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Bosie Tamwi Smith

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  • Female, 30, Luv 502
  • from Collingwood, Golden Bay
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 1,707
  • Member since: July 2007
  • Last active: 7/8/11
  • www.bebo.com/KabzonaT
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happy bday Darling, may God bless and keep u always
Me, Myself, and I
mauri kain te maneaba ni bebo

to give some basic information about mahself, the name is Kaboiti but my family and close friends always call me bosie, i uruakaki mai tarawa, i kinika tabon abaiang ma marakei ao ai banaba ma nanumea ti teutana hhehehe.

im a married lady now, i married to a simple humble gentle and kind man ao a bati riki hehehe niwy hes from golden bay new zealand so i ended up now in a beautiful and isolated place in the south island of nz. niway karaki mai ngkai ara friends ma au family aika kam tangiraki irou.

the time of my life by jennifer warnes
im not that keen in watching movies
sory i aoraki buaka hehe
Scared Of
my uncles and brothers cos they r the most baku2 man au family
Happiest When
having fun with my family members esp when im with you honey.
my precious dad nd mom coz they r the reason for who and what i am today, im so lucky and proud to hav them in my life, i also count on my elder sisters who marked those footprints 4 me to follow, i will neva forget my younger brothers and sisters who always respects nd luv me eventhough sometimes i do feel i dont deserve them. same with my whole family members, im nothing without each one of u, luv u all, no one in this world cud ever erase ur names i hav in my heart coz u mean the world to me nothing else but my world and life.
Love of my life
my one and only farmboy, u r a big blessing in my life darling..
The Other Half Of Me
Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo Tattoo

my cutie bro

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    This much i will say,
    Although you are now gone
    you will always live through me.
    Because of you, I am now who I am.
    You are the one that always stood by me
    no matter my faults you never doubted me.
    You're the one who made me strong
    when i was weak.
    You're the one who loved me when
    I could not love.
    Because of you i could give to another
    what you have given me.
    And so i say, I'll always have love
    For you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • from Jr Tekaiti U
    from Jr Tekaiti U

    neiko ani bon kabwara ana bure natim anne bwa am last time are ko kaaitibo ma ngaia iai ngke e tuai turn to 1 years...now he's 2 and still remembers you but not sure if you are his uncle or auntie.......so tai kakarioa unim nnae kona tiribooia iai kee, bwa n tokina e kauna tamana....anyway an ta...

    Lvlykids. 0 Replies

    Te katekeraoi naba nakoim mwaneu n am bong aio. Ara kantaninga mai ikai bwa e a reke te bong aio bwa am bong n kaaki maeum aika a bubuaka ao n kateimatoai kateim aika a tamaroa...

    Te tangira ae bati riki nakoim n am bong aio mai iroun mwanem, natim ao butikam man te UK...

    Sepoima Louise Taitai Orme 0 Replies
  • 4 U AUNTIE
    4 U AUNTIE



    Sepoima Louise Taitai Orme 0 Replies

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  • Lvlykids.
    luv Lvlykids.

    hey sis..koa check tamnein natim anne....she's so cute for sure...just like her mummy and aunty...ahh ahh..not like his dad...definetely not... e tau ma c u around... here's one for your little one...a big kiss from us to her....ahh ahh she will be a her...don't worry....here's one red apple for her bwa ena balance and health.... Ketoo, Kaiti, and Kerry.

  • Lizteeb Kathar
    luv Lizteeb Kathar

    Catch am heart mairoun raom are koa kakia irarikin raom anne ahahahahah

  • MotiiraN

    mauri si ko uara?

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    luv Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    dear beloved niece hope this note finds you in good health, think of you often neiko post am tamnei so we can see how u doing :D tau tekeraoi ne, kana e reke am tai pls update kee erabwa tiabo moa.

  • Lvlykids.
    luv Lvlykids.

    hey sis..a xmas luv to both of you and whoever deserved it..from this small family mai iaon tarawa aio..ops sorry forgot to include your ma mwanga and pa tiinga.. sorry...have a nice xmas eve holiday and hope for the best for next year eaera! maybe a kid...ahh ahh luv you all and miss you.

  • Tean.Uro
    luv Tean.Uro

    sorry, ia bon tiba kauka ngkai au bebo, e nang kanga ao are ea bon rangi n tao tira te tabe nte mwenga ao te aobiti. E tau ma tekeraoi riki ngke ma raom anne.

