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Jason Ryan

http://www.bebo.com/WorldofWrestling1 Its gonna be good !

6/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I am a wrestling fan and a human , thats all you will need to know.
What's the word ?
The bird is the word !

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Didier Drogba - The Season So Far

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  • My Likes and Dislikes

    Jason , Likes and Dislikes. A brief guide through my mind.

    Likes :

    Himself ( Good first answer )

    His hair ( wasn’t that included in himself ? Doesn’t matter )

    People he knows , even the ones he dislikes ( Contradiction in the opening 3 points , I like it ! )

    The scent of freshly cut grass ( ah how pleasant )

    The scent of freshly laid tarmac ( not so pleasant but nonetheless pleasing )

    Chelsea ( but who doesn’t ? )

    Conversation ( witty or deep , anything but the weather , when its mentioned I freeze )

    Competition ( Im gonna win ! That concludes the “C” section )

    When there is something to do ( I hate being idle no matter how idle I might look )

    Solitude ( This contradicts the message above but they are both good in doses )

    Beards ( how can anybody not admire a good , well fashioned beard ? )

    Dogs howling at night ( they defy their masters , right on ! )

    Music ( that kinda rules out rave then )

    Wrestling ( cue Gerwitz comedy )

    Food ( food I like… ye you know who you are )

    Blanche’s lazy eye ( it keeps my spirits up )

    Going places ( local places that are nice )

    You ( what a sweet last answer )


    You ( a dramatic twist in the tale ! )

    The dark ( I just walked into a door…. )

    Wind ( for my hairs sake I try to avoid it at all costs )

    Hate ( yes this opens the avenue for a deep and meaningful conversation , but not right now )

    Capitalism ( communism anyone ? )

    My luck ( I am the human equivalent of a black cat )

    Tom ( some people will know what Im talking about , others wont , its all good in da proverbial hood )

    How long it takes me to form answers for this ( I thought I knew what I liked and dislike , apparently not )

    NTL ( They have screwed me over one too many times ! )

    Well that concludes a brief look inside my mind because that’s all I can think of right now , if I think of anything else I will probably add it onto this ( basically when something goes wrong I can moan about it here… awesome ) anything not mentioned here I am passive to , these include drugs , death , religion , politics , abortion laws ect.

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  • amusing football quotes

    "David O'Leary's experiments with the English language are as fascinating as Ron Atkinson's."
    - John Boland, TV Critic, "Irish Independent"

    "And Bonner has gone 165 minutes of these championships without conceding a goal. Oh danger here..."
    - George Hamilton, tempting fate...

    "Oh noooooooo! Disaster!"."
    - George Hamilton, after Mexico go 2 up against Ireland (USA 94)

    "By our calculations George is directly responsible for over 87% of the goals the Irish national team has conceded."
    - The pundits at DangerHere.Com produce a worrying statistic

    "Real Madrid are like a rabbit in the glare of the headlights in the face of Manchester United's attacks. But this rabbit comes with a suit of armour in the shape of two precious away goals."
    - George Hamilton

    "Referee Nodlinger is outstanding in the sense that he stands out."
    - George Hamilton

    "The Baggio brothers, of course, are not related."
    - George Hamilton

    "You sir, are an idiot!"
    - George Hamilton, politely rebuking Lilian Laslandes after a red card offence.

    "Careful lads, we need him for the Championship!"
    - George Hamilton, after fellow pundit Marty Morrissey gets caught up in Munster's celebrations

    "Their (Liverpool) fans are being man-marked by the Italian police."
    - George Hamilton, on the security preparations for Liverpool v Juventus

    "The coaching staff are like an army on the touchlines! Does anybody hear? Would it make any difference?"
    - George Hamilton

    "Here's Ronaldo, we've almost seen him score one tonight...ooooh! Close but no banana"
    - George Hamilton, commentating on Roy Keane's testimonial for RTE

    "They have seen the Juventus away goal — and raised it!"
    - Clive Tydlesey, after Man Utd score their second away goal against Juventus (1999)

    "The mountain that is English Football is a long and difficult one to climb, but the view from the top is breathtaking, Chelsea are champions again".
    - Martin Tyler, as Chelsea lift the title (2006)

