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Sal Paradise

You're all a bunch of cunts and I hate every last one of you.

9/3/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Mook City (Monkstown)
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Hyper Mediocrity
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'People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasnt getting ready for them. It didnt even know they were there'

Hi I'm Kieran.
I am the Alpha and Omega.
So...g'wan away.

Stalin's going to fuck your shit up, just because he can.
I won the golden onion.
Akira is the best film ever.

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Feeks byooooors.

'Truth at twenty-four frames a second'
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'The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.' - A Farewell To Arms

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  • Hurricane Jane
    Hurricane Jane

    Thank you for that extract,he is a man of many talents..... Quite the photographer too amazingly... Yes,thank you I was indeed released from the darkness around this time of year! ''Sure what of it''A famous phrase that the Vampire of Sacramento used frequently!

  • Rob.
    luv Rob.

    :L :L :L :L :L :L :L I know :/ help me Uno

  • Richy Rich

    doyle how are we

  • luv James Cotter

    for christmas j. sins got a dvd of Chitty Chitty Gang Bang big d putting in questions about things that dont exist in the exam

  • Richy Rich

    how kieran how did christmas go for ya

  • Rob.
    luv Rob.

    Today is King's Christmas huhuhuh

  • luv Tommy

    biy seeen da feen brando in anuda filum der hes on a bike jus spinnin all over da gaff nd den he fights a feen fuckin lethal biy...cept der was no colour so i burned in my fireplace

  • luv Tommy

    wer watchin on the waterfront in english....i was sittin der lyk biy da main feens sum rat he needs a batin, pass da dutch der

  • luv James Cotter

    no eh.... eh.... you put eh.... on your eh.... seatbelt Sins won the golden onion

  • luv James Cotter

    shane in a volvo

  • Rob.
    luv Rob.

    Ho sire jefferons judge? What disease does Xavier de Rosnay suffer from? Diabeats huhuhuh

  • luv Tommy

    le cain is actually a madman :L we shud see "me and orson welles" dis weekend it has zac efron which is gay but its also about orson welles which is not gay OOOOHHHHH YYYEEESSSS

  • luv Tommy

    sweet profile pic :L i hear tis ur bday either soon or it already has been your bday happy birthday nyway

  • Rob. 11/28/09
  • luv Tommy

    where did you get the profile pic hahahahaha

  • Rob.
    luv Rob.

    What does Matt Damon eat for breakfast? Bourne Flakes huhuhuh

  • luv Tommy

    DONT U DARE FUCKIN BACK CHAT ME or i'll slay u now where u fuckin stand u fuckin paki cunt, right? U LISTEN 2 FUCKIN ME!!! our greatgrandads died 4 this country, whatve u done 4 it?? FUCK ALL but sit there in ur fuckin chair drinkin ur earl grey tea! its not my fuckin fault u talk funny and ur page is 20 miles over the line of mental retardation!!! cunthole!!

  • luv Tommy

    tis tis buddo biy one feen in football called me a slap nd i danced on his head foxbat

  • luv Tommy

    how ho sir macintosh jefferson??