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Chris Russell

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  • Male, Luv 467
  • from robroyston
  • Profile views: 4,702
  • Member since: August 2007
  • Last active: Apr 8
  • www.bebo.com/ChristopherR12
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Face book is much better! only on this sumtimes!
The Other Half Of Me
Megan Limmer

Megan Limmer

iloveher<3 8-) but she bombs pidgeons :O x

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  • jst summit tht caught my eye off a mates bebo

    You know you are in love
    when you see the world in her eyes,
    and her eyes everywhere in the world.

    Love is so very special
    Yet can make you feel so lost
    It can arrive just like the springtime
    And melt away like morning frost

    You must find ways to nurture
    Always grow your love with care
    Never ever take for granted
    The love that you both share

    Mistakes are bound to happen
    You may hurt each other's heart
    Yet don't give up to easily
    It will tear your love apart

    Love resembles a bright flame
    That lights a dark starry night
    Never ever let this flame burn down
    Rekindle with all your might

    Take a moment every day
    Look deep into each other's eyes
    Never hesitate to show affection
    Small gestures will keep a love alive

    Talk openly about your feelings
    Take time to show that you care
    Treasure each and every moment
    Because to find true love is rare

    0 Comments 159 weeks

  • bumped off andy :D

    Rules: Go to www.urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following ten questions. Post the first definition it gives you.

    1. What is your name?

    Maybe when you first meet a Christopher they'll seem like a jerk, and hurt you emotionally multiple times, or possible make the lamest jokes but one day he'll make up for it all, the best he can. Christophers will eventually realize the love that they've stored in a safe place for you. Christophers usually have the most gorgeous smile out there, and the most seductive voice. They're someone you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your entire life with. They have a tendancy to spend more time thinking of what to do for someone else than themselves. Christophers love adventure, new things, something to get their blood rushing and heart pounding.

    I love my Christopher, forever and always.

    2. How old are you?

    sixteen - Most commonly referred to someone's age. It is said to be one's "Prime," age, where they look/shine/feel their best. Sixteen is the age where you get multitudes of exciting privileges such as quickie-driviers' license, get a decent job (Host/hostess,) and you're no longer at the very "bottom" of highschool.
    Daughter: "Oh, Daddy, please can you get me a convertible when I turn sixteen?"
    Daddy: "Of course, Sugar plum!"
    Daughter: "Oh, thanks Daddy!"

    3. What is one of your friends' name? Stephanie
    Stephanie is, to say the least, an incredible girl. She is an immediate soul mate, before you even have the time to realize it. She is gorgeous, but still stands out from the other pretty girls. She has a sense of humor that never dissapoints or keeps you from laughing. She has this aura about her that no one else could ever have. She carries herself with grace worthy of Grace Kelly herself. Stephanie is loving, unique, and maybe even a bit quirky; but its in a cool addictive way. Once you meet a real Stephanie, don't ever let go.

    4. What should you be doing?
    going to work
    leaving to whore yourself for petty cash at your job. Not necessarily a literal whore.

    5. What is your favourite colour?
    The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.
    "Hey, nice tan... in the middle of winter, you sick fucking pumpkin monster."

    6. Where were you born?
    Glasgow-'The Second City Of The Empire''as it was known in Victorian times.The largest city in Scotland ,Shipbuilding giant Located on the Banks of The River Clyde home to about a million people,also the second most populous in the UK.Home to some of the Finest Georgian architecture in Britain.Glasgow has also got more Parks than any other City(Dear Green Place]Founded in the 6th century by St Mungo Who is the Cities Patron Saint.Football plays an important part in Glasgow ,Hampden Park Ibroxand Celtic Park being the three Largest Stadiums in Scotland.Hampden Park used to be the Largest Football Stadium in the World untill the 1950's
    Glasgow isMiles Better used to be the official slogan
    Glasgow Became European City of Culture in 1990

    7. What month were you born in?
    Month in which creative, layed-back, dreamy, cool people were born.
    he was born in march so he is creative, layed-back, dreamy and cool

    8. What day were you born on?
    A great feeling. Happy. No more shit for two days.
    tomorrow is friday

    9. Who was the last person you talked to?
    Cool person who is socially magnetic
    Guy 1:"People seemed to be drawn to Lewis for some reason"
    Guy 2:"Yea kinda weird'

    10. What is one of your nicknames?
    someone with a tremendously big penis
    wow, did you hear about jill she had to go to the hospital because she hooked up with a russo.

