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James McClure

silence hurts more than words

4/23/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 597
  • from Dungannon (it's in northern ireland)
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 17,367
  • Member since: March 2006
  • Last active: 10/1/12
  • www.bebo.com/Mucker_007
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About Me

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us
Me, Myself, and I
Hello ppl. Read on 2 learn a whole pile of crap about me lol. My new MSN adress is mucker007@hotmail.co.uk (add me if ya want). I enjoy football,tabletennis,playing games,going to the cinema and other stuff. my fav colour is blue. i'm 20 and i go the University of Ulster. i'm not the smartest bloke in the world but i hve other qualities such as erm ummm... lol my fav subject is history that's all i can think of lol Leave me a comment please saying what u think of my profile. thanks.
Steph Burton is really awsome :) she's nice 2 me all the time and she's a very kind, caring, luving friendly person :D she's a gr8 m8 :) she rocks :D
also remember this
Friendship is a priceless gift,
That cannot be bought or sold.
But it's value is far greater,
Than a mountain of gold
Finally Lucy RIP. You were such a good friend and you'll be missed so much by so many people
The Other Half Of Me
Albino Kidd

Albino Kidd

She’s kind, caring, loving and always amazing :)

My mates
Here is a list of my mates in no paticular order. tina, nicola, sam, clarke, kerry, stefan, paul, adam, josh, chris f, chris b, peter m, ross, lisa, sophie, chloe h, sarah c, chloe f, lauren g, laura, amy, sarah cl, carla, another lauren, ciara, nicola, nick m, vannessa, grace(bruce), mansell, sarah m, another laura, andrea, bobby(steven), jessika, leah, melissia, sinead, kirsty, elenor, matt, jimmey, stephanie, aishling, marcia, sarah mcc, leanne, orla, arlene, steph, cheryl, ruth(sandy), sharon(shaz), wendi, aoife, jo, sophie h, alana, svinto, katie, stef, nicola s, lee (i think her real name is leah, not sure lol soz), janet, tasha, juby, elaina. there's loads more but i've ran out of room.
V for Vendetta/action films/comedy/simpsons/match of the day/friends/xmen 3/mi3/all bond movies/the da vinci code/doctor who/any music really/lordi is ok and so is E nomine + loads more that i can't remember lol
Football, tabletennis, ManU, NI,
 Dungannon Swifts, tennis, badminton, athletics, longball, softball, table football, pool, snooker
Scared Of
everyone stoping tlking 2 me, losing all my friends, being single all my life, offending a girl, having a big fight with someone, my mates hurting themseleves(self harm), secrets, lie detectors, some teachers, sometimes my family, being the last person on earth, being depressed for the rest of my life, drowning, having sleepless nights, myself(when u r angry and depressed u can do some really stupid things believe me i know), my mates or family dieing, the world turning against me, being alive much longer, girls dumping me, sacrificing my life for someone(i would do it especially for some of the girls that i know), having girls fight over me(i'm not worth it), screwing up friendships.
Happiest When
Playing Games, seeing friends, watching films, talking 2 ppl, texting girls, chatting on msn, talkin on the fone, winning, kickin butt, when i say something smart, buying gifts 4 girls, buying games, spending money, when i'm on holiday with my family, a girl asks me 4 my number lol, on the internet, i'm at the cinema, at a party, listening to music, flirting lol, karting, when i'm making other ppl happy.
Things i hate r
liars, ppl who think they rule, cocky ppl, exams, bigheaded ppl, when i lose lol, nintendo, when ppl let u down, when ppl u trust tell other ppl your secrets and last but not least bullys. i hate bullys more than anything. get a life and stop annoying ppl who don't deserve it. if anyone is being bullied my adivice is fight back or tell someone or get your m8s 2 help u out. this should solve the problem. by the way if anyone out ther is being bullied don't be afraid 2 ask me 4 help. i'll do everything in my power 2 help u, it's a war out there and the more allys u hve the better. good luck my friends.
What i would like to do b4 i die
win the lottery lol , become smart, get a good job, become happy, make more friends, get my family 2 like me, get married, maybe hve kids, find the girl of my dreams, go out with my crush lol (the last two will never happen)

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  • had a gd day 2day

    went 2 the cinema and went 2 a fairground so that was gd and i saw tina :) long time no c eh? lol anyways my bebo pg is being a bit weird, apparently i've added new friends over the last few days even though i hven't been online 4 over a week, strange... anyways c yas soon, take care

