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Me, Myself, and I
Ia Orana E Maeva et Bonjour!!!

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"Tahiti Nui e, Tahiti Rahi e, Here mai ia'u i tei'e nei!"

Mauru'uru Roa!
Au revoir!.

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    Tahiti-Nui Mare'are'a.
    Ancient songs give the island many names:
    "Mounting Place of the Sun"
    "Land of the Double Rainbow".
    Legends describe the island of Tahiti
    as a great fish that swam away for the waters of Sacred Havai'i, now known as
    the lagoon between Raiatea and Taha'a.

    Aimeo i te rara varu
    This, the island's poetic name, comes from
    the eight majestic mountain ridges.
    Polynesian legend describes the panorama
    of volcanic ridges as the second dorsal fin of the fish that became the island of Tahiti.

    Pora Pora.
    The ancient name, believed to mean
    "first born," came from Polynesian legends describing this as the first island to rise
    when Taaroa, the supreme god, fished it out of the waters after the mythical creation
    of Havai'i, now known as Raiatea.

    The name Huahine may come from the profile of a mountain which reveals the shape of a pregnant woman.
    Mythology provides two legends for the creation of the two islands of Huahine: either the god Hiro cut the island in half with his canoe or a spear thrown in a contest among gods pierced Moorea's Mt. Mouaputa and then sailed 100 miles where it split Huahine in two!

    Raiatea - The Sacred Island.
    Raiatea, meaning "faraway heaven" and "sky with soft light", was first named Havai'i after the homeland of the ancient Polynesians and is the most sacred island in the South Pacific.
    Where legends began and dreams are fulfilled.

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  • 7/9/10
  • Takiwai.

    Iorana outou,O Manawa tenei no Aotearoa.Nui to'u aroha mo tenei uar'i ipura'i.. Ma te wa

  • Maine.

    kiorana katoatoa my name is nooroa hariki kura palu. hey u want to hear a funny joke? ohkay, well its called shut up, piss off and manners. SHUT UP, PISS OFF and MANNERS were playing football and MANNERS went to thaa toilet to do a shiett . Nd SHUT UP nd PISS OFF were playinn nd PISS off kicked thee ball on to the road and SHUT UP went after the ball and a cop car came and said "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" nd he said "SHUT UP", nd the cop said WHAT IS YOU NAME? nd he said SHUT UP. nd theen the cop said where is yuur manners.? nd then SHUT UP said, HE'S IN THE TOILET DOINqq A SHIETT:L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L :L . do yuu gehtt ehtt .?! well hope yuu liked ehtt:D thaa fotoe below is ov my mum && my unkle:DD

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    luv -


  • - Baby Say MahName
    - Baby Say MahName

    iiorana the Tahitian tribe on bebo and around the world. I just found out that this page igsist so it my pleasure to post as ii am part tahitian both my dad's side and mum's side. Mah great grand mother is Tiriai ?? dforgt the last name married to Tohurangi William a descendant of Ford and Marsters. and the history goes on.. But iim proud to say iim HALF tahiti.. Mauruuru.

  • -
    luv -

    un coeur pour ce page8)

  • Mataio Five
    Mataio Five


  • Teva

    kia orana,ia orana kaketi

  • Vitani

    kia orana ; ia orana ; aloha :] x

  • Keri Juice
    Keri Juice

    kia orana and iia orana!!

  • Fetu Ole Moana
    Fetu Ole Moana

    Ia Orana, well part Tahitian Kukiie etc... Bora Bora to Da Core :DD GodBless

  • Peta Rakanui
    luv Peta Rakanui

    kia Orana from N.Z.Thanks for sharing your page with us.Yes Tahitis very special and bonded to its rich culture and beauty.I came from Atiu in the Cooks and live in Wellinton.Been to Tahiti once and stayed in Patutoa with my people.Love it so much and thats why Im posting this on your page.Oh I love the markets too.Heaps of coral and ocean fishes.God Bless.Mauruuru.

  • Fresh Of Da Boat
    luv Fresh Of Da Boat

    iia orana im also part Tahitian, love your page :D x

  • Tiiwaii Watene

    iia orana mii name iiz Tiiwaii and iim maorii buht proud 2 have Tahitian iin m3h ... ii just found owt 3 months ago xx bye

    12/26/09 via Mobile
  • Chantelle

    kia orana!! im a cook islander but part tahitian! onli found out lastt wk dat i was. aere ra!!

  • R O U R U
    R O U R U

    iia orana im tahitian :L :L Loveee ma tahtitan syde auuu :)

  • Cook Islands Rugby League 10/28/09
  • ElizabethPeta.T.
    luv ElizabethPeta.T.

    Kia orana from Australia! born in Rarotonga & now living in Aussy land.My grandfather is a full Tahitian man & marryed to a rarotongan woman his name is Taumihau Tauniua.Sorry i dont speak Taitian,i just want to share the luv for you & all the Tahitian's out there in this world keep up with your work.:L :L :L :L :D

  • Absolutely Positively Raro
    Absolutely Positively Raro

    Kia Orana from Rarotonga! I am one of the host supporters for Team Tahiti during their stay in Rarotonga for the Pacific Mini Games. As you will see my page photos are of team tahiti and I need some help with names of some of the people! I also need to contact some of the people to forward on some photos. I have a total of 400 photos on team tahiti which are uploaded to an online album!!! I need to contact some of those people to pass on the link to them and also to name my photos!

  • Pacific Games 2009 8/14/09