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first time on this in 4 years.,

Jan 30 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • from mee bedd :)
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: August 2007
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
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●~Singglee    Takeen~●


♥ℓαυяєη мαттнєωѕ
♥ѕαяαн яυттєя
♥ηαтαℓιє ∂σввιη
♥∂αηιєℓℓє тяαηтυм
♥яєвє¢¢α тяαηтυм
♥кєℓѕιє ƒℓσяαη¢є
♫ℓєιgнαм ¢нσяℓєу
♫ נα¢к ƒσχ
♫ тнσмαѕ σ'вяιєη

I love you all so much

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nєvєr lєαvє thє σnє чσu lσvє fσr thє σnє чσu líkє cσz thє σnє чσu líkє wíll lєαvє чσu fσr thє σnє thєч lσvє ...
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♥║ ║
just a lil smile
яσвєят ωα∂єʟʟ ♥♥
im missing you. what did i do do it deserve this iv lost the best grandad anyone could ever wish for, but i gues he needed an angel but i need you here with me!! its so hard knowing that i'l never hear your voice again.Theres no dout that if i could take your place in heven i would die for you. Why would god want to hurt me so bad? Does he know how much it hurts to be missing you? just hope your safe up there.


I Love You

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  • doo it pwees x

    *_DO iiT PLZ;;..
    What Do You Tink Of My..

    Сan ii Have Yur...
    Μob Num...?
    Ome Num..?

    Would Yu..?
    Let Me Hang Round With Yu..?
    Get Piised With Me..?
    Kiiss Me..?
    Hug Me..?
    Fuck Me..?
    Go Out With Me..?
    Fall Owt Wid Me..?
    Argu With Me..?
    Fight Me..?
    Hold My Hand..?
    16 Comments 87 days ago

    *_BWT M3;;..
    1. Give Me Ur Number?
    2. Love Me?
    3. Let Me Kiiss You?
    4. Watch a Movie With Me?
    5. Have Diner With Me?
    6. Drive Me Sumwhere?
    7. Take Shower With Me?
    8. Be My Gf/Bf?
    9. Tell Me Yu Tink ii Am Cute?
    10. Buy Me a Drink If ii Have No Money?
    11. Take Me Home For Night?My House Or Urz?
    12. Let Me Sleep In Yur Bed?
    14. Do You Think Attractive, Beautiful Or Sexy?
    15. Do Yu Like My Style?
    16. Do You Think ii Funny?
    17. Do Yu Care Bwt Me?
    18. Would Yu Dance Wid Me?

    1 Comment 227 weeks

  • 100 questions about mee ;)

    100 Q's
    *Aвoωт Mε

    1. Full Name:leah elain wightman
    2. Nicknames:lea,wiggerman,fingers,wi
    3. Birthday: 16th novemba
    4. Place Of Birth: Warrington!!
    5. Zodiac Sign: scorpio
    6. Male Or Female: female
    7. Year: 10
    8. School: Newman
    9. Occupation: ??
    10. Residence: Warrington
    11. MSN Screen Name: LeahBabes x3

    *Чoυr Appεαrαncε
    12. Hair Color: Brown
    13. Hair Length: longish
    14. Eye Color: grey
    15. Weight: 8 stone
    16. Height: duno
    17. Braces?: No
    18. Glasses?: Nope
    19. Piercings: ears
    20. Tattoos:nopet
    21. Righty Or Lefty: Righty

    *Чoυr 'Fırsтz

    22. First Best Friend: mike
    23. First Award: sports day egg n spoon :P
    24. First Sport:football
    25. First Pet: cat
    26. First Real Vacation:america
    27. First Concert: neva bin 2 1
    28. First Love: mike