    0 Comments 192 weeks

  • Randum

    Your boyfriend/​​​girlfriend isn't around, but their cellphone is, do you go through it?
    Not got one atm(for the record no i wudnt)

    Where is your phone?
    no clue :P

    Are you excited for anything happening in the next week?
    erm, no really unless u count nxt weekend .

    How are you currently feeling?
    ill, but better than i was yesterday bcos of ... many reasons :)

    Do you regret anything you've done recently?
    yes 100% yes, i hav made amends tho.

    If you drank fifteen beers, what would you be doing?
    Tryin to jumpstyle but fallin on ma bum, then ko'in in the arms of a beautiful woman :D (or at least in my drunken eyes she wud look beautiful haha)

    Do you think you can last in a relationship for 2 months?
    dnt kno never had one tht lased tht long b4. :(

    Who did you talk to on the phone last?

    Does the person you last kissed still like you?
    god knos. probs didnt like me in the first place.

    If you could move somewhere else, would you?
    probs not, i like my life, wudnt change it for the world. :)

    Recently kissed anyone with the name starting with a D?
    ad rather not say.

    Has someone ever made you a promise and broke it?
    yeh... my dad.

    Do you delete people off of Bebo?

    What do you always take with you
    fone, money, i'd, wallet, sumit id rather not say tht i keep in my wallet.

    Do you think you'll be married in 5 years?
    Hopefully not, thts a bit young considerin am 16 :P

    What good happened today?
    I patched things up with someone who means a lot to me. glad we r tokin again.

    Is anything bothering you?
    this illness av got, h8 bein sick.

    How many pillows do you sleep with?
    4 :D mon the double beds.

    When you think of the rainbow, what pops in your head?
    wers the wee irish guy.?

    What is worse, physical or emotional pain?
    honestly guys, ad hav te say emotional, hands down.

    What color is the shirt you are wearing?
    black superdry tshirt

    What song are you listening to?
    fm static - moment of truth , just skipped it by accident, now onto blink 182 - rock show (8)

    Have you ever fallen asleep while texting someone?
    many times :D

    Can you recall the last time you liked someone?

    Honestly, do you hate the last girl you were talking to in person?
    nah shes snd, even tho she laffs alot :P

    When was the last time you received a hug?
    yesterday off fraser :L

    Has someone put their arm around you in the past 5 days?
    yeh :) again fraser, not a gay way btw. he made me angry n him bein him dain his apologies b4 he asks for a pie outa greggs :L

    Is your #1 single?
    as in friends list. yeh

    Has anyone said they love you in the last week?

    Are you good at hiding your feelings?
    not very. prefer to be open

    Who did you last send a text message to?
    thomas morley, business yt :D haha

    Did you kiss or hug anyone in the last 24 hours?
    muther .

    Are you wearing pants?
    boxers :)

    Do you feel like life will be easier when you're older, or harder?
    probs harder bcos ur gona have to face the world on ur own . so harder yeh :P

    Are you a jealous person?
    i wudnt say i was bt people try to make out i am.

    Do you feel comfortable with answering personal questions?
    certain ones yes.

    Is anyone on your bad side?
    yeh wee bro kyle, the wee jake called me pear b4 he left the nyt :L

    Do you remember what you were like a year ago?
    yung fooolish and very immature. am all grown up now:D

    Do you think boys truly understand girls?
    ye mad corse not. a womens mind is too much for a guy to understand, he can only guess and hope he makes the right choices.

    Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
    yeh :) they kno who they are.

    Where is your number one person on your friends list?
    in hur dads house.

    Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?