  • Lvlykids.
    luv Lvlykids.

    hi sis...yes i was giving birth to a baby cutie little girl on the 19Oct10...her name was Kerryta...she was named after Kerry and Mangarita....she was 2 weeks old now....now here's her arc as saying hello to both of you.....e tau ma take care and don't forget that we always miss and luv you... big sis...keeto

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    luv Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    LOL @ ena biu moa ahahah neiko kanga bon akea moa au tain iangoa te 'bf' so bz @ work n family I don't even have time for myself! guess being the eldest sux lol any how don't worry take ur time, send kana e reke am tai don't rush or u might send a blank DvD how are you guys, what have you been doing? hows life in NZ? send pictures as well keeee pls? eheheh ok dear niece will pass on ur Love n Regards to kids n parents pls give our regards to ur family all the best sweet niece n nephew, PEACE n LOVE

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    luv Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    ahahah ao ingke ai tiaki Ms. bwa ai Mrs. ingkai lol neiko wat uncle? kana iai ana uncle raom ae available ao tell him ia kabea ahahahah j/k girl neiko e tiwai reke am uncle, ena kanga akea ae e nano irou bwa ataku bwa inang 'want touch' ahahahah! still on his way from I don't know where :D great to hear from u dear niece am glad ur doing ok sending u much love God bless u n urs

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    Mauri Mr. & Mrs. Smith, hmmm it has a ring to it :D hope this finds you both in good health, just droppin by to send my regards to you beautiful pple! Life here in da Marshalls is all good, we miss you n wish u all the best :D

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    mauri natiu sorry I am hardly in bebo but will def come in hea often since its the only contact we have as of now :D sending much love dear niece and we are so anxious to see fotos :D much love niece and god bless

  • Lvlykids.
    luv Lvlykids.

    hey sisto...here's one for you and bcause e a reke raman waam...an share naba ma raom anne....au luv koa bwanauaia naba....half ngkee ao half ngaia....eaera! miss you always...tibum keeto

  • Deina Tetuai
    luv Deina Tetuai

    mauri sis kouara man am tabo anne? eaman te tai k??????? shhhhhhhh etau tekeraoi te waaki mai ikanne holla bak wen ure free!!!!!! from poor sis

  • Marmic
    luv Marmic

    sis ao koa maga catch ane maikane tekraoi am waaki muah lv u nd miss u

  • Nancy Perpetua Sualau
    Nancy Perpetua Sualau

    awww sorry girl always on fb ok p.o. box 3216, Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960 we would love to c them vid n fotos erabwa natiu ao all da best kisses n hugs from ur lil cuzins here much love niecey n hope all is well :D hurry n send them ahahah thanx again :D

  • Deina Tetuai
    luv Deina Tetuai

    neiko koa catch naba te lv k? tekrrao9i te waaki mai ikanne

  • Rubeniti Kobebe
    luv Rubeniti Kobebe

    butikau ohohohoh ao anne am bwai mairouia natim aikai...ko aki akaka naba iai.. sapoo moa ao take care

  • Rubeniti Kobebe
    luv Rubeniti Kobebe

    mauri naba ngkoe butikau ma mwaneu hehehe...neiko akea te kanganga ma ai bon reken tamneim irou ba are te tai moa ngkai ni busy kee ba te runga ae e a boo atina ma ngkana e reke aia tai nakai ao tao i a butiia naba kee ao i a kabanei naba n upload ni kabane...e uara anne...te tangira nakoim ma raom anne ae e aki kona ni bua mairouiia natiu aikai... tekeraoi riki tangamii ao are ko a manga passby aia kamauri naba natiu aikai nakon aia uncle are te pure imatang hahaha lots of love ........ junbwe kobeniti

  • luv Torn Into Pieces

    Boiti ooh, Neikoto kouara? How's life out therE? I really miss you. *SIGHS* i can't believe you married now. hehehehe.. but thats a true blessing you've found ur other half. I'm happy for you.. Hopefully one of this days, both of you can visit here in MAJURO. *hint hint*. hehe. aight take care and god bless.

  • Marmic
    luv Marmic

    sis ai pn te online iroum??shsh e tau ma koa catch np am pwai ane mai iroun am sis aei,,,koa say hi np nkn am husband 4 me ker!!! muah miss u