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Dave Simpson

4 years, 7 months, 24 days. Not a bad effort after all that time Armstrong! Still no Insomniac or Kerplunk but far from disappointing.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hmmm...erm, lemme see now...I just got my BA degree in English & Geography at NUI Maynooth. It really sucks that my time as a student there is over! It's been 3 great years & I've met a lot of cool people who I remain firm friends with! Oh how I miss those lazy college days. I live in Huntstown near Blanchardstown though you're probably more likely to find me in Laurel Lodge/Castleknock or Maynooth with my peeps! Most of my friends live/stay/hang out/accumulate etc. in those general areas, so I likes it better there! I've been told my catchphrase is "That's ridiculous!" I dunno, apparently I say it a lot...it's probably true!
Above all else I worship THE RASMUS, GREEN DAY & EVANESCENCE - they are as gods to me! Can't get enough of their music! Next comes Good Charlotte, HIM & Blink 182. Funeral For A Friend - I've yet to hear a song of their's that I don't like! Paramore kick ass! Escape The Fate, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard & My Chemical Romance also rock. Fall Out Boy, U2, Flyleaf, The Explosion, Taking Back Sunday, Bad Religion, Linkin Park, Pinhead Gunpowder, Misfits, A.F.I., & The Network all rock. Plus 44 - it's almost like Blink are back! Guns 'N' Roses & Panic! At The Disco are cool too. Also enjoy Foo Fighters, Lostprophets, The Offspring, 30 Seconds To Mars, Muse, Marilyn Manson & Michael Jackson as well. There's many more, I usually like alternative rock, post hardcore or punk bands but if it has guitar, bass & drums I'll give it a go.
All six Star Wars movies! From The Phantom Menace to Return Of The Jedi it's the greatest story ever told. The Indiana Jones quadrilogy. Anything with Will Smith - with the exception of Bagger Vance, if you've seen it you know why! I love The Chronicles of Narnia, both the books and the films. The Blade trilogy. The American Pie trilogy still compiles the best 3 comedy films that have ever been made in my humble opinion. The X-Men trilogy. The Back To The Future trilogy. Transformers. Van Wilder: Party Liaison, Road Trip, Just Friends, Pineapple Express, Superbad, Zack & Miri - pretty much any comedy with Seann William Scott, Ryan Reynolds or Seth Rogen. Stargate, Stargate: The Ark Of Truth & Stargate: Continuum. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight. J.J. Abrahms' Star Trek. Serenity. Old School. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton's one). Napoleon Dynamite. The original Planet of the Apes movies. Cloverfield. I could go on.
I'm not a big sports person in terms of watching it or following it. Used to be a big West Ham fan like 10 years ago in the days of Steve Potts but not any more. Love playing snooker and pool , it's great craic playing pitch and putt with the lads too - though don't lend Kev Conway any clubs, I learned that the hard way when a putter ended up in 2 pieces a few years ago! - and it's not unusual to see me playing soccer with some of the old CCC crowd on Laurel Lodge green during the summer months either.
Many things irk me! Here are some of the more mundane examples. Wasps and bees - insects with a defence mechanism scare me! Studying - an activity I have never had any real skill in! Rain. Staying in in the evenings. Not being an NUIM student anymore, I miss the laid back, fun filled life of being a college student, gooood times! I've always hated Sundays for some reason, I'm not exactly sure why! Dance music, the lowest form of music. Oh and my feckin' glasses which I don't usually wear unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary!
Happiest when
Hanging out with my friends; getting together with any of my peeps & hanging out wherever it may be - down in Laurel Lodge, Castleknock or Blanch, in someone's place, a local drinking establishment, etc. Just as importantly I love hanging out down in Maynooth whether it be shooting some pool, generally arsing round, getting into ridiculous situations around the campus (which happens quite a bit!), having a night out in the Roost or whatever! It's all good fun! So to sum up: hanging out with my friends from Maynooth to home = me being at my happiest! They know who they are! I also enjoy listening to music at ridiculously high volumes! For example, according to Chad when I've got my Mp3 on I can be heard before I'm seen!
Will Smith - a man I've been a fan of since before I was a fan of anyone else! Best actor in the universe and the only rapper I'm bothered listening to. Lauri Ylönen, the fiery voiced, feather-haired lead singer of The Rasmus! His songs and lyrics are epic! Billie Joe Armstrong - what a guy! He is a god among men! Amy Lee!!! The brilliant frontwoman of Evanescence! She has an AMAZING singing voice! She's the ultimate female vocalist! Richard Dean Anderson, the ultimate TV hero! He's the one & only Major General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, need I say anymore?!
TV shows
Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Scrubs! I freakin' love that show, definitely the funniest thing on television, Zach Braff is a comic genius. The 4400 - Gripping, edge of your seat stuff! Trailer Park Boys is great. Red Dwarf. Lost, it's just so gosh darn compelling! South Park - genius! Reaper, The IT Crowd, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, That 70's Show, Father Ted, Family Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, King Of The Hill etc., etc.

