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Big Girls You R Beautiful

loving it :D

3/1/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

shake it!!
Me, Myself, and I
This is a site for all those lovely girls with the banging curves!

If you've got the curves show them off!!

So come on girls dont be shy

Guys you can support this page too get ur lovely girls to join us

This page doesn't see some people as gorgeous and other ugly like some of the other pages on this site in their own way everyone is gorgeous and sexy !!

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  • Coming up to christmas...

    where's the best place to get that sexy outfit to knock the socks even off santa clause this year?

    i've ordered something from littlewoods dont think it'll be here on time though :(


    1 Comment 293 weeks

  • Do boys really prefer curvy girls or do they just say that so they just say it?

    Like that man says in that song, he likes big butts and he cannot lie.

    Do you doubt his integrity? No, he is telling the truth. He likes a bit of curve, and he's not alone. No doubt there's another song by a different man who likes small butts. Lots of boys do, it's a matter of taste. But you can safely assume that most boys prefer a girl with some shape to a twig in a dress. Things can get prickly when 'curvy' starts veering towards 'fatty'. But hey, some boys even prefer chubby girls (true: one of my mates does).

    As for the survey bit, no boy would worry about looking like a meathead. I'd happily tell a survey I eat people's meatheads. No one will ever know it was me, so what do I care? This is why surveys are stupid and should never be trusted. They'll claim anything, from Robbie Williams being better than Led Zeppelin to sharks being better drivers than men. If you believed everything you read in surveys, your head would literally fall off (true: happened to my mate). So be careful.

    For the record my survey says 42% of boys prefer curvy figures, 38% prefer slimmer ones, 9% will take anything and 11% are gay. All true. Basically, we aren't as fussy about girls' bodies as they are about their own. It's a common misconception that we only like skinny girls. Just like the one about girls preferring lads with massive knobs.

    Uh, isn't it?

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Piece of Me (Mysto & Pizzi Mix)

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  • Elroy Reginia

    Online dating sites you ever seen http://insocal.ca/1o

  • ºParamorekid

    Hello :) Sorry for advertising, feel free to do it back You are gorgeous :O ! New Group for unique people Thats You Boys&Girls! join and leave a photo up and a comment! =] because Everyone is beautiful! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Noel Moylan

    happy new year to all the big and beautifull girls out there

  • luv Noel Moylan

    happy christmass to every one and have a great new year hope santy came and didnt make to much of a mess

  • David H

    lookin forward to it :D :D :D :L :L :L lol

  • Noel Moylan

    sorry bud at least these lovely girls will be able to track u down and hav some fun lol ome on girls come out of hiding and bring this page to life dont be hiding away

  • David H

    noel, u ask all da lads for support, so i giv it, den u say im stalkin wen i do, theres just no winning with you :L :L :L :L plus i hav my name davidh, so nobody knows my last name, an dey do now coz of u:L :L :L :L lol

  • Kerrie Kurve
    Kerrie Kurve

    hi love the page :) im a big girl and proud saying a big hello to all my big beautiful friends xx

  • Noel Moylan

    hall are u stalking me lol

  • luv David H

    luv to dat :) :) :) :) :)

  • luv Noel Moylan

    come on lads and ladys show some support this is a great group and theres loads of lovely ladys needing to feel better bout themselves and not be getting down thinking that they need to be stick insects to get love and attention from lads believe me girls theres a fella out there somewhere dying to meet you so keep your head up hi so he'll see u

  • luv Noel Moylan

    big girls with gorgeous curves excellent i'm deligthed some girls are comfy having beautiful curves i'm so happy to see a page like this

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    im a big girl add me

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    add me