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Drunken Tiger

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  • Group created: August 2007
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
DT formed in 1992. Tiger JK, at 16, entered a freestyle rap contest in LA. Despite the racial tensions due to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots and ice cube's highly controversial song 'black korea', Tiger JK won it. Here he met DJ Shine, who was invited to DJ for the event.

After that the two formed the group Drunken Tiger. During their stay in Korea they got picked up by a recording company and released their 1st album. Their title song 'I Want You' was banned for media, and they experienced all sorts of hardships during their debut period.

After their 2nd album Tiger JK was charged with narcotics possession, and even though it was clear he was innocent, he was sentenced to community service. Other rappers saw this as an opportunity to criticise him.

DJ Shine left after their 5th album, stating personal reasons. He went ahead with a solo career, and is due to release an album soon.

Tiger JK is currently the C.E.O. of Jungle Entertainment and leads the hip-hop group MOVEMENT.

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  • Skin request

    Anyone who's gd at photoshop and stuff please make a skin for this group... Much appreciated
    I will send over the pictures

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  • Beef with Drunken Tiger and YG Family

    Jiung Choi by Jiung Choi
    This is quite a while ago, back when DJ Shine, DJ Jhig, Roscoe and Mickieyes were still members. It is minor conflict between DT and some of the members in YG Family.

    -Y.G (Y.G family) dissed Tiger JK when he was accused of using drugs

    -Masta wu (Y.G family) and Teddy (1TYM) dissed Drunken tiger by making songs

    -DJ Shine dissed Masta wu (Y.G family) on dt-love.co.kr

    -DJ Shine dissed Yang Goon on "Knockout kings" from DT's 3rd album

    -Dynamic duo (then cb mass) and DT dissed 3534 on "Movement 2"

    -DJ shine says in his rap that he slept with yoon hee jung (3534)s girl in movement 2

    -DJ Shine is going out with yoon hee jung (3534)s ex now

    -Yoon hee jung (3534) and lee hyun do (aka DO) from deux dissed Dynamic Duo (then cb mass)

    -cb mass breks up becausse of curbin

    -DT disses curbin on their 4th lp

    -tbny and dynamic duo and epik high diss curbin

    For more info see my blog, its got other rap beefs as well
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    Jiung Choi by Jiung Choi
    movement is one of the five main crews in korean hip-hop

    they are:

    1) Movement (C.E.O. Tiger JK)
    2) Stardom (C.E.O. Cho PD)
    3) Buddha Baby (C.E.O. MC Sniper)
    4) Masta Plan (C.E.O. Joosuc)
    5) YG Family (C.E.O. Yang Hyun Seok)

    Movement was first formed from a small group with Drunken Tiger, CB Mass, Tasha (Baby T) and Kim Jin-Pyo (JP)
    The song in DT's second album: Great Rebirth, titled The Movement started it all off (2000)

    CB Mass had a song in their second album calld Movement II featuring Drunken Tiger

    and in their third album they had Movement III. By then it wa spretty big, It had DT, CB Mass, T, Insane Deegie, Sean2Slow, Mickieyes

    Nowadays, many more have joined, and people in Korea even say

    "There are two types of hip-hop listeners in Korea. Those who listen to Movement, and those who don't" Basically means that probably half of hip-hop listeners know, listen to and respect movement.

    Well, here's the full list...
    Please correct me if I forgot any

    Drunken Tiger
    Dynamic Duo (Formerly CB Mass)
    Insane Deegie
    Buga Kingz
    Epik High
    Eun Ji Won
    Double K
    All Black
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drunken tiger 'bungjjak story'

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