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  • A tribute to NUI Maynooth...

    Unfortuneately all good things do come to end &, even though it's painfully hard to believe, the last lecture has come & gone, the final final has been taken & it's the end of the 3rd of 3 amazing, wonderful, crazy years at NUI Maynooth! It's hard to get my head around it, I still vividly remember going down with Briano on the very 1st day & saying to him "This is the start of 3 years!" With the end of this semester comes a huge sadness. Everyone's moving onto new things & scattering around the country, who knows what the future may hold. There's so much I'll miss about NUIM, so much that I took for granted that's gone & there are so many people I'll really miss seeing on a daily basis. I've met a lot of great people in Maynooth over the last few years & hopefully made some friends for life, particularly Brian Michael Seth O'Rourke (I know we didn't actually meet at NUIM & were friends from school, but whatever!), Philip "Chestnut" Blythe, Liam "The Original Alfalfa" Creaner, Ian "Walliannis/Wallogoploy" Wall, Thomas "The Sheef" Shevlin, Barry "Sexual Chocolate" Sweeney, Michael "I'm dying for a shag lads" Gleeson &, of course, who could forget Dean "The Award Winning Smile" O'Sullivan. All of these dudes are true legends, wonderful people & absolutely excellent company! Gentlemen, it's been a sincere privledge to know you all, a privledge that will continue for a long time to come I hope! It's friends like these that have made the Maynooth experience what it was & make it all the harder to have to leave it behind. As I look back on the last 3 years & remember all the good times I can't help but smile. There've been countless good times which I don't think I could make you appreciate unless you actually lived through them but just SOME of the highlights off the top of my head have been:
    -All of Briano's hilariously embarassing moments & the ridiculous situations I've often found myself in as a result! The list is vast!
    -When old Sethicus himself fell flat on his face into the jax on the train!
    -"Can't see a bleedin' thing back here!!!" - Trev
    -Getting smashed in the back of a head by a snowball while sitting innocently beside Iano in the middle of a room with 300 people half way through a lecture! (Phil & Liamo claim this to be their earliest memory of me!)
    -Iano hiding in the jax before a bar-ex due to his lack of a ticket, getting caught & sent on his merry way! (RAG Week '05)
    -The mature students' outrage & uproar over the Ned Flanders rhyme I wrote on the blackboard in Humebo 1 in honour of Brendan Bartley.
    -The Séamo/Diouffy Scandal!
    -Train journeys with Briano & Iano.
    -Mick always wandering around looking confused!
    -The Brian O'Rourke "Legend" Campaign
    -Going to Gibson's Geography lecture off my face drunk with ridiculous consequences the last week before Christmas '04.
    -All the crazy places I found my bag hidden from hanging off balconies to Humebo's boiler room.
    -Tom coming to Geography tutorial drunk & his attempts to seduce Shelagh Waddington through song!
    -Briano, Iano & Barry getting half naked & dancing with the local old women in Carlingford.
    -Getting attacked with stones by kids during a Geography fieldtrip to the Liberties!
    -The origin of "The Root" at the hands of Simon! A well known fable thanks to witnesses such as Briano, Phil, Liamo & Iano! (RAG Week '06)
    -"I want to put my lightsabre in your stargate!" - Phil. The perfect chat up line! lol.
    -Simon's "experiment" with Liamo, Phil & Iano.
    -Getting chased out of the priests' dorms with Briano!
    -Adventures into the wilderness with Briano and areas of Maynooth that most people don't even know exist! For example our trek across the ditches & fences at the back of the Student Village!
    -Gleeson's uncontrollable horniness!
    -"Vote Eoin McGarry, Number One!" Quite the campaign by Mr. Sweeney!
    -Weekly nights out in Brady's and the Roost in general.
    -Phil's November '06 house par-tay.
    -Liamo & I being accused of being liars & sinners by some

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  • The Misadventures of Kieron Hogan Part III: Arsing Around

