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Bank last night was serious crackk!

12/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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Niamh Auden-
Mark i was here reading your mail , thought you shud know E409 . -20/5/10

0яℓα. E314_ <-- dont remove the bow ..its my bow:)) .....or i will be forced to headbutt u ....in the head. E402
Totally Hacked
kym liddy was here 23-5-10
Loven mark Garvey and his munya smell ;o
Grainne Cunnane - Some Girl..;o ..


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  • Suree well <3

    "Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They're only powerful when you got your back turned. "

    "If there's not drama and negativity in my life, all my songs will be really wack and boring or something."

    "I do say things that I think will shock people. But I don't do things to shock people. I'm not trying to be the next Tupac, but I don't know how long I'm going to be on this planet. So while I'm here, I might as well make the most of it."

    "Don't do drugs, don't have unprotected sex, don't be violent. Leave that to me."

    "To the people I forgot, you weren't on my mind for some reason and you probably don't deserve any thanks anyway."

    "And when I'm gone, just carry on
    Don't mourn, rejoice
    Everytime you hear the sound of my voice
    Just know that, I'm lookin' down on you smilin'
    And i didn't feel a thang
    So baby don't feel no pain
    Just smile back"

    "I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There's no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it."

    "I don`t like rap anyways, I`m just trying to get my porno career started."

    "Some asshole kept throwing oranges and other fruit at me while I was onstage. Fucker had an arm like a major league pitcher... "

    "The truth is you don`t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."


    'A coward dies a thousand deaths....a soldier dies but once.
    Only God can judge me

    Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

    Keep your head up, Legs closed, Eyes open.

    'It's hard to care when no one loves you.'

    'If you can't find somethin to live for, you best find somethin to die for.'

    'why am i dyin to live if im just livin to die?

    'If you don't know me, don't judge me.'

    There's gonna be some stuff u gonna see that's gonna make it hard To smile in the future, but through whatever you see, Through all the rain and all the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor. You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshyt."

    "If you fall stand tall and come back for more"

    "What doesn't kill me just makes me stronger"

    everybody is at war with something i am at war wuth my heart somethimes
    hated by many, confronted by none i trust 2 guys, one's god, and one is my gun

    life is what he made it life was what he lived, love was all around him i just wish he could have had a friend times were tuff times was good and hard but thanks to tupac ill allways know the score . tupac 1 us nothing, fame,,,, to touch so many and still not know it .god bless tupac

    Life give to you what you gave to it. so give your best.

    Lil wayne

    I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, love in my mind.

    pump to your chest, I ain't talking CPR.

    You can't get on my level. you gon' need a space shuttle or a ladder; that's forever.

    I will never stop, like I'm runnin' from the cops.

    I'm all I trust

    take them shoes off your teeth& quit runnin your mouth

    you can wear a condom but you cant come here

    safe sex is great sex better wear a latex
    cuz you dont want that late text that "i think am late" text

    Keep your mouth closed, and let your eyes listen

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  • Sure welll ;)

    What Wud You Do?
    1.If I Committed Suicide:
    2.If I Sayed I love You:
    3.If I Kiss You:
    4.If I Lived Next Door 2 You:
    5.If I Started Smoking:
    6.If I Stole Something:
    7.If I Was Hospitalized:

    What Do You Think About My..

    Would You Everrr.....
    Love Me?
    ؟Kiss Me?
    Watch A Movie With Me?
    Ask Me 2 Be Your Gf/Bf ?
    ؟Tell Me You Think Im Cute?
    Take Me Home For A Night?

    Do Youu..
    Think Im Funny?
    Care About Me?
    Hink Im Sund?

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  • Question Timee ~

    Are we close:
    Could i get a kiss iif yhur single:
    Are you taken:
    Are you a virgin:
    Have you seen me drunk:
    Have you got me drunk:
    Have you ever wanted to tell me something:
    Have you ever told me a lie:
    Would you ever cheat on anyone:
    Would you forgive me if i cheated on you:
    Would you shift me:
    Am i goodlooking;
    Could you ever hate me:
    Your mobile number would be:
    Your goodbye message would be:

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