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KathrynA Taylor

Reviews and excerpts for my short story: Eight Ball are posted at my blog: http://kat-published.blogspot.com/ Please, take a look!

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I'm a history buff with a fascination for the little details who reads endlessly, researches fanatically, and writes obsessively.

A college focus of Interior Design spiced with English and History gave me a desire to design my own castles and then populate them with people from scullery maids to dukes.

My taste in reading is as diverse as in my writing. Anything from romance, historical or contemporary, to science-fiction/fantasy and mystery.
Eclectic: from Pop to Country, Celtic to A Capella.
Harry Potter(1st), Princess Bride, Shawkshank Redemption, Hunt for Red October
Better to Play them than to watch them. Better to sleep through them than to play them
Happiest When
Listening to Music and Reading or Writing.

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  • Eight Ball Reviews

    I"m so excited to have received three reviews on my romantic short story, Eight Ball.

    Manic Readers:
    "Kathryn Anne Taylor writes a heartwarming story with two endearing characters."
    to read full review: http://manicreaders.com/index.cfm?di...

    The Long and Short of It:
    "This was a fun, sweet and quick read that brought a smile to my face. I had a grand time reading it."
    to read full review: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot....

    Simply Romance reviews:
    " Eight Ball is a sexy little read that was a lot of fun."
    to read full review: http://www.simplyromancereviews.com/...

    Available from http://www.thewildrosepress.com/inde...

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  • Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is Power--or so we've been told. But then we are also told "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". So how do we evalutate when we have more than a "little" knowledge? That we have "enough" to speak/write well on a subject?

    Too often today, we search the web for that quick dose of knowledge without any awareness of who is offering up the information.

    One of my favourite websites to demonstrate this is: http://www.suite101.com/articles.cfm...

    Christine Inge published a set of webpages on Regency Era England several years back that still are available on the web. And I do not say that all her facts are wrong...but with the egregious(easily identified) errors given, it puts all her other research in doubt.

    on page two Inge writes:
    "Life in general settled down considerably after Prinny's daughter Victoria ascended to the throne."
    A simple check of an English history book or a genealogy chart would tell any seeker that Victoria was Prinny's(George IV) niece not daughter.

    There are many good, well researched webpages out there, but even more ill-informed pages. Pity, they are not easily identified as to which is which.

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  • luv Gerri Bowen

    Have a wonderful birthday, Kathryn! :D

  • Dianne Ascroft
    Dianne Ascroft

    Thanks for the add! Isn't it easy to get caught up in the research - sometimes I have to drag myself out of the books to start writing. There just needs to be more hours in every day! Dianne Ascroft, 'Hitler and Mars Bars'

  • Kathryn K
    luv Kathryn K

    Hi Kat! It was great to hear from you and to read the excerpts of Eight Ball on your site. What a sweet, funny story. You have a great wit. Kathryn

  • Anne Whitfield
    luv Anne Whitfield

    Congratulations on your release, Kat! It's an excellent story.

  • Marguerite Arotin
    luv Marguerite Arotin

    Thanks for the warm welcome Kat. I've been quiet because I've been one busy little author. Plus we're moving next month. That's always fun. LOL. Oh well, at least it's only across town and not to another city or state ;-)

  • Kathryn K
    luv Kathryn K

    Glad to hear about your progress. It's exciting. My feeling is that the beginning of books and the end of books are a whole lot easier to write than the middle of books. Middle chapters are the hardest, by far. So I hope the rest of the book just flies off your keyboard.

  • Kathryn K
    luv Kathryn K

    Just dropping by to send you a big hug Kat. Exciting about your PDFs and the great treasure trove you discovered. Anne told me to go no mail (she's right of course) but I am still checking in. It's like I put myself in a little boat far from the great big mother ship. Can you see my signal? I'm the one waving the latern going, "Hope you miss me while I'm gone!" Best to you, Kathryn.

  • Jennifer Ray
    Jennifer Ray

    Kathryn, thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

  • Pamela Tyner
    Pamela Tyner

    I hope Santa was good to you this year! May 2008 bring you much success and happiness.

  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday! Kathryn

  • Sandie Hudson
    Sandie Hudson

    Thanks for the add and friendship. :) Hugs Sandie

  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K

    I'm behind on my Bebo-ing but I had to congratulate you on finishing your edits. Kathryn

  • Susanne Saville
    Susanne Saville

    Thanks for adding me! :) Love that historical eye-candy. :D

  • Anne Whitfield
    Anne Whitfield

    Have a great weekend! Hope your hip doesn't hurt too much.

  • Lynda S
    Lynda S

    Hi, thanks for adding me! Hope you and yours have a great week!

  • Dee K
    luv Dee K

    Oh, I'm with you! I'm getting too old for this stuff!! But I have to say, I still agree with my comment--when we packed all of our stuff in St. Louis, there was a whole lotta cleanin' goin' on!

  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K

    278 Books! Where will you put them? I don't have room for even one book in this place...in fact, I sold about twenty yesterday on my front lawn for .25 per book. But whatever...just enjoy them. Kathryn