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Peices Of Imperfection

click me too if u love MCR

2/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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come into my life--brighten my day--teach me how to love
Me, Myself, and I
The day you stumbled into my life....
+it was like the sun rose for the first time
+it was like my veins caught fire
+it was like nothing in the world could hurt me
+it was like my whole exsistence was nothing compared to yours.
+it was like something had hit me hard in my chest
+it was like watching a fairy tale from my very own eyes
+it was like falling in love.


ily!! =]

If you learn to love me
I'll love you 10x more.

If you learn to hate me.
I'll love you 20x more.

My life is like a peice of black paper.
With every person I love comes into my life
a new color gets painted on my paper.
What color will YOU be?

The only thing I ever wanted to do
was kiss in the middle of the rain
under a streetlamp at midnight.

My whole exsistence isn't to make others happy.
It's to live the way I want to.
I'm a free person with my own life to live.

Kissing is contagious.
Spread the diasese.
love u all.

яαιηвσw вαвy
baby, open your eyes and see that i love you.
<3 LOVE <3
Waking up and looking into the mirror only to see you standing right behind me. I laugh and whirl around to throw my arms around you and pull you into a tight embrace. Your heartbest seems to pulse through your chest and make it's way into mine. For once, I feel like things are right. like, I can make it through the day without colapsing on the couch. My lips trail up your neck, and my fingertips gently graze down your jawline, feeling the perfection of your skin. Slowly. . .you whisper my name in my ear, sending chills down my back. Holding tighter to you. . .you slowly fade. Into a memory. Into a dream as I wake up and face reality.
-Imperfections That Are Beautiful-
these are the gurlies that give the world a whole new definition of beautiful---- AllieAgony[what can i say, she's my lover.lol. through thick and thin we always have something to argue about. and that's why i love her. she's made me see that i'm not all that and a bag of chips.] LillyLithium[oh where do i begin with this little peice of perfection right here?? she's a beautiful funny girl that isn't afraid to tackle me to the ground and show me who's the boss.] Jennifer[yes. . i will write her name 5000 times in my book then write a bunch of hearts afterwards] AlexAutopsy[my little rubberducky penguin. haha. JELLO. yea. .. jello] MaggieMassacre[ oh crap!! here comes the angry mob of flying monkeys. Ha. I love this girl right here. gives me a good laugh] I have many more lovelies. . .but i cant write them all.
let's throw it all against the wind and fall in love.
please add me as a friend. i reply to all comments. eventually. Lol.
my secret love affair!!! AHHH! CANADIANS!!!
Hell yes!!! Can it be true? Angel, me?? IN LOVE??? BETTER BELEIVE IT BITCHES!!!! I'm summerged in love and i think i'm drowning, but im okay with it. I just want him to take my breath away, and i don't really care if i choke. xoxoxox LOVE YOU
The Other Half Of Me
Matt L

Matt L

xx words can't even explain what i feel for him xx

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  • some lil' thing 'bout me...

    Is your hair up?:no..i hate it up

    Is your phone right next to you?: no.

    Do you miss someone?: yes...my friends

    Do you wish you were somewhere?: with my friend Lilly

    Do you have plans for tonight?: sleeping?

    Are you wearing makeup?: hmm...no.

    are you wearing chapstick?: .no...

    Are you cold?: coldblooded? yes

    Are you excited?: life isn't exciting....

    Are you wearing pajamas?:my Mcr shirt and my tight jeans...

    Who's the last person that called you?: Lilly

    Ever lied?: yes...

    Recently done anything you regret?: get up in the morning

    Ever stuck gum under a desk?: no...

    Ever spit at someone?: no...

    Ever kick something living?: yes...a tree.

    Ever trip over your own feet?: everyday

    Ever had your nails done?: no..only black

    Ever thrown up because you cried so hard?: umm..no

    Had any plans last week?: .yep...write a poem

    Who did you see most last week?: Lilly

    Was last week interesting?: somewhat...

    are you cursed?: yep...stay away from me

    Have you yelled at someone?: yep

    Have you gotten mad at someone?: DUH

    Have you cried?: yes
    Have you called more than 3 people? yes

    Have you shaved your legs?: .yes...im a girl...so yes....

    Have you eaten anything gross?: MEAT!


    1. First thing you did this morning? : regret waking up

    3. Is your cell phone a piece of crap?: no..

    4. What's something you look forward to in the next 6 weeks?: being with Lilly

    5. What's annoying you right now?: the sielence at my dark house

    6. What's the last movie you saw?: Underworld

    Q: Where is the last place you went?
    A: My Happy Place...and no, you can't come

    Q: Who is the last person you called?
    A: Lilly

    Q: Been cheated on?
    A: nope

    Q: Do you have any siblings?