    "This is the lad you thought was Italian, he's from Marino."
    "Si! Marino!"
    - George Hamilton meeting some Shelbourne fans (Marino is a Dublin suburb)

    "Never mind San Marino, you'd get a better team from Marino."
    - Anonymous hack after Ireland beat San Marino 5-0

    "Owen runs like rabbit chasing after what do rabbits run after? They run after nothing. Well, running after other rabbits."
    - Tom Tyrell

    "It's the first time that two teams have started a league game where both teams begin with that letter."
    - Jeff Stelling, as York versus Yeovil looms large in the fixture list

    "And they'll be dancing in streets of Total Network Solutions tonight."
    - Jeff Stelling, as TNS capture the Welsh title

    "Matt Le Tissier had firm views about Austria's reluctance to allow Turkey full membership of the EU last Saturday, I seem to recall."
    - Jeff Stelling, revealing what happens during ad breaks on "Sky Soccer Saturday"

    "Jeff I'm not exaggerating it could have been 10-0."
    "Ah go on, you're exaggerating. Hahaha!"
    "I've told you a million times, I don't exaggerate."
    - Charlie Nicholas and Jeff Stelling, "Sky Soccer Saturday"

    "There's been a penalty awarded at Old Trafford — I don't think you need me to tell you which way it's gone."
    - Jeff Stelling, updating us on "Sky Soccer Saturday"

    "It's amazing what the sight of four gentlemen with red crosses on their backs can to injured players."
    - Jon Champion, as Arsenal's Freddie Lungberg makes a sudden recovery

    "Thierry Henry will look like a Subbuteo player to them."
    - Peter Drury, looking at the fans in the top deck of the Bernabau for ITV

    "It's survival of the fittest now here in the closing minutes."
    - John Motson, as West Ham and Liverpool stagger through FA C

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  • great american bash review

    right well ive decided il write ppv reviews and the occasional blog about the state of wwe.

    in the opening match we had miz and john morrison vs. fit finlay and hornswoggle vs. curt hawkins and zack ryder vs. jesse and festus for the smackdown tag title.

    a pretty good opener , lots of action although its very hard to take a title seriously with hornswoggle involved in it although i guess that shows the lack of depth wwe has in its tag team divison right now. curt hawkins and zack ryder got the win , bad call by wwe. zack and curt arent over with the fans nor are they fantastic wrestlers , they wrestle the same generic style all wwe wrestlers do when they leave development.

    next up we had shelton benjamin vs. matt hardy for the us title

    a good match that got enough time to shine. crowd were completely dead at the start of the match which id blame on the complete lack of build this match receieved , it seemed to be on the card for no reason. eventually some dueling chants took over. the hardy chants seemed to be coming entirely from girls and little kids where as the benjamin chants seemed to be coming from males the odd thing was the hardy chants were winning which tells you who wwe is aiming the product at right now. shelton won with the paydirt , shelton desperately needs a different finisher and no a powerslam which jr thinks is a t-bone suplex. big reaction to the finish of the match , i found it a bit odd shelton picked up a clean pin fall over matt but so much for matt being the most fighting us champ in history.

    then there was mark henry vs. tommy dreamer for the ecw title

    ive been at funerals with louder cheering than this match got. when dreamer made his entrance he really proved why he is " the innovator of silence " the match as expected sucked , we had a former body builder who in over 10 years has never gotten over with the fans and who still cant wrestle facing a guy who is past his prime and even in his prime he was never very good. a sure fire receipe for disaster. colin delaneys heel turn was greeted by audience apathy. i think the message is clear , the title means nothing and the show means nothing. on a side note mike adamle managed to provoke more laughs when he called mark henrys big splash a worlds strongest slam. when that is the highlight of a match you know something is wrong.

