonde Hairr
Looks Threew-Browwnn Eyyess

My Everythingg

Steviee Cox Babee ILuu

Sophiee Pearson ILu x

shannon Always Theree ILu

Eden Edney Tbh Your A Stunnah ILuu

Eden Edney
Steviee Cox
Shannon Hiles
That One Boii. . .
Cant Think Of Any1 Else I Wana Be With

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  • 30.3.09 9.12 (:


    owwwww i knoww kaylee's password :D

    hmmmmm what shall i do to this lovely bebo thenn?
    trashh it :P nahh i ent that harshh......or am i?


    well hmmm 1st time me and kay met, long long time ago :L
    she used 2 nick my brothers skateboard :L oww good timesss:L


    well we fuk about 2gether, having amazing pissups :L
    owww Jon's party a night 2 remebr even tho i dont :L
    i just hadd a nasty hang overr the saturday :P


    dance, sing, fuk ups, piss ups.


    were kwl ;)

    loveeeeeyhooooo kaylee paigee huggins ;)

    Edenn Ginaa Joyce Edney;'ox

    0 Comments 225 weeks

  • im cool do this!!!!

    ♥...Whats Yur Nayme?...♥
    ♥...How Old Are Yu?...♥
    ♥...How Do Yu Know Me?...♥
    ♥...How Well Do Yu Know Me?...♥
    ♥...When Did We Meet?...♥
    ♥...Would Yu Hug Me?...♥
    ♥...Would Yu Kiss Me?...♥
    ♥...Do Yu Lurve Me?...♥
    ♥...Describe Me In 1 Word!...♥
    ♥...What Was Yur First Impression Of Me?...♥
    ♥...Do Yu Still Think The Same?...♥
    ♥...What Reminds Yu Of Me?...♥
    ♥...If Yu Could Give Me Anything What Would It Be?...♥
    ♥...Have Yu Ever Wanted To Tell Me Something Yu Couldnt?...♥
    ♥...If We Was Together Ryte Now, What Would We Be Doing?...♥
    ♥...Are Yu Going To Put This On Yur Bebo && See What I Write About Yu?...♥

    2 Comments 246 weeks

  • plz do it!!!

    whats your name..??

    WOULD YOU..??
    *go out with mii..??
    * give me your number..??
    * kiss mii..??
    * let me kiss yhoo..??
    * watch a movie with mii..??
    * let me buy you a drink..??
    * have a relationship with mii..??
    * Help me with homework..??
    * Stick up for me if i was being put down..??
    * Say yes if i asked you out..??
    * Instant message mii..??
    * Greet me in public..??
    * Hang out with mii..??

    DO YHOO..??
    * think im fit..??
    * think im hot..??
    * want to kiss mii..??
    * want to cuddle mii..??
    * think im weird..??

    ARE WE...??
    * friends..??
    * in a relationship..??
    * enemiies..??

    AM II..??
    * sexy..??
    * cute..??
    * funny..??
    * cool..??
    * loveable..??
    * adorable..??
    * compassionate..??
    * Annoying..??
    * great to be with..??
    * attractive..??
    * mean..??
    * odd..??

    HAVE Y0U EVER..?
    * thought about me..??
    * thought there miight be an "us"..??
    * found yourself wantiing a kiss from mii..??
    * wiished ii were there..??
    * had a crush on mii..??
    * wanted my numberr..??
    * had a dream about mii..??
    * been diistracted by mii..??

    ARE Y0U..??
    * happy you know mii..??
    * mad @ mii..??
    * thinkiing bout mii..??
    * iin love wiith mii..??

    loveyhoo all !! xxxxx

    0 Comments 246 weeks

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September 24, 2009 11:24 AMJess said
heya u ok 
September 23, 2009 09:35 AMKaylee.Paigee. said
I Dont Evann No Youuu 
September 21, 2009 11:15 AMJess said
r we frends
September 21, 2009 11:14 AMJess said
June 30, 2009 10:12 AM said
June 30, 2009 10:11 AM said
June 22, 2009 12:35 PMKaylee.Paigee. said
I Got Out Ma Faceee On Sat Still Hungovaa x

June 21, 2009 02:00 AM said
wooo im having a hangover! got drunk last night at a six year olds party!
June 18, 2009 01:14 PMMia said
im good taa


love you loads 

June 18, 2009 01:07 PMMia said

Hey babe 
thought id leave you a comment coz im bored and i lovv ya xx

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  • Rob Pace
    luv Rob Pace

    hiyaaa babe hows you ent seen you in time love you xxx

  • Mia
    luv Mia

    Im Good Tarr.. xx Cant wait till Christmas,, Birng your prezzii 2mo xx

  • Bradley Allan
    Bradley Allan

    naughty naughty kaylee in a c4 da otha day! dont wanna see u in der agen ok??:L :L so u ok?? wubu2? x

  • Mia

    I Am Soo Bored. ILYSM xx Share The Luv x

  • Mia
    luv Mia

    Gdgd,, Wuu2? Ilyy xxx Share The Love ;)

  • Mia
    luv Mia

    Heyy Lovely :) Imm Okaii Thank U, Wbu TapB Love You Looaods xx

  • Badman On Da Hills 11/23/09
  • Badman On Da Hills
    Badman On Da Hills

    Hu Aree Uu?/

  • Richard Sharp
    luv Richard Sharp

    yo howz u wubu where were u todai ?? lovee xx

  • Badman On Da Hills
    Badman On Da Hills

    Soo Thenn U NO Likee Thatt Sophiee Watssonn HUh?

  • Ambeerr
    luv Ambeerr

    Hiaa Babee,, :D Today Was Funny At Lunchh :L Xoxo

  • Ashley Pittman
    luv Ashley Pittman

    Ha that wud be tellin lol im so fuckin bored x x x x x x x

    11/7/09 via Mobile
  • Ashley Pittman
    luv Ashley Pittman

    raaaaaa lol ha at school again hahahaha im at college tho lol not that much better lol xxxx

  • Jake

    Hey im ok ta wbu? x x x

    11/6/09 via Mobile
  • Ashley Pittman
    luv Ashley Pittman

    shut it short asss lol im soooooo bored at college lol til half 4 aswell longgggg seee ya laters xxxxx

  • Brogan R
    luv Brogan R

    not much you write back lovess youu xx xx

  • Ashley Pittman
    luv Ashley Pittman

    U ok shorty x x

    11/2/09 via Mobile
  • Brogan R
    Brogan R

    what so haha write back lovess youu xx xx

  • Brogan R
    Brogan R

    haii babess goodgood and im okaii write back lovess youu xx xx

  • Brogan R
    Brogan R

    haii babess im okaii you ?? write back lovess youu xx xx