    0 Comments 195 weeks

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FIRST REAL BEST FRIEND: not fair on certain people...pass

FIRST SCHOOL: auchinairn primary

FIRST CELL PHONE: nokia shyter

FIRST FUNERAL: granda bernard

FIRST PET: 2 fish - pinky n perky :L

FIRST BIG TRIP: doon the stairs :L

FIRST FIGHT: cany mind haha



FIRST JOB: asda \'1 :D

FIRST BEBO FRIEND: erm... jonny paterson



LAST CAR RIDE: hame from schoool on friday

LAST TIME I CRIED?: no tellin mhn

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: lesbian vampire killers :L james corden \'1



LAST SHIRT WORN: blue one with grey tie

LAST PHONE CALL: te div mcclure

LAST TEXT MESSAGE: te julie green

LAST THING I TOUCHED: these keys lol

LAST FUNERAL: aunt elizabeth



LAST PERSON I SAW: wee sis , she jst walked passed :P


LAST PERSON THAT BROKE MY HEART: prefer not to mention.

LAST TIME I WERE REALLY HONESTLY HAPPY?: probs last nyt but regrettin it today

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E10C  
E011  
E52C  
E052  
E04F  
E109  
E528  
E524  
E053  
E531  
E52B  
E527  
E520  
E054  
E408  
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E106  
E108  
E413  
E401  
E023  
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E437  
E32A  
E328  
E329  
E022  
E327  
E32C  
E046  
E304  
E414  
E40D  
E410  
E404  
E402  
E058  
E409  
E407  
E416  
E107  
E411  
E40A  
E40E  
E056  
E403  
E314  
E034  
E305  
E522  
E52E  
E52A  
E52F  
E52D  
E521  
E01A  
E523  
E134  
E050  
E055  
E530  
E019  
E526  
E10A  
E051  
E40C  
E40F  
E417  
E059  
E444  
E00E  
E41C  
E335  
E347  
E035  
E510  
E04E  
E03E  
E110  
E012  
E419  
E11C  
E20E  
E20C  
E20F  
E20D  
E045  
E34B  
E348  
E047  
E30C  
E044  
E421  
E536  
E003  
E326  
E04B  
E306  
E31C  
E422  
E13E  
E336  
E207  
E018  
E009  
E131  
E11B  
E112  
E318  
E008  
E12F  
E113  
E42B  
E42A  
E016  
E015  
E014  
E42C  
E130  
E324  
E10E  
E042  
E040  
E041  
E429  
E424  
E10F  
E41F  
E00F  
E22E  
E22F  
E14C  
E231  
E230  
E427  
E41D  
E04A  
E049  
E048  
E04C  
E13D  
E32E  
E032  
E436  
E513  
E50C  
E50D  
E511  
E50F  
E512  
E50E  
E133  
E120  
E33B  
E10D  
E01D  
E136  
E01C  
E135  
E14E  
E143  
E33A  
E33C  
E343  
E33E  
E43F  
E147  
E339  
E319  
E345  
E346  
E349  
E322  
E503  
E03C  
E033  
E325  
E311  
E30E  
E03F  
E448  
E204  
E23F  
E240  
E241  
E242  
E243  
E244  
E245  
E23E  
E24B  
E24A  
E249  
E248  
E247  
E246  
E21A  
E21B  
E219  
E214  
E312  
E030  
E303  
E443  
E529  
E307  
E525  
E308  
E441  
E118  
E447  
E119  
E12A  
E00A  
E104  
E103  
E51F  
E425  
E30F  
E13F  
E31E  
E31D  
E31F  
E516  
E515  
E518  
E519  
E51A  
E004  
E005  
E002  
E517  
E51E  
E51B  
E152  
E51C  
E41B  
E13C  
E05A  
E41A  
E11D  
E420  
E201  
E115  
E252  
E428  
E43A  
E439  
E126  
E03D  
E00C  
E114  
E313  
E44C  
E51D  
E44B  
E124  
E121  
E202  
E449  
E04D  
E03B  
E509  
E508  
E122  
E431  
E430  
E42F  
E432  
E159  
E15A  
E01B  
E42E  
E435  
E01F  
E125  
E50B  
E514  
E433  
E506  
E505  
E50A  
E44A  
E146  
E039  
E123  
E148  
E31B  
E007  
E11F  
E140  
E144  
E102  
E101  
E145  
E317  
E142  
E128  
E14B  
E211  
E316  
E00D  
E010  
E440  
E446  
E117  
E141  
E129  
E116  
E323  
E11E  
E13B  
E006  
E302  
E31A  
E301  
E330  
E02F  
E024  
E025  
E026  
E027  
E028  
E029  
E02A  
E02B  
E02C  
E02D  
E02E  
E332  
E333  
E149  
E315  
E013  
E341  
E33F  
E340  
E34D  
E30B  
E043  
E33E  
E33D  
E342  
E017  
E42D  
E334  
E228  
E151  
E138  
E13A  
E208  
E14F  
E20A  
E434  
E309  
E22A  
E22B  
E226  
E227  
E22C  
E22D  
E215  
E216  
E217  
E309  
E218  
E03A  
E150  
E137  
E132  
E01E  
E320  
E12B  
E502  
E12D  
E036  
E157  
E038  
E153  
E155  
E14D  
E501  
E158  
E43D  
E037  
E504  
E344  
E34C  
E12C  
E423  
E253  
E30D  
E14A  
E206  
E229  
E251  
E250  
E12E  
E205  
E154  
E031  
E43C  
E21C  
E21D  
E21E  
E21F  
E220  
E221  
E222  
E223  
E224  
E225  
E43E  
E24D  
E212  
E24C  
E213  
E507  
E20B  
E445  
E310  
E438  
E24F  
E24E  
E537  