    then we had chris jericho vs. shawn micheals

    this was the one match on the entire show that received a proper build up and had a logical storyline going for it , and yes wouldnt you know it wwes creative team hasnt even had much of a hand in writting it. much of the stuff that has happened has been written by jericho and hbk. a very good match which unfortunately suffered from the ecw title bout as the crowd must have still been in shock at the revelation that colin delaney is now a heel. match was different from their encounters at judgement day and wrestlemania 19 which was a smart move from both men as the storyline of the match was hbk is not 100 %. a different sort of finish , not one you se regularly in wwe but all the same it was effective. jericho was brilliant in his role.shawn sold the beating well. all in all a very good match with the right winner.

    then there was michelle mccool vs. natalya neidhart for the divas title.

    no this was not in the same league as tna knockout matches on ppv. the crowd was dead for the action in the ring but that was always going to happen as wwe has booked the womens division as a joke for years. michelle got the win with the heel hook. she is a bad choice as the first champion. to give the title credebility they should have given it to natalya who is genuinely a good wrestler. this was a poor match and i got worse in the aftermath. eve torres and cherry came to the ring to celebrate with michelle but it was clearly visible on tv eve was having problems standing still. it went from bad to worse when y2j came out and told us hbks career was over , in reality t

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  • Carlos Dwyer
    Carlos Dwyer

    3 letters R E W whats your take on that?

  • World Turmoil Federation
    World Turmoil Federation

    Official WTF: Beatdown Promo Reminder! WTF Management would like to remind you that you have a promo due for the weekly show: Beatdown. Promos are due in for Thursday at Midnight. We would like to wish you all the best in writing your promo and good luck in your match. Wtf Management

  • Carlos Dwyer 10/22/10
  • Dean Power
    Dean Power

    3-1 3-1 3-1 what did i tel you berbatov to be good this year:D

  • Alex Dinan
    luv Alex Dinan

    Well well well, how be Mr. Ryan? Its been to long man :)

  • Cray

    Jason, how are you my friend.. what's been up, I haven't spoke to you since the collapse of FFW in February? Anyway, how have you been going? Whats new, cheers reply when you're next online :)

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    Wow:L and a wrestling school with accomidation would be awesome! That's the problem I'm probably going to have If I want to start training because the school will probably be a fair distance away and I would need to get my drivers license first:(

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    Same thing happened to me, was very sad:( and really, you can't do a FRONTROLL!? Are you like super unhealthy or something? and I don't have a clue, I'm sure there are some schools near me... But would be awesome (If I had the money) to go to America/Canada and train at the Chikara Wrestle Factory or Lance Storms school.

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    That is probably what I would do. Try and train in technical chain wrestling with some exciting flashly moves mixed in. I can do a sommersault which is a essential in pro wrestling, so I'm set there:P Also, I just looked at Low Ki's bio and found out we're the same height and he's only a stone or so heavier than me. So If I just went to the gym, worked on my cardio, cut down some fat and put on some muscle then I could have a physique like Ki:P and true, I had my growth spurt when I was about 10/11... So maybe I will have a late one in the next year or two, heck, I could become 6ft something for all I know:L

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    I'm 5'8 and 11 stone:L Maybe I can learn how to do a mean shooting star press:P

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    I want to be a pro wrestler, even if I was just wrestling for a small indepedant promotion in my area a couple times a month, I would be happy and Maniac doesn't come on to often does he? Would be awesome to see WBW back, then I would have a chance to win the World Title I never lost!:D

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    That's cool man. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. The only thing that interests me in this world is wrestling... and OK, I'm sure Maniac will be online in no time;)

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    What course you doing at college? and ahh, I know what you are talking about now;)

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    Still in school eh? and can you at least give me an idea of what this information might be?:P

  • Steve Swain
    Steve Swain

    I've been good man! Pretty busy in the real life though and this information sounds very interesting. Why will It take two days to get to me?:L

  • Steve Swain
    luv Steve Swain

    Hey Jay. How are things?

  • Brian Egan
    luv Brian Egan

    Good evening mr Ryan, hows things?

    5/23/10 via Mobile
  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson

    Wel ure always sayin 2 me i dnt leave u comments so here goes hey haha

    5/16/10 via Mobile
  • World Nonstop Wrestling 5/13/10
  • Amy Louise
    luv Amy Louise

    Lol, thanks ;) I like dark layouts tbh. It just kinda...says enough :L Expresses all that needs to be said :P Cheers for the love