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Daniel Clark

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  • Male, 23, Luv 28
  • from Stornoway
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,759
  • Member since: February 2005
  • Last active: 8/4/09
  • www.bebo.com/23danny23
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
6 ft 2
18 years old
browny blond hair
blue eyes

basketball player
aussie football player (go gormy!!)
boston red sox fanatic

year 12 (S6-just finished)
college captain (go the tech!!)

i love my friends
scott macleod
lauren macdonald
andrew mackenzie
karen mcfadden
ewan mackenzie
lorraine macdonald
iain gordon
sharon morrison
mark macleod
ceejay reeves
graeme stewart
there are so many more
they know who they are
i love you

i love my friends
irene theoharous
josh goessens
nikki mckenney
jamie power
kaycee wilson
jess silver
tom parsons

REMEMBER: You can take the cove out of Stornoway, but you can't take Stornoway out of the cove!!

PS: I dont use this as much and update this as much as I use and update my myspace....so check it out www.myspace.com/scottish23

ALSO check out all my newly uploaded aussie photos!!
mario vazquez
kanye west
chris brown
50 cent
justin timberlake
basically any rap, hip-hop or r'n'b
action movies
most movies really
aussie rules football
Scared Of
not coming home again
Happiest When
Talking to my friends from home in Scotland I love every sinlge one of you guys to death!
T.V. Shows
family guy
american dad

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Daniel's Scottish trip to Stornoway

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  • Jesusa Shade 8/22/11 via Mobile
  • Gillian Spiva

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    Andrew Buykx Smith

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  • Karen Mcfadden
    Karen Mcfadden

    Daniel my love, Im missing you greatly but I have got one question for you.......WHAY ON EARTH ARE YOU STILL PALE IN YOUR PHOTOS?!?!?!?!?! youve been out there for over 3 years now, u still slaping on teh factor 50 bbz??? How are you anyways :) Im sorry for my total lack of keeping in touch, lots going on down this end. IL need to get your address back and right you a aletter sometime, send me in an email or something. Was just popping up for a wee hello so you can let me know ur address and Il write you soon :) Missing you, hope your doing well :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Catriona Jane
    luv Catriona Jane

    love love love love loooove :) hope you're well my darling. xxx

  • Mairi Crate

    hey stranger, how you doing? Ain't spoken to you in ages? Whats fresh? Xx

    3/20/09 via Mobile
  • Kellie

    nufin at all. im just doing the usual boring thing, college, swimming and working. so nufing eventful. bt im getting a new car at the beginning of dec, so i cant wait 4 dat.:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kellie

    Hey, Hows u??? sorry i avnt replyd in such a long time ive been so busy. How did the exams go??? what have you been up 2??? xxxxxxxxxxXXxxxxxxxxxx

  • Catriona Jane
    Catriona Jane

    heeeeeeeeeeey :D only just noticed your online...and im just heading off, boo! its haf3 in the morn so i should reli be sleeping. hope all is grand wit you m'love! think of you often. love ya lots xxxx EYE OF THE TIGERRRRRRRRRR!

  • Sharon

    do now u posted that on ur page not mine:D lol mail coming ur way Xx

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    heyyy your right it has been too long...what you been doing with yourself? what you been up2? Me ive just been finishing school..finally...partying and working of course...everything seems to be all goin well so yeah its all good...so tell me about you...hows everything been going for you?? much love xoxox

  • Sharon

    Its been 2 long my dear...................... ope ur doing good !!! Owsh life???? XxXLove

  • Lorraine Macdonald
    luv Lorraine Macdonald

    Bebo mail :) ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kellie

    Hey, im good?? how about urself??? Im in college up here at the mo doing arts and social sciences and den after this year hopefull uni next year n im still doing the usually working and swimming training. Yeah i am glad i left school, i was getting fed up with it sooooo much. So hows u???? wat u been up 2 urself???? xxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lorraine Macdonald
    luv Lorraine Macdonald

    hey mdear!!! i am not too bad thanks urself? It has deffo been aaaages!! im not very often up in the morning so i dnt catch u on msn anymore! there is nout much goin on at all tbh. same old same old. i miss u loads too!!! hope u can come home agen soon! Nursing is going not too bad. Ive found it pretty stressful lately.... well since august id say. end of first yr beginning of 2nd year. dnt have AS much work to do but we still have alot to do if u get wot i mean. whats left to do is harder than last year obviously. Feel so sorry for dereck and whats he has to put up with :P hehe whats doin with u? ur nearly finished school eh? whats on for after that? wb soon love ya and miss ya lots too xXxXxXxXxXx

  • William Macleod
    William Macleod

    Go Yankees!! :L ;) x

  • Lauren Macdonald
    Lauren Macdonald

    Hey hun... i was just about to send you a comment to find you have left one for me! :) how come you been so stressed...? man theres so much we have to catch up on! uni is going ok... just started 2nd year... but im still missing home and himself! (yep still together and nearly at 2 nd a half years!) :D awh hun... i miss you t! u have to get your butt back here for another trip! :) will write you an email whe i have a spare few moments! Love xoxox