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Sione Takapu

Haven't been on dis site fo hellaaa longtherrrzzzz ahahah cnt even believe that I remembrd ma password bwahahaha

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  • Emali Maka
    luv Emali Maka

    Hey Kango!!!! ahahah ask ur dad who's "Kango"...he'll tell you it's ol skooo stuff! Come out and visit me!!!! Pioneer week this week and I want you to come out and visit w/TJ & Lea!!!! Ask popz and maz if you can love you soOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo....much cutie! aunti eM

  • Sipenisa And Luisa Tuivailala
    luv Sipenisa And Luisa Tuivailala

    Okay is this UNCLE john or the MINNIE john on line:L :L :L Well just dropped by to drop off a heart for your Happy Friday:) We love u guys!

    5/7/10 via Mobile
  • Emali Maka
    luv Emali Maka

    Thank Takapu Family for the lovely rendition of Sharlets Song......loved every bit of lyric on that AWESOME SONG!!!!! Hope you know that you guys made Sharlets baptism very special!!! Love you all so very much and hope you can visit in the summer this year!!!! We love and miss you all!!!!! eM and the kids in UT!

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    luv Olivia Takapu Felila

    Hey John!!! @ "V" computer....visiting her she decided to play pretend basketball and sprang her ankle!lmbo! Does she remember she never played any sports in school!lol....she's lying on the sofa and pu'i to her Misi and LJ!lol......Sepa plays better basketball then her!lol....shhhhhh.....don't let her know I said that!lol....Thank you Pele and the kids for the gift (baptism)....you need to take care your family John....no worries about this little houma kuma girl...ahahah....love you uncle John (sharlet) I will have to save the gift for better use....then an expensive dress!lol....lot's of love to you bro. and know I love you dearly and your sweet family!!! We're doing great and hoping you guys will visit soon!!! Lv ur baby sis...eM

  • Olivia Takapu Felila 2/13/10
  • Latu And Laki Taufalele
    luv Latu And Laki Taufalele

    John Michael I have great news for you!!! Please check your mail!!! Love you!!!!

  • Latu And Laki Taufalele
    luv Latu And Laki Taufalele

    I pleasantly agree John Michael....it was great! Holland spoke at the MTC and Cook was the seventy that took care of East region missions, and he gave a talk at a zone conference we had about the BOM...it was amazing! How blessed are we to receive these types of guidances every six months? John Michael I know that you will become a great missionary one day. Your dad was and still is a great missionary! Your talent in voice has great power to draw people listen, and as you share this talent...they will listen to you! Stay close to your parents bro and listen closely to their voice. I promise that their voice is the first and only voice you will hear when you face trials and adversity on a mission. Love you bro and let me know if you ever need anything. Your nephews will gladly give you what they can.

  • Latu And Laki Taufalele
    luv Latu And Laki Taufalele

    Ditto John Michael!!! Hows the next American Idol doing? Can't wait for General Conference!!! Hope you have a great time there too with your family! We will be watching it from home. Love you guys! Laks

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    luv Olivia Takapu Felila

    Hey supa star don't foreget 2 say ya prayers k love ya aunti via

  • Latu And Laki Taufalele
    luv Latu And Laki Taufalele

    Hey J-Jona! I can't access it cas I forgot my password hehehe. I guess I gotta create a new one, and I'll be on it. Love ya and can you hurry up and join American Idol? Helloooooo....

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    luv Olivia Takapu Felila

    Hey none, thanks for coming by it's always puts a smile on my face when my babeez come to visit me :) :) :) well I don't know how to get on myspace I'm old skul u know!! hahahah lol but weather or not on myspace I will always be your biggest fan! Love ya baby boy! aunti via

  • Pola Leka
    luv Pola Leka

    HEyy JJ0NNA.!!=) GEEz i DiDNt N0E i HAD yUH ASS AH FRiENd.!!=) WE0 yUPP yUH N0E i GTA PASS By Nd SH0W SUM L0vE Nd DR0P AH HEART By yURR WAy.!! H0PEE iTz AWL GUd WiT yUH & yURz.!!AHA.! WE00 yUPP.!! RUNN iT BACk WEN iHTz SM00v.!AiGHTT C-SAfE ND STAy 0UTA TR0UBLE.!! G0NEEE....

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    Olivia Takapu Felila

    Hey lil J what's new in the recording industry???? Well hope all is well there. I just wanted to come by and send my love to ya and the rest of the family. So what's going on out there in Oak town, anything new???? Well all is well here and the kidz back in skul and all so I have all this time on my hands now so I wanted to say hey really quick. Well teo your bros and sis there cousins out here in utah sends there love K. Love ya J and take care K love ya aunti Via

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    luv Olivia Takapu Felila

    hey son I really like the new tune I was wondering when you guys would come out of the chapel......... hahaha lol J/K my fav is all you gospel tune you know me. This song would be better if I could hear the singing it's a little low on the tempo........ So on the next one make sure yalls clear up the mic b4 singing cuz I want to hear the beautiful voices that yalls have K.. Ok there's my two cents 4 da day. Take care and keep da music coming ur #1 fan. Love aunti Via

  • Josephine Maile
    Josephine Maile

    dude! arent you suppose to be in class? ahahahah jkay aye when are we gonna hear the tracks? like c'mon man LoL

  • Latu And Laki Taufalele
    luv Latu And Laki Taufalele

    So what's these two tracks I hear you telling Aunty Vi about J Jonna??? I want a copy too pleassssseeeee!!!!!! But give me one first ok HAHAHAHAHAHA I know she's gonna read his and wanna smack my fat head. But dont forget to give me one. Love ya brah! Laki and sons

  • Olivia Takapu Felila
    luv Olivia Takapu Felila

    waz up my nigga......haha lol Hey baby boy howz one of my favorite babies doing today. I just wanted to come by and say hey !!!!!!! You do know that i am your number 1 fan right!!!! When you and your siblings hit it big on American Idol alwayz remember your aunti Via is cheering on the left corner for you. Howz your momz and popz. doing??? Send them my love and tell your mom to stop fie lelei-ing and tell your dad to grow up for he breaks a hip trying to be like yester yearssssss......hahaha lmbo. Don't tell him i said that for i get in trouble....haha. Well I love you baby non take care and stay out of trouble. Love aunti Via