    I sat alone in my bedroom staring at the walls. Spread out in front of me in a messy & disorganised fashion were numerous books & notes I was supposed to be researching to compose an English essay that was due just over 48 hours from that moment. However my mind was wandering far & wide! It was the middle of the afternoon, a Saturday - March 31st to be exact - & it was a glorious day outside making it quite difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. I was longing for nothing else than to go out & have some fun with my friends! So I took my phone in hand & sent out several text messages in the hopes that something was going down that evening.
    Soon I was informed that my old buddy Big Kev had a free house for the weekend & was having a few key peeps over for some craic, including my good chums Mark, Chad, Kev Conway &, of course, Kieron. Without a moment's hesitation I accepted the invitation, anticipating yet another night of fun with some of my closest & dearest peeps. However I was to get much more than I bargained for. Little did I know that it was to be yet another night featuring random acts of evil, tyranny and sheer hideousness orchestrated once more by none other than the eccentric Kieron Hogan!
    So I headed out that evening and arrived happily on Chad's doorstep around 9 where I found Mark as well. Soon thereafter I received a call from Kev Conway & the 3 of us strolled merrily over to Big Kev's place. We were greeted warmly at the door by Mr. O'Connor himself & proceeded inside to find Mr. Conway, Stewe & crafty old Kieron Hogan hanging out in the sitting room. No sooner had we walked in than Kieron yelled out, "Dave! What are you trying to look like Gerard Way or something?!" Apparently by wearing a short black jacket I was going for the Gerard Way look. It may have been an innocent & somewhat amusing joke, but soon I would realise that it was only the prologue for the story to come!
    After that Kieron sat back quietly & no doubt thought to himself, "Hmmm...how can I torment or shock people even further tonight? The Gerard Way thing was good, but not up to my usual sinister standards, I need something to top it, something big, something monumental! But what?" After a few mouthfuls of alcohol Kieron headed outside for a smoke - a filthy habit of his - to help him think of some epic & dastardly act to unleash upon all or any of the innocents inside. Meanwhile Big Kev & Stewe headed out to the kitchen with the newly arrived Emmet & Conway went out to join Kieron on the patio while Mark, Chad & I remained in the sitting room. I don't think any of us were prepared for what was about to happen next.
    While I conversed with Mark & Chad I was vaguely aware of Kev & Kieron standing outside the patio doors at the end of the room & didn't give it much thought. However it was at that moment that a light bulb ignited in Kieron's head. "I've got it! It's so obvious, why didn't I think of it earlier?!" he thought. It was then that I was suddenly distracted by a loud, insistent banging on the patio doors, so naturally I looked up & that's when it happened. The first thing I remember seeing was the look of sheer disbelief and revolt on Kev Conway's face as he stood helplessly in the background, right before I realised what Kieron was doing. He was bent over, his trousers pulled down & pressed up tight against the glass was his big bare arse!
    The horror, the shock, the utter disgust & revolt! I lack the words & ability to even properly describe or make you appreciate the sheer hideousness of what I was bearing witness to! All of this to the soundtrack of the muffled evil cackle of Kieron from outside. Outrageous! It was then that I realised that Kieron was capable of anything & would stop at nothing to bring shame & disgust upon the entire human race. No one is safe.
    That wasn't where his misdeeds ended for the night though, oh no. I went out to join Kev & Kieron on the patio expecting an explanation but I quickly realised tha

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  • The Misadventures of Kieron Hogan Part II: Ripple Effect

    'Twas a lovely, peaceful Saturday evening in February. I can't recall the exact date, but it's not important, what is important is that it was to be another night of ruthlessness and unspeakable evil on the part of Kieron Hogan! It'd been a long week and I was looking forward to nothing more than going out and unwinding with some of my best buddies. Was it so much to ask? Well apparently Kieron thought so! The destination was once again Club 21. An outing Kev Conway and I had been planning all week. However we made the mistake of telling Kieron. Instantly, upon his invitation, Kieron must have seen a chance to plot and scheme against me. "Just how can I ruin Dave's night?" he must have pondered to himself.
    So Mark, Kev, Kieron and I hopped on the 37 down in Laurel Lodge about 9.30. We were to meet Dee and Henry in there. I got onto the bus in a good mood, not knowing that Kieron was sitting next to me laughing inwardly as his evil scheme was about to unfold.
    No sooner had we gotten off of the bus in Dame St. had Kieron and Kev rushed off to engage in some public urination! At least this time it was down a side street and not off a 6-storey building in Temple Bar! Anyway, they returned and off we went. As we neared 21's, Kieron decided to announce that he had left his ID at home! Phase 1 of his plan is put into action. Kev tells him to go home, get it and come back in. Kieron says he will, but only if someone goes with him and that's when it happened! I've gone over the moment many times in my mind and it still remains a blur. I'll never know exactly how it happened or why but SOMEHOW I found myself being the one that was to return to Castleknock with Kieron. At this point it's already close to 10.30 and I find myself ever so slightly irked by the situation!
    So down we go to the bus stop where Kieron decides that it'd be a good idea to get a 39 as opposed to a 37 that would leave us right at his doorstep. So we get the 39, Kieron laughing about the situation all the way back, my blood pressure slowly approaching boiling point. Off we get at the arse of Blanch village, a good 15 minute walk from Kieron's place deep within Laurel Lodge. We eventually get back to his house, already after 11 and on the way back to the bus stop the 37 flies by! At this point my head almost exploded in anger as Kieron stood laughing away.
    So I ring my aul' fella who kindly agrees to drive to Kieron's and drop us back into town. 10 minutes pass, no sign of him, the last 37 passes us by as we wait. That's when my mother rings to tell us the aul' fella's after getting a puncture on the way down. I cannot even describe how pissed off I was at this point. I probably could've roared so loud that the other guys wudda heard me in 21's! Upon hearing this Kieron simply laughs louder, harder and longer and shows no sign of remorse what so ever!
    Thank Christ my dad was able to get a spare tyre and come on down and get us or Kieron may actually have died that night! So my dad drops us at the club, already it's nearly midnight. As we get out of the car Kieron says "Hey, I'm wearing runners, do you think they'll let me in?" OH MY FUCKIN' GOD!!!!! I don't remember anything in the moments that followed, I think I might have actually blacked out in anger! So in the end the runners didn't matter, but when we went to pay admission the woman said "That'll be 15 euro." I paused, my eyes wide. I said "Isn't it usually 5?" She said that's only before 11. I glared maddeningly at Kieron as I paid the extra 10 euro. So finally we were reunited with Mark, Kev, Dee and Henry, even if my blood pressure was higher than the 6 storeys of that now-infamous car park! I don't think I've ever knocked back so many drinks as quickly as I did the first half hour there! What remained of the night I did enjoy, no thanks to Kieron who to this day finds the whole situation hilarious!
    So to recap, Kieron took 2 hours of my life to retrieve his passport, ultimately was the cause of my dad'