    Q: Do you smile often?
    A: umm....only when there's something to smile at...

    Q: Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
    A: my teddy bear.... Frank [from mcr]

    Q: Do you wish on stars?
    A: star are big balls of gas....nothing special...

    Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?
    A:no.... why would i? that's stupid

    Q: What is the most disgusting food you've ever eaten?
    A: ugh..isn't the same question up there? MEAT

    Q: Would you kill someone?
    A:hmm...when i get angry i kill things...

    Q: Do you like your handwriting?
    A: everyone says i write like a homo....but yes, i like it

    Q: Are you a friendly person?
    A: if you like to talk about death and blood...i can be your friend

    Q: Are you keeping a secret from the world?
    A: i think?

    Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night?
    A: Frank the teddy bear's....he holds me tight

    Q: What color shirt are you wearing?

    Q: Do you have any pets?
    A: 3 dogs...and a venus flytrap....

    Q: What is the color of your bedsheets?

    Q: What were you doing at 9 last night?
    A: talking to Frank.....and myself

    Q: I can't wait till...
    A: a guy hands me a kinfe and says "do something with it" haha

    Q: When is the last time you saw your dad?
    A: yesterday....or was it the day before that? im kinda antisocial....but i live with my parents

    Q: Look to your left. What's there?
    A: darkness...and Frank...

    Q: Do you own a picture phone?
    A:Frank ate it....

    Q: Are you a normally happy person?
    A: only when im with Lilly and Frank...they are the only ones who understand me...

    Q: Long or Short Hair?
    A:L ong

    Q: Current Piercings?
    A: .nope

    Q: Current Tattoos?
    A: no...but i want one that has a snake with a banner around it that says "thank you for the venom"

    0 Comments 281 weeks

  • the Sharpest Lives

    Well it rains and it pours
    When you're out on your own
    If I crash on the couch
    Can I sleep in my clothes?
    'Cause I've spent the night dancing
    I'm drunk, I suppose
    If it looks like I'm laughing
    I'm really just asking to leave

    This alone, you're in time for the show
    You're the one that I need
    I'm the one that you loathe
    You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose
    'Cause I love all the poison
    Away with the boys in the band

    I've really been on a bender and it shows
    So why don't you blow me a kiss before she goes?

    Give me a shot to remember
    And you can take all the pain away from me
    A kiss and I will surrender
    The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
    A light to burn all the empires
    So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
    In love with all of these vampires
    So you can leave like the sane abandoned me

    There's a place in the dark where the animals go
    You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow
    Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands
    Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands, Romeo

    I've really been on a bender and it shows
    So why don't you blow me a kiss before she goes?

    Give me a shot to remember
    And you can take all the pain away from me
    A kiss and I will surrender
    The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
    A light to burn all the empires
    So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
    In love with all of these vampires
    So you can leave like the sane abandoned me


    Give me a shot to remember
    And you can take all the pain away from me
    A kiss and I will surrender
    The sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
    A light to burn all the empires
    So bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be
    In love with all of these vampires
    So you can leave like the sane abandoned me

    Oooooo, Oooooo, Oooooo yeah, Oooooo

    0 Comments 282 weeks

  • really random quotes from Gerard Way...some make good sense though

    Bob: "People think that moose are really gentle and goofy but they aren't; they're fucking animals."
    Frank: "Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight."
    Mikey: "That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi."
    Gerard: "Fuck off, it's meese."

    "I'd rather be a creature of the night than an old dude."

    "So many people treat you like you're a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the hotel window."

    "Be Yourself, Don't take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive..."

    "So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black t-shirts?"

    "Craziest thing that ever happened to me was being attacked by a black bird. It pecked the shit out of my head. We were at this hotel called The Phoenix in San Francisco. We were leaving to go to a show the next morning and the bird just fuckin' attacked my head. And the next day Slipknot were there, they were coming in as we were leaving, and they got attacked by birds too."

    "Surrounding myself with fans makes me feel like I'm not going through it alone."

    "The Devil got landed with a shitty job, he has to deal with assholes everyday, he's probably bored as hell."

    "When I was writing it, I was remembering how hard it was to be a 16-year-old in high school. I always wanted to be an artist, so I was this loner kid who just got drunk all the time. I only had one real friend. There was a girl I really liked, and she ended up taking really sleazy photographs with her boyfriend, and that really crushed me, I was just swimming in this pit of despair, jealousy and alcoholism."

    "It erases everything I hate about myself. Nothing can hurt me. I feel completely invincible. I feel like everyone else on that stage is invincible and we're capable of anything. There's no stopping us."

    "I'd enjoy it if a guy grabbed my ass. I guess it all depends on how he grabbed it, too."

    "When you are kissing a guy with a beard, it's different."

