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look at me! I'm on the bebo! . .kind of :P *gasp*.

11/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Waterford
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About Me

Handsome face, I know a swinging place. C'mon dance with me?
Me, Myself, and I
It's Breffní.

18, twin of Aoife, Port Mór.

I like my bitta Gaeilge. It's lovely.
I like various other lovely things, florals, tea, old music and the like, yanno?

Caoimhe (my strange little sister) would also like the take this opportunity to share some valuable information with us..and it is as follows; meow ☻☺..she typed that herself and all.

That little part was mainly for her own amusement rather than anything else tbh.

The Other Half Of Me
Sleepy Kid

Sleepy Kid

He passes out at the most inappropriate moments...

:) You shoud definatley listen to...
Emmy The Great-First Love
and Paolo Nutini in general and maybe some Feltbeats? [:
♥ Ciara;
Ah Ciara sur she's the best gurl..she know's zactly how I roll and I love her to bits. Couldn't ask for a better best friend really. ♥
Happiest When
Drinking tea, people watching with Jess, watching the emo chart with Ciara, drinking with Amy, being blonde with Laura and being Asian with Shovon.

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  • Another dumb blog to keep me occupied :P

    S O. F A R. I N. 2 0 010

    ? EIGHT lasts:

    8. last person kissed: Shovon

    7. last beverage: Tea. . obvz

    6. last phone call: A Shovon, arís

    5. last text message: Shovon...again

    4. last song played: Joss Stone - LOVE

    3. last bubble bath: idk

    2. last time you cried: today when Aoife punched me in the throat

    1. last meal: Sunday dinner, roast chicken.om nom nom

    EIGHT have you's:

    8. have you ever dated someone twice: Yap

    7. have you ever been cheated on: yeah. :(

    6. have you ever bought condoms?: of course not! :O

    5. have you ever kissed someone & regreted it? Yes.

    4. have you ever fallen in love? Yip.

    3. have you ever lost someone: Yeah. . I loose Alesya frequently . . she's so small, I can never find her!

    2. have you ever been depressed: nope

    1. have you ever been drunk and thrown up: ....no. :|

    EIGHT things you did in the past three days

    1. Went to school/college: yip

    2. Went to work: Nope, currently unemployed. . unfortunately

    3. Colored: indeed (:

    4. Stripped: no, I shower fully clothed. . doesn't everyone?

    5. Been drunk: Not in the last three days.

    6. Slept: yeah. .not so much. =/

    7. Been out at night?Yup

    8. Sex: nope....

    list THREE favorite colors..
    1. Plum
    2. Apple green
    3. pastel yellow

    SO FAR IN '10...

    Been to school/collge -indeed

    Made a new friend - many, yes! :)

    Bitched - of course!

    Fallen out of love - nope

    Done something you swore never to do - Nah

    Punched someone -yeah, but it hurt me more than it hurt them.

    Laughed until you cried- Most of the time I'm doing just that. :L

    Went behind your parents back- Nah, not really. =/

    Met someone who changed your life - Yap yap (:

    Made a wish- upon a star. . yeah (:

    Gotten close to someone - friendship-wise or . . otherwise? *sugestive eyebrows*

    Talked to God- of course, we're old buddies ;)

    Found out who your true friends were –I knew that already. (:

    Do you miss someone?All the time.

    2. Single or taken? Taken beacon.

    3. What base are you at? "base" :L

    4. Straight, Gay, Bi? straight

    5. Do you have a crush? "crush" :L

    6. Who is the best hugger that you know? my Granny

    7. Do you believe in love at first sight: yes

    8. Is there something you want to tell someone? yep.

    9. What brand of shirt are you wearing? Pennys. . jammies and a borrowed hoody

    10. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? Yip. that Ciara one is a real hottie ;)

    11. Do you have "A thing"? Many of them. (:

    12. How many people do you trust on your top friends? Some of them

    13. How many kids do you want to have? maybe 4?

    14. Do you have a good relationship with your parents? yeah

    15. Do you wanna change your name? Nope, I like it. . if people would ever spell it right. . I mean it's not hard!!

    16. What did you do for your last birthday? Lunch and various excellent presents. (:

    17. What time did you wake up today? half 12

    18. What were you doing at midnight last night? having tea and the chats with my Granny.

    19. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: go on an adventure.