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    mrs millet.. two pints.. two pints of milk!! missin home abit lad..!

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    thanks lad! ya nt bd b better wen d lads come over. hows all at home neway?

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    d base bose!! ok i will! tings r gd n, ill give u a clue, i live der,, london! :) d craic is mighty here b even betr wen d lads come over!! how is tings wit u? gd ta hear 4m ya lad! love bk atya!! ;)

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    Last three messages from me eamo and karl... Thank you for the days those endless days those sacred days ye gave me..... (the kinks) Have sum gay love this time :L :L :L

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    Nobody could replace u da cash office i wouldnt even dare lol! I was ment 2 txt ya a few weeks ago but i lost my phone in a big field in England, den i my computer broke and so fort. Iv just bin arsin around lookin 4 work every now and den i hear wer n recession so dat dont help! I say it was great leavin, how did Tits take it say he was devo lol U shud stall it 2 fibs 2moro r sumtin celebrate da departure

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    Ah young simpson its tru long time no talk wats the story hows life bin treatin ya! Did u leave the capital H to the M to the V yet lol!

  • luv Eamo Lau

    Hows it going man so sorry I never congratulated you on your departure I bet it was a great feeliing leaving that place. Will still remember the good ole days we had man like jumping into bushes and yelling profanity at someones house... fucking bitch ha ha ha having a blast here, no job yet but everyday is just a laugh and a half. how is your summer going man? :)

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    coolio! the place were lookin at is the wolcott hotel its just off 5th avenue and around the corner from the empire state building! i tink! gotta check google earh but it looks really nice and for four nights its gonna work out at 160 each! is it expensive to see all the sites? hmmmm dont think ill be doing to much shoppin either although that i cant guarntee! ill be bringing the ski gear with me so! i hope it snows! where did yous stay? how did yas get in from the airport to the hotel?

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    Sarah Mclean

    Hey hey!!! hows you? Think myself and a few of the girls are headed to new york at christmas (depending on the money siduation) any advice for me?

  • Whisperinthewind

    Paul givin me change just doesnt seem right!! im sure i'll get used to it though.. and he did put me on 107 the last day so if he keeps it up he'll be alright fittin into your ass groove in the cave chair! so how does freedom taste?!:D

  • Pablo Escobar

    NO WAY! Was he begging you to stay like a blue whale in heat?? :L :L He's fucked now! Im glad karma will always get ya! Altho it already did get him with that belly of his he really is a sorry sack of shit! At least u know he wont be spying on ur bebo anymore, Were are ye goin man? Are u gonna uz ur english degree to the max :O Apparently its sunnier over there than it is here wat a time to leave! murphys law :L

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    Well its kinda true, i cant work for three months but wen thats over wen i apply for citizenship ill be able to work and erins dad works as head honcho on one of perths biggest gold mines and he said he'd give me a job no bother! What he doesnt know is im from whitestown and its goin to be extremely difficult for me not to pocket the gold :L :L :L

  • Pablo Escobar

    Yessir! Man the weather here is unbearable im gonna be a rasher by the end of my trip :L How are you man? Hows the V without me and eamo?

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    Story bud :D Xx

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    Well if it isnt simpson wats da crack bro! Sure il stall it out havnt bin out wit yas in ages! Choose to believe it r not iv got a phone, times are changin il send ya my number in a mail thingy