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College Posse :P

10/16/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 425
  • from Costa Del Colne
  • Profile views: 9,000
  • Last active: 11/8/09
  • www.bebo.com/sam_dobney_07
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About Me

Not Fussy About Pussy
Me, Myself, and I

_------_ Colne Boy _------_

alryt my name is sam i am 16 .. my best mate is tom :D
.. i am sound so dont say im not !!! haha .. costa del colne .. love a good night out with the lads ohh and lets not forget the girls :P .. i am 5'6 fair grown haha .. my msn is samdobney_09@hotmail.co.uk if ya wanna talk :D :D inabit love yaa xxx :D

....../ `---_colne boy !!!!!_---|] = = = =
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"


Propa Raver
The Other Half Of Me
¢нℓσєу єℓℓιšσи
ι ℓσνє уσυ вєšтєšт мαтєš єνα :∂ .. šнє ιš šσυи∂ αš ƒυк .. αℓωαуš ιƒ ι иєє∂ тσ тαℓк тσ šυм1 тнєи šнє ιš тнєяє αи∂ šσятš ιт συт ωє мє .. šнє ιš נυšт αмαzιиğ :∂:∂ .. ι нανє тσ šαу šнє ιš αмαzιиğ αи∂ αℓšσ ƒιт αš ƒυк :∂ .. вυт σνα αℓℓ šнє ιš тнє вєšт вєšт ƒяιєи∂ υ ¢υ∂ єνα нα∂ ℓσνє уα ℓσα∂š ввє χχχχ
¸- - - Tom
`- - - - - - - > Best mate !!
¸- - - Chloeyy
`- - - - - - - > Love Her !!
¸- - - Brooksey
`- - - - - - - > Swnd Lad !!
¸- - -Lloyd
`- - - - - - - >Funny as fuk !!
College Posse !!!!!
Kim Zara Cristian Dean Adam Lewis Steven Emma Amy German Hussnain Qasim Obaid Ziar Habbeeeb

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  • Bebo Family

    мч wifeч: Gina :P ;)

    мч нusвαиd:

    мч мoτнeя: Will Patten For Kami :D

    мч fατнeя: Kami :D

    мч dαugнτeя:

    мч soи:

    мч вig вяoτнeя: Tom Higgins :D

    мч ιiττιe вяoτнeя:

    мч вig sisτeя:

    мч ιiττιe sisτer :Mel Kaye :D

    мч τwiи:

    мч pяiиcess:

    мч вesτ giяι мατes: Kameshad Bolton

    мч αιι яouиd вesτ fяieиds:

    мч guαяdiαи αиgeι:Nicki Paz

    мч вαвч guяι:

    мч idoι:

    мч dяiикiи вuddч:

    мч secяeτ αdмiяeя:

    мч sταιкeя:

    мч ιiι αиgeι:

    мч вodч guαяd:

    мч яαveя: Kami Bolton

    мч pαяτиeя iи cяiмe: Nicki Paz

    мч pαяτч αиiмαι:

    мч вαвe:Chloe Brown

    мч нeяo:

    мч вesτ нuggα:

    мч мiιιioи doιιαя вαвч: Chloe Brown

    мч eveяifiи:Gina :P

    мч вesτ ιαd мαчτ:

    мч иuττeя:Kami Bolton

    мч ιovαвιe fяieиd:

    мч sexuαι ιoveeч:Nicki Paz

    мч ιiι sταя: Char h :D

    мч нuиич:

    3 Comments 257 weeks

  • __ ...wiiiiiip... __

    1.Wud you hug me?
    2.Wud you kiss me?
    3.Wud you go out clubbin wiv me?
    4.Wud you be my friend?
    5.Wud you go out wiv me if I asked you?
    6.Do you like dance?
    7.Are we friends?
    8.Are we enemys?
    9. Am i hot?
    10. Am i a flirt?
    11. Am I sweet?
    12. Am I crazy?
    13. Am I loveable?
    14. Am I funny?
    15. Am I annoying?
    16. Am I phsyco?
    17. Am I daring?
    18. Am I a good person?
    19. Am I a good dancer?
    20. Am I a fun person to be around?
    21. Am I a good friend?
    22. Am I always looking for a good time?
    23. Am I always looking for an adrenalin rush?
    24. Am I horrible?
    25. r u goin 2 put dis on ur blog 2 c wat i say bout u?
    26. Ne thing to say b4 You Go?
    27. Am i a person dat fancys u?

    20 Comments 307 weeks

  • __ ...wiiiiiip... __

    I kissed you:
    I moved next door to you:
    I gave you my heart:
    I told you i love you:
    I came to you crying:
    I moved outa da country :
    Keep a secret if I told you one?:
    Hold my hand?:
    Keep in touch?:
    Love me?:
    Date me?:
    Talk to me for hours:
    Kiss me:
    Hold me in the rain:
    Cry on me:
    Kissed me:
    Wanted to kiss me?:
    Won my heart?:
    Kept something important from me?:
    Thought I was fit?:
    Wanted to tell me anything but couldnt?:
    ever lied to me?:

    14 Comments 309 weeks

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  • luv Danny Spencer

    love lad x

  • Smithy Jr
    luv Smithy Jr

    what a babee ;) xx

  • Jess
    luv Jess

    have it now (: ha sorry forgot., good :di saw u wensday :d nice, im bord, hows life ? xxx

  • Jess

    Helo darling. haha nothing just buzzed up of my coffe haha wbu ? im good thanku are you ? ill return love tmoz (: wb x

  • L

    Dj dobbers, you fat fuck. How are youuuuu ? wb, love yaah xx

  • luv Danny Spencer

    have love pal ;) x

  • Gt.

    i heard u got with 3 other too ;) tut :P haha yeah thanks u xx

  • Cherie Nicole Spencer
    Cherie Nicole Spencer

    txt me when u finally get credit .. are u doin work experience still this week ?

  • Cherie Nicole Spencer
    Cherie Nicole Spencer

    fink we need ta talk ! cherie

  • luv Danny Spencer

    get ya grannys apples out ;) x

  • Mikey Hargadon
    Mikey Hargadon

    Sam Lad ;) How U Doin? Ant Sin You Inabit ,, You Bin Uptoo Much ? W.b Mikey

  • Luke Kaye.
    Luke Kaye.

    fukin r8t i am pal

  • Luke Kaye.
    Luke Kaye.

    R u sleepin at dads tonight x

    3/7/09 via Mobile
  • L

    thankyou for bday love (a), love yaah xxx

  • Chloee
    luv Chloee

    helloo baby :) how are you sammm? im a tad poorly :( what you been on we then? wb i love youuuu loadsss xxx