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Spooning Appreciation Club

Trying to clean all spam up... Why can't people just leave a nice spooning comment comment???

6/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This group is dedicated to those who love spooning...


Where to start!?

A good place, if you don't know what spooning is........
Would be the blog, which has a definition of spooning.
If then, you are still confused as to what spooning is and cannot figure it out, please, do ask.

We are more than happy to help!

Big spoon or little spoon, you will always feel comfortable moulded with the person you are spooning with.

Maybe one of the greatest feelings in the world?

Become a member, feel free to leave a spooning photo or two and leave a comment to show your appreciation for spooning!

History (how this glorious page formed):

Tash (whilst thinking about spooning): "Shall we make a spooning bebo page??"
Laura: "Yeaaaaaaaaaa!"
Bill: "OOOOOOOOOhhhh yea!!! I'm gonna make it RIGHT NOW!!"

(Thats how excited we are about spooning!)

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  • Spooning World Record

    The response to our poll about trying to set a spooning world record is amazing!!!

    It's great theres so many spooners out there who want to share the love and get us on the map!!

    We are working on doing the whole official side of things at the moment, so hopefully things get up and running sometime soon!

    But in the mean time, watch this space!!

    4 Comments 299 weeks

  • SPOONING: A definition...

    according to wikianswers.com the answer to what is spooning is:

    "Spooning; the definition I'm aware of, is when one person lies on their side with their back to the other person. Usually with legs bent a little.

    Then the other person lies facing the same way, their face to the first persons back. But they are front to back and "cuddling."

    They fit together like spoons. It's just a way of saying cuddling really. "

    8 Comments 306 weeks

  • The Spooning Appreciation Club not showing up on your page?

    Fixage is simple.

    On your page, underneath your profile photo, click change modules, and put your 'Groups' module anywhere you see fit.

    Thats pretty much it!

    Happy spooning!

    2 Comments 310 weeks

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  • 2 spoon or not 2 spoon

    Katie Pie by Katie Pie
    been spooned lately?
    1 Reply 231 weeks

    Zara by Zara
    lol one drunken night i waz with a room full of my m8s & there waz nowere left 4 me 2 sleep lol
    so i complaind lol
    my m8s were like jst hop on the bed with sarah!
    so i went but ill b spooning her then!
    so in a drunken half asleap daze sarah pipes up
    the end
    1 Reply 245 weeks
  • Spaz arm - a spooning hazard

    Fern by Fern
    So I've been doing a bit of spooning lately, and something that has come to my attention is the (as I like to call it) "spaz arm". This is the arm that gets trapped and in the way, unless you manage to slide it under the person you are spooning (which doesn't always work as you can end up with a crushed arm).
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who encounters this problem. What can be done about the spaz arm??
    38 Replies 305 weeks

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  • M U S I C
    M U S I C

    Naww Whooo made this page crack up azz lol

  • Uncle Mick Andrews
    Uncle Mick Andrews

    who fancys some major league spooning am all yours xxx

  • Uncle Mick Andrews
    Uncle Mick Andrews

    got too love spooning its good times when its happening x

  • Sia Amelia Trent Mamea
    Sia Amelia Trent Mamea

    Spooning is what we all need :L its awesome !

  • Marayah

    spooninq is GREAT for cold nights with thee qirls :DD

  • Colin

    moan the forks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Dainton Softley
    luv James Dainton Softley

    add me for a spoon haha

  • YuRs Truwlii

    whats spooning..

  • Miss Mahe
    Miss Mahe

    Spoon babe spoon lolz

  • JamieShewan

    spoonage lmao

  • Russell B
    Russell B

    canny beat a wee spoon after a nice long fork :P been doing it all my knife :L :L

  • Laura

    Spoon babybee spoon :P x x x x x x x x

  • Ben

    ;:P :O :L :* :* :*

  • Kerr

    your all soooooo livin in the past "SPOONING" is old school ma granny use ti dae tht,,,,,en ma daaa wiz born,,,,,,,,,,,enway get the knifes oot an tryin knifin so much more pleasureable THEN wen u master tht thers LADELING,,,,,ken wan they hings u use for soup,,,,THEN thers the tatty masher ooooooo yeeeeehhh

  • Abbiate Fede

    Haha :) Dam right hayden.

  • Hayden

    Spooning Is The Greatest Invention In The Whole Entire World ... But Naked Spooning Is The Best :L

  • Kayleigh.McG.

    great to spoon after a nyt out wif ur friends n u cum home freezin n yous can all jumped in bed and spoon to heat up :DD

  •  Jay Layza
    Jay Layza

    I spoon with my gorgeous hubby every night xD Great fun subject silly to some maybe but that's cause they need a sense of humer transplant lol

  • ThuqqPasiøn-

    ahha wtf ? X.

  • Ami

    im the lil' spoon and X Di X ... why would you be in jail?