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drinkin partners always lol


11/3/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♪how low.... how low.... how low.... how looooooooooooow♪
Me, Myself, and I
Hay this is Laura n Ali..... were best m8s and also DRINKING PARTERS.... ( hint the name!!!)
we love Ross as hes the one that we met through.... Thanx 4 having that b-day party
:-D <3

A ll bit about us...
☆ Laura <3 Mark☆
☆ Ali <3 no one.. single ppl! ☆

☆ were both 16 and in 6th year at Torry Academy (Laura) & Ali has left Old Machar ☆

☆ we love going shoping and ging out way i m8s drinking and playng SINGSTAR (always best when blezin!!) **Ring of fire** lmao☆

The messeges....
Fay Laura....
☆ first time i eva met ali she roked big time n i had 2 keep er sober walkin 2wards her mum lol drinkin buddies 4 life hunn lol luv ya xxx☆

Fay Ali....
☆ Lauras bn ma best m8 from i 1st tyme a met her!!! mixin at ribina way i wine and what ever els went in it lol n we cant forget the singstar and you helpin me get bk 2 ma mums car lol suno where id b with out yooou!! drinking buddies 4 life.... n BMAAF!! xxx☆

☆ thanx 4 lookin☆

☆ dont forget to leav a coment!!☆

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  • mixes

    mmmm ribena white wine and vodka + me n ali = very bleezo plus ross = snow angels in the grass. eny more mixes ideas???? lol xx

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  • Augustine Jessika

    attempt to give you an idea http://dikit.in/111

  • Alison Hutcheon
    Alison Hutcheon

    y do i always seem b the ostdrunkest person at i parties??? its not fair no one ever joins me wif a gd old roal on i floor coz we cany stad :( :( lmao xxxxxx

  • Pin Dawg
    Pin Dawg

    here y did uz add me i hav no idea hu u r i jst accepted coz i lik gettin drunk lol

  • Alison Hutcheon
    Alison Hutcheon

    fuck saik..... ...... someone seriously needs 2 help poor Ali!!..... right it says on i fingy view all 16 members.... n then ya click on it..... n sudenly theres like hundredsf ppl...... anyone els cuming 2 join me wif the whole confused.com fing??? lol :L :L

  • Alison Hutcheon
    luv Alison Hutcheon

    ok..... ..... ither av finaly lost the plot completly.... or heaps o pl ave left were page!!.... ...... did we not ave like 100 n sumit ppl like a fiew days ago??.... OK whos conusing ali.... coz she dont like it!! :L ..... oh n if you havent already JOIN THIS GROUP ITS THE BEST!!! oh n giv us i love! ta xxxxx

  • Danielle

    Hehe I luff It ! It Suits Yuus Both Soo Well :D :L :P Aww Pics Made Me Giggle Use Look SO Much Youngr In Ur Dp And Ravr Innocent :P X x X x X

  • Alison Hutcheon
    Alison Hutcheon

    omg :O :O cinc when we get soooo many members?? me likes...... me likes alot :D :D :D lmao luvs ya laura me weeeee drinkin prkner <3 :D

  • Robyn W
    Robyn W

    lmao :\ laura wtf :S iv no idea what it is..but I accepted anyway :| xx

  • Alison Hutcheon
    Alison Hutcheon

    last night wz awsome!!!!! and am proud 2 say a wone EVERY game of sing star lol!! xxxxxxx

  • Ross

    what an exciting page!

  • Alison Hutcheon
    Alison Hutcheon

    2 b drunk....is 2 live....n 2 live...is what i do best lmao..........i prefer 2 b drunk than sobar....much more experimental.... luvs ya laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx