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Cat Man

Omg Omg ... Dunno :p

6/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 123
  • from H>>U>>D>> MeLtDoWn
  • I am Married
  • Last active: 2/22/10
  • www.bebo.com/Liam_Goddard
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
♥ nαмє: liam ♥
♥ єує ¢σlσυя: green ♥
♥ wαlks in: Size 7 ♥
♥ нαιя: brown ♥
♥ яιgнту σя lєfту : righty ♥
♥ ιnnу σя συту: Inny ♥
♥ Favourite rapper : Gigs ♥
♥ age: 13
♥ мυѕι¢: Bassline ♥
♥ ¢σlσυя: blue ♥
♥ fσσd: out lol ♥
♥ dяιnк: Skittles (♥
♥ ¢нσ¢σlαтє: bueno ♥
♥ ∂єσ∂яєит & αfтєяѕнανє: Cool waters ♥
♥ ѕнσρ: JD ♥
♥ тν ρяσgяαммє: Balls of stee ♥
♥ ρєρѕι σя ¢σкє: coke ♥
♥ αdιdαѕ σя nιкє : nike ♥
♥ ѕυммєя σя ωιnтєя: summer ♥
♥ nιgнт σя dαу: night ♥
♥ lσνє σя lυv: luv ♥

_...|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|] = =
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
.//___// HD9 Manz


═║════════║♥Connor M♥
Bassline (yn)

Mc Bones Eminem Niche

N-Dubs 50-Cent

Rolling wid the nines

On it wid
Bare gyal
нαρριиєѕт ωнєи
Getting a fat bud or weekendz or wid all my boiiz
Gyal are a main ting in my lyfe

you cant live wid out them especially then LENG ones !!
Nikitas & Curtis
Nikitas & Curtis My boys for lyfe

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  • musical intruments LOL

     ooooooooooooooooo:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    0 Comments 233 weeks

  • ALl About Me

    001: Name – Liam
    002. Nickname - Google Or Lizam
    003. Single or taken - dingle and needs a gash
    004. Zodiac Sign - Leo
    005. Male or Female - male
    006. high School - HHS
    007. iPod – Yes
    008. How many buddies on your list – Duno
    009. Hair Color – brown
    010. Hair Long or Short - Short
    014. Eye Color – Grey/Green
    015. Are you health freak – No point dnt eat much aniwaii
    016. Height - Duno !! ;P
    017. Do you have a crush on someone- Might-Do :]
    018. Do you like yourself - Depends
    019. Braces? – Nah
    020. Think your awesome? – depends when
    022. Tattoo – Nah i wish
    023. Righty or Lefty - righty

    ___Your Firsts___
    024. First Surgery – breast enlargement
    025. First piercing - Lip
    026. First best friend – Mikey Williamson
    027. First Award – Dancin
    028. First Sport You Joined – boxing
    029. First pet – Dog
    030. First vacation – Egypt
    031. First Concert – Mighty boosh
    032. First School - meltham moor ; )

    033. Movie – finding nemo
    034. Favorite tv show - porn lol messin simpsons
    036. Music - Anything
    039. Drink - Dr Pepper
    040. Body part (on a guy) - Six Pack
    041. Sport – Rugby
    042. Favorite piece of clothing – Jeans
    043. Brand Of Clothing(sports)? - Mkenzie
    044. What/Who do you sleep with? – Nofink
    045. Favorite School – honley
    046. Favorite Animal(s) – Rabbits
    047. Favorite Books – NONE

    049. I'm eating - chicken dipper
    050. I'm drinking - cola
    052. I'm about to – turn the music on
    053. Listening to – DJ Ej
    055. Waiting For – my mate to come home
    056. Watching – the computer screen
    057. Wearing – my adidas trackies

    ___Your Future___
    058. Want Kids? – Yeh
    059. Want to Get Married? - Yeh
    060. Careers in Mind – Profesional rugby player

    the Opposite__
    068. Lips or Eyes - Lips
    069. Hugs or Kisses - Kisses
    070. Shorter or taller? Taller
    072. Romantic, Spontaneous or larma - Romantic
    073. nice stomach or nice arms - Stomach
    074. Sensitive or Loud - Bit of both
    075. Hook-up or relationship - Relationship
    077. Trouble Maker or goddie- Trouble maker hehe ;P

    ___Have you ever___
    078. Kissed a Stranger - yes for a laugh
    079. Drank bubbles – Nope
    080. Lost glasses/contacts – so many times lol
    081. Ran Away From Home - lost count
    082. Broken a bone – yes ma ear bone lol
    083. Got an X-ray - yeah when i broke ma ear
    084. Broken Someone&aposs Heart – Dunno hope nott
    085. Turned Someone Down - might ov dunn
    087. Cried When Someone Died - Yeh course