    "There's such a lack of sex in music"

    "It takes me a while to tell stories. I think it's because I was drunk for three years"

    "I was this weird loner kid who got drunk by himself all the time." (talking about high school)

    "I have a nihilistic attitude so it's like, the new gay... it's popular." (Gerard on why we should give a damn about MCR)

    "Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara... I'm a fuckin' princess!"

    "Were not a festival band, playing during the day was something we had to get over, I was like, uhh, this sun stuff kind of sucks"

    "That's what happens when you're all borderline psychotic and therein lies the beauty of this band - our duality. There's a duality to each band member too. There's a desire to have this constant conflict. If we write a write a song and it turns out really poppy, we have to make the lyrics really fucked up. There's psychosis to everything we do for sure. One day we're probably gonna write this number one pop tune that will be about a massacre!"

    "When we first started out I had a really big issue and a lot of my loved ones had a really big issue with the fact that I was totally in pain up there and there was a time when I tried to hurt myself off stage, but I got over that. Like, you should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself and become a new person and I think that that is going to be a lot of what the next record is about, not to plug it or anything. Like, it's going to talk about dying and coming back to become what you totally want to become. We are all becoming what we want to become."

    "What I Like about The Sims is that I don't have a normal life at all, so I play this game where these people have these really boring, mundane lives. It's fun. My Sims family is called the Cholly family. I don't know why I picked that name; it's k

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  • hahahaha

    have a spankin ass christmas lol

    Seth 0 Replies
  • Merry Christmas!!!!!
  • Apples

    Apples r so awsome who doesnt love somthing that falls off a tree and hits a person in the head wow that would be an awsome way of torture put some one under a tree and make him sit there while he gets hit in the head over over over over over over over over over overo over overvagain by apples

    Seth 0 Replies

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  • Toxic.Brutal.Bitter.Sweet

    hi em ... i added u and like i wuz wonderin wat age u r?

  • Emily Mohr
    luv Emily Mohr

    oh meh garwd :3 i found uuuuuu <3 lol sh-sh-sh-share the luv? o_o :P

  • Melanie
    luv Melanie

    how u darlin xoxoxoxo love uuu

  • Matt L
    luv Matt L

    I love you too <3 =) so very muchh

  • AllieAgony
    luv AllieAgony

    hay hay hay! hola! omg im so happy o dont have swimming. u never get on anymore. love you!!!!!!!!

  • AllieAgony
    luv AllieAgony

    Yay! hi! tomorrow is christmas! i miss u so bad. its too cold out. i talked to ur canadian friend last night. he is coolio. it is officially WAY too cold out now. but at least we will actually have a white christmas this year. i get to go to a family party tonight. funnnnn....oh well. so, how has ur break been going? do u like my picture? it is a funny one of my kitty. ok, since u r my lover, i guess he is our child, because i always call him my baby. i finally convinced my mom to let me wear jeans to our party! woop! well, i have to get out of the freezing downstairs, so bye, my lover. merry christmas, since i wont talk to u tonight on msn...grrr....love ya. -<3 Frank

  • Alexx
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  • Jessica B
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    HEY..... HEY YOU...... YES YOU SILLY!!..... GUESS WHAT.........? I LOVE YOU lol <3 Jess (aka: PREMO) lol

  • Hayley.Havoc
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    Okay that comment i posted about whats wrong.. well i couldnt figure it out untill... i relized that there isnt a send button WIERD! but yeah i cant figure it out WIERD! maybe its like crazy aliens sucking our minds through straws while we sit there and try to figure it out.. you know i bet im on to something..well im going to go to my "lab" (which is the Kitchen) and get some choc. syrup and drink it out of the bottle. Cuz im wangsta like that.

  • Hayley.Havoc

    What's Wrong Here? AAA BBB CCC DDD EEE FFF GGG HHH III JJJ KKK LLL MMM NNN OOO PPP QQQ RRR SSS TTT UUU VVV WWW XXX YYY ZZZ. Did you know that 80% of UCSD students could not find the error above? Repost this with the title "what's wrong here", and when you click "post ", the answer will be really obvious

  • Alexx
    luv Alexx


  • Tigers

    hey ...wondering if u would like to be my friend cuz u like PATD and i thought we might have a lot in common

  • AllieAgony
    luv AllieAgony

    hi! my name is pie! i like exclamation points! i am the unicorn princess of atlantis! i like to eat squirrls and chocolate bars! goodbye!

  • Melanie
    luv Melanie

    hay bub soz havnt been online infukin 4eva lol got kiked outa home -_-' im at a mates atm so just thought id let my lil sis i still love ya xoxoxoxoxoxox miss u heaps mwa mwa talk soon as i can get bak on msn or hear <3<3<3