    0 Comments 218 weeks

  • dam it

    i've been a bad friend this week, i've let 2 ppl down :( i let steph down on friday cause i had no way of getting 2 the place that she wanted me 2 go 2 cause the car wasn't free, my parents were busy and it's 2 far 2 walk. now i've come on and seen that kerry has said that she could hve gone 2 the cinema with me on tues weds or 2day and i only got that comment 2day so i've let her down :( and i'm going 2 tenerife 2morrow so i can't do anyting 2 make up 4 it cause when i get bck school will hve started again :( sorry kerry and steph, i will redeem myself, i promise

    0 Comments 224 weeks

  • a thank you and more gd news

    firstly thanks 2 everyone who congratulated me about my driving test, especially my ict class who all started clapping lol thanks :D ok the gd news is that i got another PS3, Ii'm very happy now :D :D :D :D :D thanks everyone, take care

    0 Comments 229 weeks

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  • Dominic

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/ewHrh

  • Aindréa

    This is a random question but are you a Furry?

  • Berb The Herb
    luv Berb The Herb

    hey! just poping onto bebo, havnt for sooooo long! how ya doing?? im in germany atm:D its great here!!! do u have facebook?? if so u hav to add me!

  • Albino Kidd
    luv Albino Kidd

    heyy James !! i so forgot to comment lol, yea i did get ur text but I've a new phone n I deleted it for space b4 i saved your num! :( email it to me tho n i'll deffo get it =] n yea totally up for meetin ya! :) oxo

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Hey james im so sorry i havnt been on here much, its made us talk less, so im going to be coming on here more to talk 2 u =] love you lots <3 xoxo

    12/9/09 via Mobile
  • Sam Cuddy
    Sam Cuddy

    my course is awesome :D Such weird/interesting assignments and stuff :D What about you?

  • Sam Cuddy
    Sam Cuddy

    I'm good, you? :) Hows everything going for you? Sorry I didn't text back btw but I'm outta money right now =/

  • Darren Shan
    Darren Shan

    Thanks for the support!! :) Just to let you know we're running a competition to see Darren's new film Cirque Du Freak before it's out in the cinemas. Darren will also be there in person for a Q&A session. You can enter here: http://bit.ly/II6qp. Darren will also be on a book tour throughout the UK in October...more details to follow. Good luck!

  • Kathryn
    luv Kathryn

    just tout i leave u love, all the best 4 coalraine pet u ll hav a blast xx

  • Albino Kidd
    luv Albino Kidd

    James I owe you a big apology!! I've been so distracted n stressed with this crappyn uni stuff I havent been available, but it's finally all sorted !!=[[ n if you still want to go out id be happy too :) n we will get our trip to Bfast......cause I;m going to Queens :D :D oxo

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Heyyyy James, thats okies :) as long as you get round to it :) Im really looking forward to this letter :D :D Hope your okay hun :) xoxo LOVE 4 U :D

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Hey James, :) . Have you wrote back yet? Im just wondering like lol when to expect one :/ Its okay if u havnt i was just wondering :) :) xoxo

  • Lea

    hiya james hows you havnt chatted to you in ages lol xoxooxox

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Hey James got your text but i do not have credit until the 26th :/ I hope you wrote a letter back :) Have you?? xoxo

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Heya James, You got the letter yet :) :) ?? I wonder how long it does actually take... oooooo i think i sent it off on tuesday :) :) xoxo

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Heya James i got your text this morning lol but i was still asleep and i didnt get up til 2. I dont have much cred left so i thought id come on here and give you love instead :) :) You totally should get facebook :) Would be well cool :D :D Im well excited for that letter to get to you.. iuno how long it will take though so it might take forever!!!! :S:S Loveage! xoxo

  • J A Y D E
    J A Y D E

    No no its fine about msn and you didnt have to give me 3 love :S looks like me greedy ahaha. Cant wait! 25th :D :D xxx

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E

    Hey James! Love! You deserve it :) :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • J A Y D E
    luv J A Y D E


  • J A Y D E
    J A Y D E

    James, Hi. I havnt got much credit or i would have carried on texting you earlier :) . I hope this letter does actually get to u haha. Then we can write to each other. AND OMG can not beleive its been nearly 3 years, thats amazing :) Longest friendship iv had with somone :D :D Lv ya :) xxxxxxxxx