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Kënsëi Sëki

A new rein of power has come...

6/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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The 'Best' are not Chosen, but Born
Me, Myself, and I
A True A Shinobi is not one whom is Chosen, but one who has trained their whole life, regardless of who they are, to get what they want.

True Shinobi are Born, by the work which is done, day out and day in...

Welcome to the new clan, built for those who are not only the best, but to those also who strive to become that. A top number of warriors will assembled, the number 8. The slate wiped clean, the honor of becoming one of the newly found "Enlightened Eight" is now open for any and all great warriors on their quest to become the 'best' fighter of all!

*Do take note that a tournament will be held to determine the spots. After a large enough group of interested fighters have joined, the sign ups will be placed. Also, this is not only for those who are the best at fighting, but for anyone really. Also, this place is not where you will officially be known as a "Top" fighter.

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  • Sign Ups

    Raikage by Raikage
    *If you wish to sign up for the upcoming tournament, please include the following information:


    Chakra Element:

    How Long You Have RolePlayed:

    Noticeable Achievements:

    Last Fight (Opponent's name and URL):

    Why You Want To Join:

    Favorite Number:

    Note: If you already signed up at the other page, there is no need to sing up again. Your information will be transfered.
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  • Enlightened Eight Rooster

    This is the current rooster for the Enlightened Eight fighters. Each of the members are that of Naruto RolePlaying world. Each must have a nickel to their name, in other words, they should be "popular" or well-known by other RolePlayers, to have a chance in winning their spot. *Note: Do not ask if you can fill a spot. Take the forum above to register to fight for you right of place.









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    another dead group :/

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    person below so agree with ya:D

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    Naruto pwnsssssss. [= I like him better than Sasuke.

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    Naruto is the madis show ever in the whole world

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    {Sorrow} This place never got off its feet T^T

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    Enter our Up-coming tournament !!

  • NicK H
    NicK H

    did you hear there was a new team putting your head on bounty for 1,000,000,000.00 ryu what that all about???? p.s im not on there team but im a messenger if you want to send a message to them just tell me

  • NicK H
    luv NicK H

    can u send me a message that tells how do role play and where please master kensei

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    [Gouki: I am no ninja, but I am cosidered an assassin... The other is that I am a 'Street Fighter' character, but have customized him to become original, the obvious one is that I am not a 'Naruto' character... I am curious to know if there is any acception of me entering this tournament...? I only ask simply in respect towards u all before filling out the registration form...]

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  • Deathcore

    any Sand experts your teachigs would be well appreciated but really nice group/band