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We luv our Bebo'ers! Sorry about the scare but we're not going anywhere!

2/1/12 · me too! · Reply

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  • Verify Email Fix

    Hey Beboer's,

    The verify email link is back in working order.

    We apologize for the brief maintenance issue, but everything is A-OK again. Give thanks to the engineer team for working around the clock to get this issue fixed.

    Much Luv,

    Team Bebo

    38 Comments 31 weeks

  • New Feature On Bebo!!

    Exciting News Beboers!

    As the holiday season approaches, Bebo has added a new feature to the website to make your holiday shopping much easier.

    SHOP.BEBO is our newly launched online store with over 30mm physical and digital goods that are growing weekly! That is A LOT of potential presents to choose from for that one stubborn relative who you can never seem to pick the right gift for.

    Store Items include:
    - Video Games
    - Software
    - Music, Movies
    - eBooks
    - AudioBooks
    - ALL Consumer Physical Good Categories

    This will be a place where social network meets cloud commerce. The store will continue to expand with transcendent features not available in the market today. With that being said, the store is being built around our users, so we will need your help and input for the store to reach its full potential.

    Other features for the store include:

    • Permanent Cart - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.

    • Address Book - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.

    • Order History - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.

    • MyWishList - Request gifts from your family and friends through all the social networks

    • MyLocker -
    - Easily organize and access all of your previous video game and software
    downloads and serial keys
    - Manage and play your music and movies
    - Read your books
    - Reinstall your media from any internet connected device.

    • Products Reviews - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.

    • Digital Tools and Features - Device Agnotic Players and Readers for all devices

    • Product Details and Videos -
    - Over 50,000 full length music videos, movies and video game trailers.
    - Screenshots of video games and software
    - Trial Downloads

    We are looking forward to your reviews over the next 90 days as we implement our 2nd version of the store and client applications for mobile, windows and mac. Thank you in advance for your participation.

    For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner:

    Much Luv,

    Team Bebo

    7 Comments 32 weeks

  • Season of Giving

    Hey Beboers,

    As the season of giving approaches, the Bebo team has decided to spark the season off with a bang. We wanted to give thanks, appreciation and of course our luv. Did I say luv?

    Yes I did. From November 20th - 25th there will be unlimited luv for all of our faithful Bebo Users.

    In addition, we wanted to give thanks to the AOL users that have been patient while we've been working through some small technical glitches. Team Bebo arranged a feast with AOL and we came together to resolve our issues by sharing with one another. Well not exactly, but it sounds cooler comparing ourselves to pilgrims.

    So continue to spread the giving, spread the thanks and most importantly spread the luv.

    Much Luv,

    Team Bebo

    13 Comments 34 weeks

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  • Lovely Girl
    luv Lovely Girl

    Long live bebo

  • Taylor-Vanity

    omg @Paris OH MY GOD! remember me? i missed you lol you were amazing and i just found out you were back <3 i remember we used to sit and talk on that chat thing OMG xD sorry im like soooooo happy you're back :D

    6/21/12 via Mobile
  • Angelina

    Why is bebo not showing our updates on the mainstream?

  • Michel Beaussart
    Michel Beaussart

    I like Bebo

  • Tiannacutie

    In all sites, the members have the right to upload videos from the web or from their personal computers, this service is not available here...


    It won't let me upload a video to my group for AGES sort it out >:(

  • Yvonne O Reilly
    Yvonne O Reilly

    Long Live Bebo, come on guys dont let us down.

  • Krissy

    i like bebo,,just think ppl rather use fb now.

  • Anatola Bloomwood.

    Hi, I have one complaint, well two, and this is kinda major.

    When you block someone for harassing, it doesn't completely block them from contacting you. They can still comment on your feed and sayings from before they were deleted and blocked. You have to go and try to delete everything so they can't comment. It's not really efficient, and very annoying.

    Second issuse, when you delete someone, your feed is still on the their home page from when you were friends with them. Shouldn't it be deleted all together? If this issue is solved then the first issue I presented would be pretty much solved.

    I hope some pays attention to this because it is an issuse that many people are experiencing.


  • Kirsty

    what i hate is all this online arguing that appears on my home page. idiots taking up my space.

  • Ester
    luv Ester

    I can play my music Video on Bebo,but can not see it only hear it;'just wondering if there is something I can do to make it work again;

  • Kristina Farr
    Kristina Farr

    sent the verification email like a million times and its not sending wth?

  • -'Chrome-Plum Hatsune please delet this profile it's been stolen :(

    5/28/12 via Mobile

    Video upload feature not working??

  • Ray Langston
    luv Ray Langston

    Glad to see we're all still up and running!


  • Erica
    luv Erica

    does anyone use myspace anymore and how come bebo isn't at the top of the social network sites, this isn't right. it needs fixing, maybe a new layout would be helpful. bebo needs to let every user knw about what it is doing and help its people and get rid porn on its site, its supposed to be for 13 year olds and over, sort it! bebo needs to contact its members more and enforce this.

  • Erica
    luv Erica

    bebo needs to up their game and this needs to be better than ever before without more crashing on bebo please.

  • Tom M. Riddle
    Tom M. Riddle

    Merlin's beard! Why on Earth bebo won't let me comment on my own statuses? This makes me very angry! This issue better be sorted asap before I will use one of unforgivable curses!

  • Erica
    luv Erica

    everyome is talking about comments disappearing , mine hasn't been affected, i just want my twitter widget on my profile, bebo connecting to myspace, gmail, hotmail and yahoo please. This needs to happen, plus a playlist where you can create your own playlist from all the songs on the list, updating all the songs every week. The bebo team need to contact this bebo backstage and the forums aren't enpugh some beboers need actual information about what changes and how this effects them. its alright having twitter and then not updating it. thats not fair for its followers , if you agree with me message, no horrible messages please. we need a group saying bring back bebo or something, who agrees, comment on my wall.

  • Aya Sofia
    Aya Sofia

    i need another half >.<