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  • Peachey

    awryty m8 wits been happnin u been doin wae yer self no seen u in pure ages m8

  • Steph

    Hey can you call me soon as you get this please! Xx

    6/26/10 via Mobile
  • luv Amy

    ive not been on this in ten years !! i agree facebooks the way forward! my phone's not working properly, i shall text as soon as it works! have love , since i have to make upto letting you down the last 3 times lol xxxxxxx

  • Slinkie

    LEDGE :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sapnnin bruv ;) ? xxxxxxx

  • Totty .

    here u ya jobbie !!!!!!!!! uve done the bunk with my bracelet i wish to get it back its part of two :O :L :L loveeee youuu xx!!

  • AndyMalcolm
    luv AndyMalcolm

    talk shite

  • Steph

    Call me! Haha

    6/9/10 via Mobile
  • Steph

    Hey pic looks sore send me one of your knees please!! Btw what I said to you earlier the whole phone call convo don't say a word to any one haha just the whole convo mateo!! Haha just keep to yourself Ill need to speak more later hahaha tart face. Haha xxxxxx

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    Just layed about the whole night was suppose to go to that BBQ feel bad but I had no energy in my body to go hahahahaha btw you can call now hehe not busy in house making toast xxx

  • luv Totty .

    thankssss one right bak atchaaa!!! :* xx!!

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    Love, you menace! What you upto? X

    6/6/10 via Mobile
  • AndyMalcolm
    luv AndyMalcolm

    sos ur mum from everyone ko its jack but i speak fopr everyone i toook a survey and we all agree

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    Hey sorry I fell asleep last night forgot to send an email haha. Got your text today was funny made me laugh! Menace only you would do a stupid thing like that you maineack. Good luck for tomorrow mr. Last exam bet your over the moon! Haha talk soon menace xxx

  • Peachey

    awryty m8 hwz it gawn what u been uptae m8

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    Love to you ya wee menace! (l) leaving you an email hunny buncheo xxxxxx

    6/1/10 via Mobile
  • Steph
    luv Steph

    tart face whats with the picture you can't even see you hahahaha! just div! :P enjoy work menace ha x

  • Superfast Jellyfish
    Superfast Jellyfish

    chris :D i was just wondering, did i ever say a big thank you to you for coming to my party :o ? well thank you for coming, it was great to see you! xxxxx

    5/28/10 via Mobile
  • Natalie Hunter
    luv Natalie Hunter

    Hey bubs!!!.big stranger:D ...i'm well good thanks love you???..i've just been workin away n college:D ...out when i can:D ...so its all good...you been upto love??xx

    5/25/10 via Mobile
  • Steph
    luv Steph

    hey her about your exam today that made me laugh in class today you goon ball! give me a call you where suppose to anyway and you havent out radge! hahaha ko of course i think highly of you turb face! :P ko joke xxx

  • Steph
    luv Steph

    love turd! :D x