    29. Movie:white chicks
    30. TV programme:waterloo road
    31. Color: hot pink
    32. Rapper: 2pac/ eminem
    33. Group:westlife
    34. Song Right Now: "welcom to thhe club"+"breath slow"
    35. Friends:loz,tilly,sarah,rach,tom,t
     ony,james,parkie ect..
    36. Sweet: drumstick
    37. Sport to Play:rugby
    38. Restuarant:jenarics
    39. Favorite brand,lacoste,mckenzie,nike
    40. Store:new look,jd,deahnems,bay,market
    41. School Subjec:health+social
    42. Animal:golden retreaver(dog)
    43. Book: dnt b stupid i cnt even read
    44. Magasines:chat + take a break
    45. Shoes: trainers
    46. Feeling: hyper


    47. Single Or Taken?: taken by the most amazing lad ive ever known
    48. Have A Crush: yup and im with the lad iv got it on
    49. Eating: toast
    50. Drinking: cramberry juice
    51. Typing: This obv
    52. Online?: As Always
    53. Listening To: breath slow
    54. Thinking About:what to wer bcz am coin cinima 2daii lol
    55. Wants: Newman to close dwn
    56. Watching: the screen
    57. Wearing: pjs lol

    *Чоυr Fυтυrε

    58. Want Kids? ye 2
    59. Want To Be Married?: Yeh already no who to!!
    60. Careers In Mind: carer
    61. Where Do You Want To Live: Warrington
    62. Car: ermm.. austin martin :)

    *..Tнε Opposıтε Sεx.<3__x

    63. Hair Color: brow/blond
    64. Hair Length:short
    65. Eye Color: Any
    66. Measurments: same size or taller
    67. Cute Or Sexy: Both
    68. Lips Or Eyes: both hopefully
    69. Hugs Or Kisses:both
    70. Short Or Tall:taller
    71. Easygoing Or Serious: bit of both wen needed
    72. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Both
    73. Fatty Or Skinny: Inbetween need bit o meat on there bones
    74. Sensitive Or Loud: Both but more loud!
    75. Hook-Up Or Relationship: Realtionship
    76. Sweet Or Caring: Both
    77. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant One: In between

    *Hαvε Чυ Evεr.

    78. Kissed A Stranger:nope
    79. Had Alcohol: Yeh
    80. Smoked: Yeh
    81. Ran Away From Home:nope
    82. Broken A Bone: yeh me toes :(
    83. Got An X-ray: Yeh
    84. Been With Someone: Yeh
    85. Broken Someones Heart: i hope not :( sorry if i have :(
    86. Broke Up With Someone: Yeh
    87. Cried When Someone Died: yeh
    88. Cried At School: yeh

    *Do Чυ Bεlıεvε In

    89. God: no but if he is real y doesnt he help me lol
    90. Miracles: yeh :D
    91. Love At First Sight: Yeh
    92. Ghosts: duno
    93. Aliens:yeh my bruvas 1 :P
    94. Soul Mates: Yeh
    95. Heaven: yeh
    96. Hell: yeh i already got me seat reserved
    97. Angels: yeh im an angel :P
    98. Kissing On The First Date: sometimes
    99. Horoscopes: yeh

    *Ansωεr Trυтнfυllч.

    100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have? yeahh :( :(

    0 Comments 228 weeks

  • wat wud yew do i ii...?xx

    »;I Commiitted Suiiciide?;_
    »;I Saiid I Love You?;_
    »;I Saiid I Had A CruSh On YhoO?;_
    »;I Kiissed Yo0h?;_
    »;I Liived Next Do0r?;_
    »;I Was Raped?;_
    »;I Started Sm0kiin?;_
    »;I St0le?;_
    »;How Diid We Meet?;_
    »;What Do Yo0h Fiink 0f Me?;_
    »;Best Mem0ry 0f Me?;_
    »;How Long Wiill We Be Friiends?;_
    »;Do Yo0h Love Me?;_
    »;Have I Evah Hurt Yo0h?;_
    »;Have I Evah Br0ke Yo0r Heart?;_
    »;Wud Yo0h Hug Me?;_
    »;Fuk Me?;_
    »;Kiiss Me?;_
    »;Are We Close?;_
    »;Scale 0f 1-10*//h0w NiiCe Am I?;_
    »;Am I L0veable?;_
    »;How Long Have Yo0h Kn0wn Me?;_
    »;Describe Me In 1 w0rd?;_
    »;Have Yo0h Evah Been Mad At Me?;__
    »;Wat Reminds Yo0h of Me?;__
    »;Do Yo0h Know Me Well?;__

