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Me, Myself, and I
This group is about the new relesed Fable 2 game which is on Xbox 360 it is one the most best selling adventure game avalibale today on this page it will have pics and heaps more.

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  • Fable 2

    This group is about the new relesed Fable 2 game which is on Xbox 360 it is one the most best selling adventure game avalibale today on this page it will have pics and heaps more.

    go on to this website to see more about fable 2


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  • the game of the year edition

    Mcraigles by Mcraigles
    when i went to game to get fable 2, they had the normal game for 25 pound second hand, but they had the game of the year edition brand new for 10 pound whats different between the normal one and the goty editon?
    0 Replies 165 weeks
  • Loss of items, Collecter's Edition.

    Catfag by Catfag
    It was a real let down when I saw this. It seems that there was a problem in production of the following: Hobbe figurine, special box, and fate cards. Because of this, the price of the game was dropped by around $10.

    But, at least we still get the: * 1 token card for in-game content (downloadable over Xbox LIVE)
    * 1 LIVE trial card – 48 hours
    * Bonus "making of" DVD
    * “The Wreckager” Legendary Cutlass Weapon
    * “The Hall of the Dead” Dungeon
    * Otherworldly bonus - advertised with image of an outfit reminiscent of Master Chief[23] and a look alike to the Energy Sword found in Halo.

    I was really looking forward to having the Hobbe figurine and the fate cards on my desk. It's disappointing that when they actually confirm about things being in the Collector's Edition, later on there's a problem with it. ):
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  • fabl 2 :D

    Grantty by Grantty
    it will actually be out on october 15th because thts wen all the shops release dates are and ive already pre orderd mine cos im on holiday wen it comes out :(
    0 Replies 253 weeks

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  • Wee Gibb.
    Wee Gibb.

    i have all the dolls

  • Kiwi Photographer

    I really need the hero doll achievement. If anybody has the dolls please add me to XBL, i'll return the dolls I only want the points so I can move onto other games. GT: Delta2249 or Delta 2249 lol I forget if it's a space or not. I'm the one with 22k GS

  • Sparky Sparky Boom Man
    Sparky Sparky Boom Man

    did you know they already have the storey line for Flabe 3 sorted?

  • MlG SlaYers
    MlG SlaYers

    any 1 who wants 2 join a clan join MlG SlaYers

  • Calvin Conroy
    Calvin Conroy

    Hey, Thanks man... Yeah The Blister Exists is a song from SLIPKNOT :) Best band ever dude

  • Stuart

    Well... It's a pretty straight foreward Action adventure game with a shallow - as - fuck storyline to it... The combat system is pretty cool though... It's upta you Mister Blister who happens to exist... :P

  • Calvin Conroy
    Calvin Conroy

    Is this worth getting ???

  • .

    add me GT: rotaryz watt

  • Tararara

    joiin www.bebo.com/bumxbox360 pleaseeeee. tis a new group which needs members thankyouuuu (: <3

  • Made In China

    fable 2 was to easy to finsish i got the story line but it was to short... and ye the clothes wer gay lol ... i finished it like in less then 2 days :|.. i never got to play fable 1 i liked played it for a while then stopped.. its so funny how the fat chicks ask for prostitution im jus like eww..

  • Yuss.

    Fable The Lost Chapters Was Better, No Guns Or Gay Spells, Beserk Was A Mean Spell, Kick Ass Storyline And One Of The Most In-Depth Great Game Of The Century

  • Stuart

    I fuckin hate Fable 2 now. When you complete it, everyone follows you around and asks you for gay sex just because you do a silly dance in front of them. You can't close your bloody front door either so you have crowds of hillbillys watching you make love to your wife and saying things like: "Way to go, Lionheart!" and clapping their hands. I also hate that glowing path that appears in front of you whenever you activate a quest. It's very off putting. I'd love one of those in real life; you'd never get lost...

  • Niall

    I'm really getting into this game again. I didn't like it before because i compared it to oblivion. If you think of fable as an adventure game instead of an rpg, then it's really very good

    6/22/09 via Mobile
  • Nucka Forever
    Nucka Forever

    it needs better online play, its still a great game though!