    ___Do You Believe In___
    089. God - No
    090. Miracles - Yeh
    093. Aliens - Nah
    094. Magic - Nope
    095. Heaven - Nope
    096. Santa Claus - Yeh i meen who doesnt
    097. Sex on the first date – well depends you no lol
    098. Kissing on the First Date - Yeh Course Man
    099. Angels - Nah

    0 Comments 272 weeks

  • blog n shit

    My Big Bro...
    My Mum...
    My Dad...
    My Lil Bro...
    My Lil Sis...
    My Big Sis laura conley (she is fit as fook)
    My Other Big Sis...
    My Crazy Aunt..
    My Crazy uncle...
    My Cousin...
    My Kid...
    my bebo bitch... DEFO Amy lol
    My Partner In Crime... easy bria lol
    My Fairy Godmother...
    My Dancin Partner... dont dance
    My Singin Partner... i go alone lol
    My Best friend... coz
    My Other Best Friend... jenna n beacky
    My Lil Stunna... faye xx
    My guardian...
    My Geek...
    My Personal Assistant...
    My Sholder to cry on...
    My Shoppaholic Friend...
    My Lil Cutie Pie...
    My God Mother...
    My God Father...
    My Gangstas... danny n jack easy lol
    My Siamese twin...
    My Chatterbox... jodie lol
    My Booze Buddy... Amy Taylor of course lol
    My Angel...
    My Gawjushh Gurlie... faye of course n olivia
    My Shexxi Boii... meeeeee loll

    2 Comments 296 weeks

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close What Type of Bud Are You?

What Type of Bud Are You?

My result is: White Widow

You are White Widow, one of the most popular strains served in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This strain gets its name because of the high amount of trichomes it produces (the buds are covered in them, making them white). White Widow has won more Cannabis Cups than any other strains, earning White Widow its reputation as one of the most potent stains of marijuana. It smells like chemical berries, and her resin sticks to your fingers like cheese pulling away from a hot pizza. These traits are common phenotypes of the legendary White Widow.

close How Sexy Is Your Name?

liam james goddard
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Your name scored 385 in the How Sexy Is Your Name Test

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close what do u smell of? I wonder

what do u smell of? I wonder

My result is: Rose

only one or two people u know smell this gd. people bow down at ur smell, people think ur romantic and luv being with u they also think ur smell will rub of on them but don't worry ur smell is a one of a kind. but this smell also means ur beautiful so y not try a beauty contest cos u should win hands down.
whatever ur doing keep doing it cos the lads/lasses will be all other u.
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    Hiaa remember me lol from ice skatin lol thought i'd sayy hii :) w/b x

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    luv Oopsy Daisy'

    Hiiaaa Babe. :) How youu been ?? Youu Cumiin back to skwl afta hols?? Miiss Youu loads babe. LoveeYouu. x

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    |I Love You X

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    ;hello there our liam (: happy birthdayy babe. you okay? loveyou x3

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    best jus comment bak rite now liam! loveeyouFAM:D x

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    Cat Man

    Good Prifil Lolage

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    am ayt you? +fuk awl hahaa, you? +awwww yay. when babe? miss you tbhh mate. wher you at now? iloveyou x

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    luv Lost Coz Im Blonde

    heya bad man u k? aint seen u in time how ya doin hun? tap back u can have some love since i aint goin to see u for abit??

  • L.

    liam! aint seen you in tiiimeee maate! howz life? hav you bin in pen?:S writebaack. -laurah<3

    7/3/09 via Mobile
  • Oopsy Daisy'
    Oopsy Daisy'

    Hiaaa Youu oKAII?? Tappbkk No love sowii Loveeyouu though lol x

  • Calmike

    sayin wat yu been on i heard you stopped smokin grade lol is this the real liam lol ginners outta pen in ten days lol safe in abit

  • Scott Is Badd LikeHmmyess
    luv Scott Is Badd LikeHmmyess

    Sayin Wht u been on with Whn u off to see dizzee rascal? I should be able to come see ya jus soon Wb

    6/20/09 via Mobile
  • Oopsy Daisy'
    luv Oopsy Daisy'

    Haha your kwl (y) Yeshh tarr you?? Fancy meetiin up sat or smfn? Lol :D Tapbkk LoveeYass x

  • Anaa'

    liaaaaam goo on msn pleaseeee (: xx

  • Oopsy Daisy'
    Oopsy Daisy'

    Hiiaa Liiam :D Youu Okaii ?? Wubu2 ? Tapbkk LoveeYaa x

  • I Love Leahh Nicolee
    I Love Leahh Nicolee

    sayin liam u kl ent tlkd 2 yu in time wer u jam nowadays ? w/b

  • Anaa'

    hahaaaaa. wtf areee you on about? lol xx

  • Anaa'
    luv Anaa'

    #' LIAAAM! howw aree youu aint spokee too youu in agerrs. ): loveeeeu; anna. xx

  • Becca Berry
    Becca Berry

    are lu coming back to honley xxilyx becca

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