    20. Last time you saw your mum?. . About an hour ago?

    21. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? . a tad personal to be announcing to the public, don't you think? Skip!

    22. Which hand do you like better? left

    23. Explain your URL name: . . it's my name. .pretty self explanatory, n'est-ce pas?

    24. Favourite food: tea. . and plain dairymilk, cheese and onion tatyto, chicken rolls and diet coke....and the 'lovely' rice.

    25. Do you love life? of course! :)

    1 Comment 211 weeks

  • Shtuuuuff

    1. Do you like anyone?: Yip.
    2. Do they know it?: Yip.
    3. Simple or complicated?: Simple.


    4. Kissed some one of the same sex: More than likely, though I can't recall who.
    5. Bought something: hot chocolate
    6. Gotten sick: Nope.
    7. Been hugged?: Many a time
    8. Felt stupid: I have many moments of the blonde variety.
    9. Talked to an ex: Yep.
    10. Missed someone: Yeah.
    11. Failed a test: Fail? Me? Neverrrrrrr.
    13. Danced: around in my bedroom whilst hoovering.
    14. Gotten your hair cut ? Nope.
    15. Lied:. . . eh. . no. . *shifty eyes*


    16. Nervous habits?: I get all shakey. :S
    17. Are you double jointed?: Yup.
    18. Can you roll your tongue?: Yeah.
    19. Can you raise one eyebrow?: Both, separately.
    20. Can you cross your eyes?: Yip.
    21. Do you make your bed daily? Indeed
    22. Do you think you are unique?: Obvz. (:


    23. Said "I Love you"? : Yes.
    24. Given money to a homeless person: Yap.
    25. Smoked?: Sure that's all I'd be doing, shmokin' 'n' atin' earrrs.
    26. Waited all night for a phone call?: Not all night, pffft.
    27. Snuck out? Yap.
    28. Sat and looked at the stars? Yap, frequently.


    29. Do you swear/curse?: I'm trying not to.
    30. Do you ever spit?: No! ...ew.
    31. You cook your own food? Yes, 'adore cuisiner.
    32. You do your own chores?: Yeah, sure I love cleaning.
    33. You like beef jerky? Never had beef jerky. . I don't like beef so I imagine I won't like beef in jerky form.
    35. You're happy with your life?: Yup.
    36. You own a dog?: Two! [:
    37. You spend your money wisely? Pfffft. .what money?
    38. Do you like to swim?: Yeah, Tramore sea-swimming ftw!
    39. When you get bored do you call a friend? Yip


    41. Flowers or angels?: I have hayfever. . but I like looking at the flowers,. just not smelling.
    42. Gray or black?: Grey
    43. Color or black and white photos?: Black and white, I love the oldy photos.
    44. lust or love?: Why not lustful love?
    45. Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset.
    46. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&Ms. . mmm. . .chocolate. . mmm.
    48. Staying up late or waking up early?: I do both. (:
    49. Being hot or cold?: Cold. . .my nose goes really red. :P
    50. Winter or Fall?: Winter.
    51. Left or right?: Left.
    52. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?: I'll take the 2 besties anyday.
    53. Sunshine or rain?: Rain.


    54: Sleep in a bed with the opposite sex?: obvz...
    55: Hooked up in the woods?: Woods? Geez who does that?!
    56: Drank a bottle of alcohol by yourself?: Ah, my friend, the wine bottle.
    57: Hooked up in the shower?: I have a bath....
    58: stolen money from a friend?: Nope, I borrow for diet coke, thank you Ciara! (:
    59: Been in a fist fight?: Nope. Aoif just beats me up.
    60: Had a crush on a teacher?: Nope.
    61: Slept all day?: Yap yap.
    62: Missed someone so much it hurt? Yeah.
    63: Fallen asleep during school?: Yeah, religion lectures are like lullabies.
    64: Been lonely?: Yip.
    65: Cheated in a game?: Yeah, or else I'll never win! :L
    66: Been to the ER?: Nope...surprisingly enough.
    67: Been in a car?: No, what's a car?
    68: Had detention?: Nope.
    69: Missed your first love?: Yeah.
    70: Cried yourself to sleep?: At some stage yeah.
    71: Sung in the shower? Of course, my shower-head and I do duets.
    72: Kissed a complete stranger?: Gettin' the shiiiiift shur.
    73: Laughed so hard you cried?: 'is that your nipple?.. are you gay?' :L
    74: Regretted loving someone: Nope.
    75: Been SUPER happy? Of course! :D

    1 Comment 238 weeks

  • Stuff to do in Tesco.

