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Squirrel Woman

i still miss my mother forever never forgive abt her as hero person but i need a nice partner one day!

2/16/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from this is surrey of local alone rule....
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About Me

i fall in love with lovely gal forever also i really adore women of lesbian for peace from better in
Me, Myself, and I
my life was brilliant also i alway kindful into i love go out with friends for chat with. I alway chat with friends on the msn and make new friends as i am socialise life as wild sometime.. i look for nice new friends also i would like go out to holiday one days with friends but i alway become busy in my life. i am honesty and trustworthy person into my friends... i got good personality in my life as i am open mind person like friendly with everyone, i was very good at enthusiastic make someone very interested in my personailty as friends! i am very sense of humour person into my life...i am very faithworthy person but i am very happy with my life though as i can go out with my friends. you will reaised who i am! i am sweetie sometime xxx mwah xxx nice meet you as your welcome x
The Other Half Of Me
Ruth D

Ruth D

she is my good friend forever!

i can't hear the music because i am profoundly deaf but i got feeling on the floor(vibrate)
british and usa films dvds lots happen good to learn as it was interested in future. i was crazy of lesbian programme drama very much!!!! i love femous of actors into few men and women!
i love watch rugby and i was very good player at snooker also i watch new york giants i alway crazy watch dancing ballroom on the tv and i can dancing lots different style but i hate swiming one probs but love build of muscles
Scared Of
bomb of lighting in my flat also big snake only
Happiest When
i was in the good moodly alway be talking lots as chat box with friends and families also watch dvds as film lovely day i got in my life. i am caring someone who really love me for me! i alway be happy when my best friend be there chat with me adore her a lots and when i need her! i am fall in love with artist also computer! i used relax to read a books like good storys i love doing some creative writing and photoshop artist also craft but i doing some of good photography too. i will very happy when i was with someone forever!!!
my relationship
i am very wild person also i want got a new single deaf or hearing or hard of hearing or hearing beauiful woman, i would take alway care about someone who is my soulmate alway in my heart very much! mwah as leave my sexy relationship guess who it was? i deffo be happy forever again! i love my friends add familys too but someone is special in my heart which is adore lots in my heart very much only it different way! i hope find miss right to marry who respect me lots and fall in love each much in the future alway dream come true but i am very socialised person with that young woman else i will got a brilliant life forever with my relationship in one day to take care of that person very much in all my heart life cuddle & kisses was gorgeous lip mwah!! of me in the friendship as the family. i hate got hurt lots from someone in the relationship no way! also i want be happy woman with beauiful relationship forever life as serious partner in the one day, i like men as friendly.

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  • picture of stacey lol

    1. you think i look gorgerous on that picture of smile?
    2. you think i look like martix of film look good?l shame i lost mine sun glasses
    3. did you think i look like fire person of mood look like cool? i was just thinking! oops
    4. did you think i look like tomboy as whaooo? i am pride that i am power lesbian!!!


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  • UB40 was my favourie song forever - I Can't Help Falling In Love

    Wise men say, only fools rush in.
    But I can't help falling in love with you

    As the river flows
    gently to the sea
    darling so we go
    some things were meant to be

    take my hand
    take my whole heart too
    cause i can't help falling in love with you

    0 Comments 290 weeks

  • Greatest Hits - We Will Rock You

    Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
    Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
    You got mud on yo' face
    You big disgrace
    Kickin' your can all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you're a young man hard man
    Shouting in the street gonna take on the world some day
    You got blood on yo' face
    You big disgrace
    Wavin' your banner all over the place

    We will we will rock you
    Sing it
    We will we will rock you

    Buddy you're an old man poor man
    Pleadin' with your eyes gonna make
    You some peace some day
    You got mud on your face
    Big disgrace
    Somebody betta put you back into your place

    We will we will rock you
    Sing it
    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you
    We will we will rock you

    0 Comments 290 weeks

  • Greatest Hits - You're My Best Friend

    Ooh, you make me live
    Whatever this world can give to me
    It's you, you're all I see
    Ooh, you make me live now honey
    Ooh, you make me live

    Oh, you're the best friend
    That I ever had
    I've been with you such a long time
    You're my sunshine
    And I want you to know
    That my feelings are true
    I really love you
    (ooh) oh, you're my best friend

    Ooh, you make me live

    Ooh, I've been wandering round
    But I still come back to you (still come back to you)
    In rain or shine
    You've stood by me girl
    I'm happy at home (happy at home)
    You're my best friend

    Ooh, you make me live
    Whenever this world is cruel to me
    I got you, to help me forgive - oo oo ooh
    Ooh, you make me live now honey
    Ooh, you make me live

    Oh, you're the first one
    When things turn out bad
    You know I'll never be lonely
    You're my only one
    And I love the thing
    I really love the things that you do
    Oh, you're my best friend

    Oh, ooh, you make me live

    I'm happy (happy at home)
    You're my best friend
    Oh, oh, you're my best friend
    Ooh, you make me live
    Oo oo ooh
    You, you're my best friend

    0 Comments 290 weeks

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  • Home and Away!

