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R.I.P. horses

12/2/07 | me too! | Reply

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R.I.P. Horses Major Label
everywhere Australia
if yew are to advertise a band or group yew must send love or your comment shall be deleted ------------------- if yew want a special mention about any passed on horse send some love and ill put the mention up wereever yew like on the page
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
this band is for all those that have a lost a horse or pony friend whether he/she was yours a friends or simply the neighbours as long as you were both close and or you miss them to death please become a fan! If you have any picz please tell me the album and what he/she looks like and we will put a pic of your lost frend on our site!

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  • write in the comments to this blog

    please everyone that reads this write a short or even a long story about your lostfriend such as: the times you shared , how he/she passed on or simply juust his/her name and description

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  • Hanna Leaa
    Hanna Leaa

    R.I.P Mcnabb (story in blog)

  • - Lorelle
    - Lorelle

    R.I.P PEPPER SADDLEY PASSED AWAY 12.3.04 I started to realise when you was 29 that you was getting weaker and weaker and you wouldnt be with us much longer so i took all my free time to look after you one day when i got home from school i came to shout you and you didnt come and i knew somthing was wrong because you always come to call i went searching round the field and saw you laying there in the sun i then realised you had past away i was heart broken i not only lost a horse i lost my bestfriend you was y all and everything even sally missed you she was so lonley in the field and she just wasnt the same thank you for everthing pepper you will never b forgotten by anybody who nw you you left a soft spot in everybodys hearts i love you pepper ove you lots from lorellex great group by the way please will you add this picturexx thanks x

  • Iloveyou
    luv Iloveyou

    hey it me againg if have msn and ur no freak add my msn and we can be friends cause a need cheering up its katelyn-lee@hotmail.co.uk wbs plz

  • Iloveyou
    luv Iloveyou

    hi ma fav horse died he was called fergus he was gorgues a luved him he died on january 7th 2009 this year he was brlleant a luved him to bits he wasent ma horse though he was the stables horse at the horse rideing i go to a miss him so much :'( a wish heed conme back a gess he is in a better place know if u fell sorry for him plz add ma bebo and send luv for fergus a luved him he was brill at cantering and galloping through da woods and trotting beside another horse in the field he was brilliant at jumping wen a wiz on him a luved so much :'( and know hes gone am so sad wy did he have to go a miss him a pray for him every night he was my angle a have 1 pic of himbecause a sneaket it because the horse rideing wouldent let me take a pic but the pic is just him av known him for 10 years he was a whit and brown or black patched horse he had a wonderful mane plz pray for him plz im begging cause he was my life practicly i spent every min of my free time with him a miss u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Trixie.Dee

    r.i.p milly moo will sadly be misst by alll wot a angel xxxx

  • -A.N.T-

    it feals like only yesterday i was patting her and watching u ride her i love this horse so much and will remember her forever she will be one thing that will always be in my heart ay she was awsome and it was sad the way she had 2 go but i love her u love her she will never be forgotton we will always remember her sarah:D ily micha and never will forget u hope u no how much sarah loves u she would do anything 2 have u back TRUST ME I WOULD NO she like still would get upset if i said something about u love u micha and will nevr forget u XOXOXOXOXOXOXO ♥♥♥ ily R.I.P

  • Allie Bear
    Allie Bear

    Awh. :( I know what it's like to lose a horse that's ya best mate. There's not a day that goes by when I don't think about him. He broke his leg... He was only 6. :( :( Good group btw. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Love.
    luv Love.

    hey every 1 well im now on to a new horse but i still think this is the best page every made love lots lauren here is my love to go to all the horses that die every day

  • A L I C E

    thanks sow much:D yea he was awsum! shes my cuzin. good band btw! XxXxX

  • A L I C E

    Thank you so much 4 making a album 4 apache!! (im his owner btw) He was a great horse! :D thanks again. Xx

  • luv Erikah.

    Thank u s0o0o much!! Apaches sadly missed bi me and His Owner (mycousin) tones! Thankz xoxox

  • Gabbyy

    not really. its kind of a depressing page though . it should be more of a "im glad to have had this beauftiful horse in my life" if you no wat i mean .

  • Mooky

    My friends best leased pony just got put down the other day :( Her name was April and she lived to 36 i think So R.I.P for April

  • Love.
    luv Love.

    ill give u pics of pasher soon love u

  • luv Erikah.

    Haeee... If possible kan u put a pic of Apache. Theaz a folder of him. thankz xxx R.I.P Apache

  • Gabbyy

    its k . thanks for replying =]

  • Ash

    Hey Guys smart idea RIP Buckley Luv Ash xoxo

  • Gabbyy

    i posted on the blog, and thanks for using me flash box vid i made . =]