    4 Comments 261 weeks

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  • LeiighamChorleyy
    luv LeiighamChorleyy

    Hey baby x

    12/26/09 via Mobile
  • Tony.
    luv Tony.

    leah wightman love youuuu x x x x x x x

  • Sarah.Jayy

    Heyy gorgeouss x uu okii ? xxx not seen my leahkins in agess !! ii misss herr sooo muchhhh !!!! wen u next out babeee ?? love uu lotss xxxxxxxxxx

  • Tilly.
    luv Tilly.

    i love my leahhhh!! <333

  • Sarah.Jayy
    luv Sarah.Jayy

    Hiyaaa babe x owaa youu? x not spokee 2 youu propaa in timeeee xxx missin youu so fuckin mucchh babeee xx whenn aree youu nextt ouuttt? x riittee backk sooonxxx ii fuckiin lovee youuu x x x x x

  • LeiighamChorleyy
    luv LeiighamChorleyy

    Haa Sick Inittt Wahayyyy xx Ermmm Thnx For The Luv Sweet Peaa.. x

  • Sarah.Jayy
    luv Sarah.Jayy

    Hiiaaa Babyyy xx Youuu Okkaaii? xxx Justt Fortt ii Woulldd Comee & Tell Youu Muchh ii Lurrvvv Youuuu Babessss :D (: Ohh Godd Funnyy Tiimee In Miineee Earliierr :P Heheee xxx Lovee Youu Lotsss & Lotsss x Riitee Backkk x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sarah.Jayy

    goood :) yupp ta babe x am pised haha yu[p facebok is beta x love u more babe n dont 4get! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Sarah.Jayy
    luv Sarah.Jayy

    Hiiaaa babe x чeww awkaii x just fort id leave a comment as the rest aint gettin replчed :P haha x riite bak soon x lovee чewww lotsss <333 xxx

  • Sarah.Jayy
    luv Sarah.Jayy

    Hiчaaa gawjuss x чouu okk? x omg walleч gardens was fuckin amazin !! :P we shud do it agen sometimee! xx it was funnч walkin home,, cudnt believe чou done the 10 min silence haha :P x ritee bak soon x love чou loadsss <3333 xx

  • Sarah.Jayy

    Heres the pik u wanted :D

  • Sarah.Jayy

    Hiчaaa babe x чou okk? чano am alwaчs eчa when чou need help (чn) love чou lots babes !!! <3333333333333333

  • Sarah.Jayy
    luv Sarah.Jayy

    Hiчaaa Babeee x Youu Okk?? Just Thoughtt ii Wud Leave A Comment Whilst Passin Cus A Love Youu Loadss :D :D Ritee Bakk Sooon :D Lovee Youuu <33333 x

  • Chantelle.
    luv Chantelle.

    Pan lid Its snowin LAAR haha I luv are leah ! xx

    3/4/09 via Mobile
  • Becci. X'
    luv Becci. X'

    iyahh darlinn ya comein out sooon ? need talk to youu but it'll be too late by the time i doo :/ hmm ohwell tell you when i see ya :L lovee yaaa x

  • Jimbob
    luv Jimbob

    Here's the 3rd and final love for my Leah Forever yours babe Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    3/2/09 via Mobile
  • Jimbob
    luv Jimbob

    Here's the second love for you James loves Leah Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    3/2/09 via Mobile
  • Jimbob
    luv Jimbob

    Can't wait to see you today babes xxxxx love you loads xxxxx

    2/28/09 via Mobile
  • Tilly.
    luv Tilly.

    Hey Beautiful! I love you!!! Sorry i thought I'd break James perfect chain of messages. Hahaa. ♥