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Shannon Moore Fan's

This isn't the real Shannon Moore, it's a group to show your support and respect for him.

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About Me

This Is A Fan Page Not The Real Shannon Moore.
Me, Myself, and I
Shannon Brian Moore was born on July 27th, 1979 in Cameron, North Carolina. He is an American professional wrestler but recently released from World Wrestling Entertainment on SmackDown.

Billed height: 5 ft 9 inches (173 cm)
Billed weight: 207 lb (92 kg)
Resides Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Trained by Matt and Jeff Hardy
Debut April 8, 1995
Career Highlights: WCW Hardcore Champion

Finishing and signature moves:
Punk Out/Mooregasm
Bottoms Up- in WCW
Super Bottoms Up- in WCW
Diving leg lariat
Exploder suplex - in TNA
T-Bone suplex - in TNA
Snap suplex
Atomic Drop
Sommersault Plancha
Sunset Flip
Monkey Flip
Spinning Kick
Springboard Leg Drop
Flying Leg Drop
Flying Headscissors
Swinning Neck Breaker
Half Boston crab
Northern Lights suplex
Springboard diving crossbody
Top rope tornado DDT

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Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore Eat Pine Cones and Dance

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  • Shannon Moore's Release- His Myspace Blog

    Chelsea by Chelsea
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Update on Shannon leaving WWE

    What's up to all of you that have been by my side for the last 16 years. What I mean by that is thanks for the support. Not as in goodbye, as in stick around because things are going to get fun. The question in a lot of your heads is what is next for Shannon Moore. Where do I start? I am open to wrestle anywhere that I want to as long as it's not on TV. I have already set some things up so I could be coming to a town near you soon. I will put a list of wrestling dates up so you guys will know where to catch me. If you are wondering how to book me if you can't get me directly contact Bill at showbis@aol.com for booking info. The action in the ring will still be there. GasChamber Ink has been on a rapid growth in the last year and a half and I have not been able to sling ink because I have been so busy on the road sense doors opened. That's one thing that I will be working on is Tattooing. So all of you wondering if you could get tattooed by me, now will be your chance. Check out my Tattoo Studio at www.gaschamberink.com. Another project called the Hardy Show that Myself, Matt, and Jeff started when we were away from WWE the last time will kick back into full force. It was much recognized by people and I am going to do a lot of cool stuff to promote it sense I will have no limitations on what I can do for the Hardy Show. If you have not got to take a look at the Hardy Show yet I ask you to please check it out at www.thehardyshow.com. I have feelers in other areas of entertainment that I'm wanting to do but don't have no feedback to update you all with, but as soon as the info is in I will let you all know what is going on. I had hell of a time with the WWE and want to say thanks for the opportunitys that they gave me in the past. To all of the talent that I worked with while I was there I want to say thank you for the good times and the bad. I will keep you posted on different topics and can't thank all of you enough. Shannon Moore will still live and entertain to the fullest and I am ready for one hell of a ride.

    Shannon Moore

    Catch Shannon on August 23rd at Myrtle Beach SC at SUCK BANG and BLOW.
    0 Replies 258 weeks
  • Should Shannon Moore be seen ''Moore'' on WWE?

    Chelsea by Chelsea
    Hey i really wanna see Shannon Moore on WWE a lot ''Moore'' than he is at the moment. So do you think we should see ''Moore'' of him and why?
    7 Replies 311 weeks

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