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New Album In The Works!!

11/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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The band was formed in Colorado by Tedder and high school classmate Zach Filkins. The pair moved to Los Angeles, where they picked up fellow Coloradan, guitarist/keyboardist Drew Brown and drummer Eddie Fisher. The band’s most recent inductee, Brent Kutzle, plays bass and adds something extra to live shows with his classical cello. In addition to his work with his own band, Tedder has also written and/or produced tracks for various other artists, including Natasha Bedingfield, Jennifer Lopez, Lil' Jon, Paul Oakenfold, t.A.T.u., Bubba Sparxxx, Tupac and uber-producer Timbaland. A remix of OneRepublic’s song “Apologize” is featured on Timbaland’s latest album, Shock Value, which was released April 3rd, 2007.

Music lovers should expect great things from these fresh faces in the not-so-distant future.

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OneRepublic - Say (All I Need) - Official Music video!!

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  • Listen to the brand new version of Come Home!

    Listen to the brand new version of Come Home featuring Sara Bareilles! OneRepublic created a special song dedicated to the US Troops. The song was inspired by Ryan's friend who got engaged and then was shipped off to Iraq the next day. Listen to it now on www.onerepublic.net

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    Hey everyone, Ryan here- wanted to fill everyone in on what's current and what's coming in 1R world... and once again it's been TOO long...



    Many of you may know and many of you may not know- we are currently 1/3 into what will be our FINAL tour in support of Dreaming Out Loud. By the time we get back home from Africa December 18th we will have been touring non-stop for 15 months straight!!! (we had about 3 weeks off total in that time). Needless to say we're pretty exhausted and it is time. Time for us to get back home, be with our families, recharge- and make a NEW album. Originally we were gonna tour through all of spring 2009 until the summer, go back to europe in January, then australia, south america etc etc etc..... and then we "accidentally" started writing new songs. It started in Luxembourg, and then thru the rest of our European tour (in September)...we just kept writing and new song after new song kept being created and we kept getting more and more excited.... and that's when all of us (our label included) decided- LETS MAKE A NEW FRIGGIN ALBUM!!!

    I originally posted a blog a few months ago saying we had done a new song that we were going to attach to Dreaming Out Loud and re-release for Christmas.... that WAS what we were gonna do- but then all these other ideas came out in other songs- and we realized "This is a different album....this is an evolution not a continuation of something we've already done." So we looked at our calendar- and as much as it sucked (sorry portugal, spain, canada) and probably upset some people- we wiped it clean starting January 1, 2009. We're going home for Christmas, we need some rest, like crazy- so we're gonna take off the month of January- then starting February 1 we will regroup in a studio and start what will become our 2nd album. We've already got probably 8 ideas/songs that exist now- a few of them are actually finished, but we've got plenty more to write. We're hoping to be done by may or june at the latest- and our goal is to have a new album by late summer w/ a new single hopefully late spring '09. Whew. Can't wait.

    What many people may not know is most of Dreaming Out Loud was written approx 5 years ago...we went through record label hell being courted, then signed, then shelved, then dropped, then courted, then signed. etc etc etc. so needless to say- we've been playing these same 12 songs for 5 years now....w/ little variation. Thankfully we love the songs, and thankfully we try not to write stuff that sounds dated 12 months after it's written (that's why in our lyrics I try 'not' to mention the latest cell phone, the current president, or whatever is the popular vodka or champagne that's being poured 'in the clubs')....and that can be tempting....especially considering how often 1R hits the clubs....like- i wish clubs served breakfast cuz then we could just kill two birds with one stone. party. drink. party. drink. waffles? perfect. we could start a chain of breakfast clubs....we could call them "Blubs". ....anyway- it's late and I'm rambling like an idiot.....

    So what will the new album sound like?

    thats a good question- i know this much.... if you liked Dreaming Out Loud then you're gonna love the follow up- we're the same guys. but we've had 5 more years of life, travel, and a world of musical influences..... I can say this- u can definitely expect some more uptempo stuff, stuff that really gets you moving, there wasn't enough of that in D.O.Loud (in my opinion).....but no, we're not making a dance-rock record. We love rock, we love pop, we love alternative, and we LOVE crazy beats and big drums. We're not going to make some experimental, esoteric record that loses all u guys- we hate it when other bands do that....just when u start to like them they put out their 2nd album and decide they're gonna be Radiohead. We love actually 'continui

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    Hi Everyone!!!

    We would like to anounce that we have recently had some changes to our schedule.

    Due to this opportunity we had to move around a few shows. WE ARE EXTREMELY SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE THIS HAS CAUSED OUR FANS. We would like to assure you that your tickets are still valid and will get you in to the newly rescheduled dates. Between this and Ryan's injury/surgery its been an interesting 3 weeks for us. We cannot express how sorry we are that we have to reschedule these shows.

    ORLANDO - We can cannot apologize enough. This has been the second time we have had to reschedule. We would like to assure you that we will see you guys June 2nd

    6/2 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues
    6/3 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
    Norfolk, VA will be postponed to a date to be announce later

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