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Goth Emo Metal and so on...

Admined you Shadows! You better accept *shakes fist*

5/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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97 luv

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About Me

this page is cahnging and if you dont like it, fuck youself.
Me, Myself, and I
READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Before anyone says anything, hte picture is nothing to do with satanism, its linked to paganism and wican. And keep in mind its not even the right one.

This is a group dedicated to those who prefer and even revel in the darker side of all things... The goths and metal heads and anyone else wos into that shit.
Goths have the only real fashion sense (bullshit^^)

Metal heads have the music taste!!! And they know their shit about the bands too!!!! (true but still not what id like up here)

Goths are friendly, Metal heads are the SHIT!!! Sooo.... Together lets enjoy good music

I decided to make a blog. If you want to advertise your band, just tell me and ill stick it

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Guitar Solo Contest : In Shadows - Bitter ( Remix ( Techno ) )

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    3 Comments 222 weeks

  • Bands xD


    Theseguys are very good at waht they do. which is waving their hair and hoping to hit the right notes^^ usually it works out grand but sometimes ppl die :(


    these guys are also very good at what they do^^ which is write good music xD lol
    (sorry Dave, Andy, Bambi and Rob)

    0 Comments 224 weeks

  • Favour

    Hi guys

    Thanks for joining my new group!!!!
    I wanna make this the best group ever!
    If you can think of any improvements for this page or any stuff that should go on it then pls drop me a comment!!!
    If you think you could improve this page majorly then contact me and i'll make you a temporary moderator so you can improve the page. If you do exceptionally we may ask you to be a permanent moderator...

    Thanx guys

    5 Comments 311 weeks

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  • Icelandic Band Myrka Releases Debut Album

    MusicDish by MusicDish
    Website: http://www.myrkamusic.com
    Music: http://www.umsvif.com/myrka/320/8.so...

    The band Myrka has just released its debut album earlier this month, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented band members. Gudny Lara, Stefan, Gudjon and Helgi, who live in Akureyri, Iceland, have just put the final touches to the album, and have been preparing for the release for months which will hopefully build upon Myrka's fan base and get its music heard by more people than ever.

    The album, '13', consists of thirteen original songs, each providing a combination of high-energy guitar playing, powerful Hammond organ, melodious vocals and dramatic lyrics along with the great metal-drums. The music is punctuated throughout with elements of heavy metal, punk, jazz, pop and classical music.

    The album was recorded at Tankurinn (The tank) in Flateyri, Iceland. It was produced by Onundur Palsson (Onni) who has produced recordings for most of Iceland's most known artists as well as many international artists.

    The theme of the album is dark, powerful, dramatic and gothic with a bit of progressiveness.

    '13' reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into Myrka's music. Whilst their grounding came in traditional rock music - they have developed a new style of music that they chose to call 'death pop' which is a crossover from death metal and pop/rock style. More commonly Myrka's music is referred to as gothic rock.

    The albums has already gotten great reviews which have included phrases like:
    "...the whole CD sounding like a lost classic from 1969, but with bang up to date 21st century production values." - Ravenheart
    "..audio feast of incredible proportions! Prime ingredienients being talent, originality and a very specific unique quality - which I have no word for." - Rick Frost

    The album has been launched online at CDBaby (www.cdbaby.com/cd/myrka1), and fans are encouraged to visit Myrka's website (www.myrkamusic.com), which provides everything you could want to know about the band. As well as checking out videos of Myrka on Youtube, you can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases on Myrka's webpage.

    Fans can also check out Myrka's MySpace (www.myspace.com/myrkamusic) page and can join up to be fans on Facebook.
    0 Replies 167 weeks
  • new here.

    Lizzy Dark by Lizzy Dark
    new to this group.. umm, love to meet some new people.. like me? whatever, add me as friend pls.
    0 Replies 183 weeks

    Sarah Linst by Sarah Linst
    The Synthetic Dream Foundation's newest album "Mechanical Serpent" is currently finished and being manufactured as you read this. The album is a stylistic continuation of the sound created during the last two albums, with a deft fusion of industrial, IDM, electronica, and orchestral music. The album features guest vocals by Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion and The Gathering), Summer Bowman (the machine in the garden), Susan Siren, and Tamara Kent. The album is being released by Mythical Records, and will be shipping on Feb. 18th 2010. The album is currently in pre-order from both TSDF's and Mythical Record's websites for the price of $10. The full track listing is as follows:

    1. Glittered Ripples from the depths (w/ Marcela Bovio)
    2. Invoking the beast
    3. Auf dem see (serpentine mix) (w/ Summer Bowman)
    4. On whom the dreadful claw
    5. The spectre's masquerade (w/ Susan Siren)
    6. The one eyed maiden
    7. Puzzlebox (mechanism mix) (w/ Tamara Kent)
    8. Ascent to heaven's eye
    9. A silvered freeze

    0 Replies 185 weeks

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  • Coco

    well i see this place is shit as shit as always

  • F.Ang.El

    Right, seriously... the next person to view this better click on my profile.... I'm two FUCKING days on bebo and still have no contacts. I live in the back arse of nowhere; populated with hicks and slack jaws and if I don't talk to someone... normal...? soon i'm going to go POSTAL!!!!

  • F.Ang.El

    Ashlee Hunter, I LUV green eyes. you is sexxxyy!!!!!

  • Jessica Kirwan Ass

    fuck the adding me part its jst wanting more friends the way ive been brought up by my uncle why i hide out at whangara lots

  • Ashlee Hunter
    Ashlee Hunter

    Add me :) x

  • EXoluta

    Hi there, please come and 'Become a fan', we're a new band from Mexico City, have a great week!

  • Bloodlust

    Hiiii ! Rawh

    5/15/10 via Mobile
  • Linda Hendricks
    Linda Hendricks


  • Brutal Skins
    Brutal Skins

    sorry for advertiseing . this is a group that will make any kinds of skins you want gothic , metal , emo , you name it we'll make a skin for you , just comment us with a picture and we'll turn it into a skin you you .

  • Coco

    why ? after every word?? pointless and unecessary

  • Megan

    Join? The? Group? http://www.bebo.com/JudgeUsNot <3

  • Coco

    das spunken fuhrer. yes emo's can be little spastic annoyin wingy little kids. cause their bloody fuckin kids. they grow out of it. if they want to keep the life style they ca. as iv said, if you dont like what this page is for th FUCK OFF YOU WHINNY LITTLE BITCHS happy?

  • Sam Bam
    luv Sam Bam

    Add Me :D

  • 3/17/10
  • LetmeRot.

    add me xox

  • Wonderlands For Hookers

    im emo n a metal head so just worry bout yaself aye

  • luv Wild

    Goths are belta and got gud taste in beats go goths

    3/9/10 via Mobile
  • Julian
    luv Julian

    rock on whoaaa