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2 new skins, 'i hate how much i love you' and 'i wish i was eight again' both are in my favourites!

10/6/07 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to Pixie Skins™.

Pixie Skins™ is a newly set up site full of loads of different skins for you to use!

To choose the skin you want to use, either look in my favourites to choose from my lastest skins, or look in my album 'Pixie Skins™' and click on the url underneath the picture of the skin you want.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS3, and sorry, i dont know where you can download it off the internet :(

If you are going to use any of my skins, add me as a friend please =]

Share the luv with me, and I will share the love with you <3


Pixie Skins x x x
My msn?
Unscramble =].... 0cehr1xao0@otmhial.oc.ku
Skin Requests
Skin requests are CLOSED at the moment, i will open them again shortly. I am willing to do skin requests, (apart from when i say they are closed) But i will ONLY do your request if you have filled out all the correct information from the form in my blog, and left me your luv.
Any questions?
Add me, Pixie-Skins@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Vittoria.

    check my skins . x

  • Rosalind Vincent

    Re: you Marvel Im new to your area and dont really know anyone. I have pics on msn mesenger, hit me back on jane21white@live.com

    7/18/08 via Mobile
  • Ina Koenig

    hey love Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! www.instant-offer44.com :) bye

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • Lori AZak Stevens
    Lori AZak Stevens

    Hello how are you? well c ya still BUZY with makin them skins huh:D ..Jus came by to say hello and see how ya doing..Well take care laters:D

  • Orlie

    Check Out Myy Skins.. Give Me One Lovee Too Make Any Skin.. And Ill Give You A Love Back When Its Finished. Fair? (: <3 x '

  • A N G E L
    A N G E L

    Yu dont me and i dont know yu..but juss wanted to say pretty wicked skins..lol..peace!

  • Ashley Cleary
    luv Ashley Cleary

    Sorri To Ask But Can Youu Make Mii A Skin wif this pic A Faded One ??? Havee Somee Love

  • Christinaa

    heyy would you please be able to make me a skin that says XTiNA LOVES ME 2 U BEARS! n can it have pix of me to you bears on it please n can it have a pastel pink background..thanxx can u reply as soon as possible please coz i need to know if you can make it or not and wen thnxx xxxx ly WB

  • Cathal Moroney
    Cathal Moroney

    hey wat do you use to make these skins?

  • RobBob.

    < Skins Help me become more known on bebo and support me by giving me advice and wearing my skins.. Loveabless ♥ x

  • Skin Makers Group
    Skin Makers Group

    Check it out and Join.. Everyone Welcome. x

  • Hayleigh


  • Michaela
    luv Michaela

    Skin Request Form: 1. What colour do you want the background to be?:B lack 2. Do you want writing on your skin?Yes 3. if so, what do you want the writing to say? 4. Also, is there any particular font you want? -x- BAYBEE POSER -x- 5. Do you want a picture on your skin? if so, please leave the url to the picture. http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.js... AND http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.js... 6. Anything else? Could I Have Have In A Little Heart Sayin'Made On The....th,rd,st By......Skinz Luv Ya

  • Jubilant Jackie

    heyya huh ty for changing the bebo cover :D but next time can u tell me first? lol itz looks awesum!!!! mwa mwa xxxx

  • Sarah

    how do u mak skins:)

  • Frikken Tinah-
    Frikken Tinah-

    heya!! hOwsit gng??sOwi to be randOm... im lOvin' ya skins!! awesOme wOrk... juSt lOvin' it!!!:D just letting yOu knOw ive gOt sOme of ya skins!i'l make sure ppl cee ur beautiful wOrk!;) :osOwi i dOnt hava hart 4u 2day but hey maybe next time huh??! but yOu wOrk ya magiK!! hehe bibi

  • Sarah

    y??? :(

  • Sarah

    heya can u mak e make me a skin !! plzzzzzzzz!! wb :) :) :D [moon]