    01. Get 24 boxes of condoms & randomly put them in people's trolleys when they aren't looking.

    02. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5 minute

    03. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the ladies toilet.

    04. Walk up to an employee and tell him r her in an official tone:Code 3 in Housewares... and see what happens.

    05. Go to the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on credit.

    06. Move a 'CAUTION -WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

    07. Set-up a tent in the Camping Department and tell other shoppers you are sleeping over and invite them in if they bring pillows from the bedding Department.

    08. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask: "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

    09. Look right into the security camera, use it as a mirror and pick your nose.

    10. While handling large knives in the Kitchen Dept, ask the clerk if he knows where the anti-depressants are located.

    11. Dart around the store suspiciously, while loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible.

    12. Hide in a clothing rack . . . and when people browse through,say: "PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!"

    13. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker, hit the floor and assume the foetal position and scream "NO! ........It's those voices again!!!"

    14. Go into a fitting room, shut the door and wait a while... then yell loudly: "There's no toilet paper in here.

    1 Comment 259 weeks

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  • Sleepy Kid
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    gay? god no? its just HOMOSEXUAL :L

  • Sleepy Kid
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    just to let u know notebook is the most crappiest movie ever made :) on a happy note u can one of these love yokes everyone use to be mad about :L

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    halloooooooooo beautifull :DD town next sat? as in out out?? u can sleep in mine if u like? :DD xx

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    Merry New Years Eve-mas!! LAVE

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    Awww They sound Amazing!:DD Nope I cant find anyone! you must send me your new number by email or something.:) ily.xxxxxx

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    Hello hunny,:) Oh it was prettty good 'cept I'm sick again.:( Jewelry, make up,DVD,poster,cook book stand and other things I cant put the name to. You?:) No, I'm a vodafone customer. Why?:( Where are you on facebook? xxxxxxxx

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    Happy Christmas.:) xxx

  • luv Ciara

    also http://www.bebo.com/c/photos/view?Me... LOLOLOLOLOLOL they're wearing tops :P love you xo

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    mail me detailes of operation machine!! i want to know what happened :P xo

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    Yo homeslice! Town todaaaaaay woop woop! Can we buy bubbles and colouring books? Just to savour these last few days of childhood yah know?

  • Smurf

    Hey sorry i feel asleep!! I txt ya there so now txt me bak missus k or il kill ya i joke i joke xxxxxxx

    12/16/09 via Mobile
  • luv Mary

    Me too! :D any other news? Xxx

    12/5/09 via Mobile
  • Ben Kelly
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    I think the world is gonna end its just letting you have a few hours on bebo.:-P And i know should be good few nights down there cant wait.:) And i know 6th is gonna suck thats what im dreading.:( Xxxx

    12/4/09 via Mobile
  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    Oh god 2 comments in a row iv never seen anything like it before.. :L :P Ah getting a ticket to cascada and a night in a hotel goin the 27th goiung to savage.. :D wha he bringing you..?? And im gonna fail i hate 5th year so much.. :( :( xxxx

  • luv Mary

    See I cant add. I'm proud of that fact8) Yeah its pretty cool cause I dont really go tho school that much:D Yes, lets try Christmas.:P Any news for me?:) Hows Aoife?

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    Ah now so ill grt the next comment in around 2 months time ye.. :L :P And im going good getting ready for santa i am.. :P :D And school is a pain so far for me really hate it.. :( :O xxx

  • Ben Kelly
    luv Ben Kelly

    Yor online whats goin on.. :O :O How you being keeping anyway?? :D >>>>> xxx