    I didnt know they were going to kill Sam!!!!! Thanks for letting me know! Now her husband can go back to his first wife! Good - she's nicer! See you soon x

    Paula Cox 1 Reply
  • hey!!

    hello... i want to say im sorry for add your bebo by mistake!!.. i dont know you.. soz about it.. thank you!!

    bye for now

    Ella Burke 0 Replies
  • hello power girl poppet
    hello power girl poppet

    you got nice couple with gaz and me give you nice picture of you from me remember you got have a lovely lip poppet wink
    love you as close friend forever

    from squirrel woman

    Squirrel Woman 1 Reply

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  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hi stacey. Hw r u? Iam fine thx, but my tummy sore the mo. I show my tattoo call moneky evil. Lv xx

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hi Stacy. Happy brithday to u 2mw. I hope u enjoy 4 ur day 2mw!!! Lv xx

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hi Stacey hw r u? I'm fine thks, so u going Maidstone deaf pub on Dec 19th? Lv xx

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hiya,hw r u? I'm fine n my lovely dream doug everything very well too. Wow u wait for 6 jobs, so wht u look for job? cn u tag my blog wht my way? Fm amy xx

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hiya, hw r u? I'm fine thks, wht u think iam frm Blog? Hehehe. Frm amy xxx :)

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hey Stacey. I'm fine thks that ok no plm welcme jion my f/book n bebo too. Wht u look for job? Also u still look for drive learn? Lv xxx

  • Amy Collins
    luv Amy Collins

    Hi stacey. Hw r u? I'm fine thks, aslo thks you give Pooja Shah add my f/boook n bebo. Lv xxx :)

  • Sarah Jane Vaughan
    luv Sarah Jane Vaughan

    Hey Thanks for the add :) Hope your ok :L x x x

  • Pooja Shah
    luv Pooja Shah

    Yes of course I did put it as the best friend forever! haha! mwahhhhhhhh!

  • -Rattlerx
    luv -Rattlerx

    Helloo Squirrel Ladyy ;) ahaaa, Im Okaay thanks, You? Yeah nah its alreet you had to go bk sumtym i sppose, Yeah ii was crying bcuz you stay quiett long nd itt felt as iff you were gnna stay 4evaa then :L bugg only cuz i cared mum wasntt to happy neithaa buh she dintt wnna cry on tha streets lol.. Ah righttt :O Lol Yeah stoopid trains always delaying :L :D Itss Alreeeet bitt Shitttteee aha, Wbu thenn ? Bored Where you are now ? Lonerwiiseeeee;) Haha Lmaoo, Well Catch up wid yahh soon, take care &+ have fun doing the garden :D Lol:L Bezzaaaaaaaaa xxx

  • -Rattlerx
    luv -Rattlerx

    :L Lolz Yeah and you too (: You having fun er then :L :D Atlest its betta than being on your own bored up london ay :) &+ gurdd. :O Bit boredd :L xx

  • -Rattlerx

    Cheeky :O Noo nevaa;) Lmaoo. Kl yeah im okaays thankyou! haaaa yeah lol :) xx

  • Chap
    luv Chap

    thanks for adding me looking forward to no u


    Hey My Sexc GAYPRIDE member!!! Thankyou for Joining my Group!!! I look forward to hearing from you in the future!! If you would like to send in a photo we will add it to our folders O-> GAYPRIDE <-O

  • Ashleigh

    hallox yes im okai thank you . aww thats good that you can watch dvds that way i have never thought about it did you enjoy the films then step up 2's a really god film i have it tooo x bows always been a good dancer then :D ..x are you any good at dancing i carnt dance to save my life lol heehee x thank for sending a comment x write back..x ashleighxx

  • Ashleigh

    halooo x yeah bow is a realy nice girl shes always there when i need to have a chat x and when i want a laugh lol x so funny x your so sweeet about how you are proud to call bow your neice and things x awwww x shes a lovley girl :D :D proud to call her my friend x what dvds did you get ..? how is your friend is she well she looks well ..x any way take care and look after yourselfx ashleigh x