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William H

Hey check out my new website partytricksfordogs.co.uk

5/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
After forty years in sales, I took early retirement,and decided that I would spend my time doing whatever I wished.
Unfortunatley my wife Georgie had other ideas,as she had listed all the DIY jobs that I could never find time for when I was working, After preparing for the days chores I would drop Georgie at her place of work and return to get stuck in, but instead would sit down to write a book about my dog Molly and the tricks she could perform, This of course meant I had to list all the problems I had which prevented me from completing those DIY jobs she expected would be finished .
Fortunatley with time she was happy with my endeavours, and I am happy to say that I have completed my book which has been published.
It is called, Party Tricks for Dogs,and is a true reflection of it's title, as it lists the most unusual dog tricks that will amuse both children and adults.
It also informs the reader about the aguments that Georgie and I got into over the time I spent with Molly.
Frank Sinatra. Over the years I have accumulated a large collection, my favourite being, Songs for Swinging Lovers
Long Kiss Goodnight. Gina Davis as a hitwomen who loses her memory and when she regains it reaps havoc on her enemies
Football, although only as a spectator, but I was realy good at headers, which is like keepy up against a wall, my record when much younger was, wait for it, one thousand & eighteen, now at sixty years young I struggle to achieve 50
Scared Of
My wife, when she is on the rampage
Happiest When
Teaching my dog new tricks
My two daughters, and when I got my book published
(Party Tricks for Dogs)
When I had to put my dog Molly to sleep
We have a memorial tree and plaque erected in our local park see the above picture

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Frank Sinatra The Things We Did Last Summer.

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  • My book, Party Tricks for Dogs

    Hi my name is Molly, and my owner Billy has taught me lots of tricks
    Now I can Answer the phone, pick out different colours,fetch my toys by name,and do lots of sums, I can even do fractions and other hard stuff, and Billy is always looking for unusual tricks for me to learn, he has even wrote a book about all the tricks I can do, he calls it PARTY TRICKS FOR DOGS so if you know any tricks that I can learn, or want to know about all the things I can do please let me know


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  • Lily Kinley

    eyo Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! www.instant-offer44.com MuAh bye

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • Gailie

    Sorry I sent you 2 messages....I thought it hadn't gone first time.... What have they done to bebo!! G

  • Gailie
    luv Gailie

    Hi Billy! : D Yes that's Spud, he's now 12 and the black lab is Bobby, he's 2. We got him when he was 6 weeks, as you can imagine this was quite a shock for Spud at the grand old age of 10, thinking he could just sleep and eat all day! There was now a hyper puppy jumping about his head! : L They are the best of pals tho, but Spud still keeps Bobby in line! The great Dane is a quiz I was sent about what dog suits you best, I will try and send it to you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the speedy arrival of a new wee dog for you. It's strange not having a dog around when your used to having one. Wee Molly was a great dog. She will never be replaced. Gail

  • Gailie
    luv Gailie

    Hi Billy! : D I just got your message, not been on bebo for a few days. The older dog is Spud, he's now 12 and the black lab is Bobby, he is 2. We got Bobby when he was only 6 weeks. As you can imagine this was quite a shock for Spud at the grand old age of 10 hadving a hyper puppy jumping around his head! : L They are the best of pals tho, but Spud is still the boss and keeps Bobby in line! : D The Great Dane picture was off a quiz, what dog should you have. I will try and send it to you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the speedy arrival of a new wee dog. It's strange being without one when you've had one for a long time. Molly was great wee dog. I was talking to my mum the other day about how she was mugged on her way to the ice cream van! I'll never forget that, wee soul. She should have bit them on the bum! Gail

  • Tifey

    hay u got the same name as me

  • Lori Tierney
    Lori Tierney

    Heehee...that little ditty made me laugh! And u r rite...my papa used 2sing it 2me all the time! I bet u have been missing Elaine...think we are having a girlie nite on thursday so I will catch up with her then. Nite. Love 2 Georgie too. ps...now when I hear the song 'Good Golly Miss Molly'..I will return the favour 2ur bebo page x

  • Lori Tierney
    Lori Tierney

    Hi Billy! Congrats on being a fully fledged author these days! Very posh! Your book looked fab...Im still harassing Diarmid every single day to buy me a labrador, so as soon as I beat him into submission I will def be ordering a copy!heehee. Take care, say hi 2 Georgie for me xx

  • Claire Murray
    Claire Murray

    Hi Billy I was with Elaine on Friday and she was telling me all about your book. Lynnie happened to have a copy with her and I was very impressed. I have ordered one for my dad as he would love it for my German Shephard!! I will keep you posted with any improvement there is in Micha's performance!! Claire Bear x