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Self Published
Perth UK
Thrice, Red Stripe Beer, Short Hair, The Haunted, Anchorman, Slayer, Killswitch (old Stuff), BTBAM.
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About Me

Split the Skylines Red
Me, Myself, and I
We are Emersion:
A 5 piece metal band formed in Perth.
At the start of 2005 we began only playing an instrumental set, covering our local grounds and trying to build up a small fan base; then in early 2006 we introduced a frontman to complete the sound we were longing to achieve.

We are currently trying to book up on gigs to promote our new songs and hopefully gain a bigger fan base through-out Scotland.

Our line up to date is as follows:

Iain Jenkins - Drums
Craig Mann - Bass
Andy Johnson - Guitar
Cj - Guitar
Kirky - Vocals.

Our new demo is out, if anyone wants one then just ask someone in the band!

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  • Hardrockhouse Review

    Emersion are a 5 piece screamo/metal band formed in Perth (that's Perth in Scotland, not Australia). Originally starting out as an instrumental band in 2005, they then added a front man in early 2006 to complete the sound they were longing to achieve.

    Listening to the first track on their demo, "Skylines", it is a melodic opus showing off what singer Stuart can do with his lungs, he can instantly go from a scream to a wail. "Something In The Water" is a face shredding attack with lots of meaty riffs to get your teeth into.

    Finally, "Killing Connection" shows off the talents of the other musicians in the band, with some great riffs, excellent precision drumming and a constant rhythmatic pulse coming from bassist Craig.

    They have already played shows with Flood of Red and some other hot Scottish properties including The Floods of Fire City and Kill All Celebrities. Look out for Emersion as you can expect a lot from them in late 2007.

    Review by John Consterdine

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  • Sidewalk Promotions Review

    Emersion Demo 28th June 2007.

    Emersion are an up and coming metal band from Perth, Scotland who consist of five guys who are determined to succeed. They have received a great reception in Perth and have been building a small following there. With the planned release of another demo by the end of 2007 Emersion are planning to increase their following throughout Scotland and into the tough bars of Glasgow.

    The demo contains three songs; Skylines, Killing Connection and Something in The Water.

    'Skyline's is a fast passed track with a grungy introduction followed by vocals and some screaming. This song being the first on the demo gives the main impression of the band. The impression received are that the band are new, they don't have to much live experience but that they have the confidence and the passion to get there. This track insinuated that they plan to combine the heavy with the melodic, and grind with metal. Near the end of the track however, the bands real talent are showcased and we get to hear what they have which is heavy metal riffs; torn apart vocals and a solid bass line, which, in all honesty the song could do without as it becomes repetitive and really lets down the beauty found in the metal.

    The next song is named 'Something in the Water' which begins with heavy chugging metal guitars followed by the introduction of screamers which create a great ear catcher. The song follows on as fast paced with more chugging guitars and raw vocals and the tempo changes in the bridge along with a clearer sound for the solo, but it does not compare to the raw vocals and guitars the rest of the song provides. Once again you can hear what the band are attempting and are very close to reaching in this song; a very heavy metal track which really picks up track at the end again, reminiscent of 'Grind' done by the Glasgow band Black Chain. Heavy, raw vocals against heavy guitars are the main themes in this track, and, going by the latest trends and themes Emersion could do exceedingly well once they become more aware of themselves, their instruments and their talent.

    'Killing Connection' is the final track on the demo. It starts slow and slightly desolate joined by some clean guitar then the drums to accompany. The track sounds promising and then breaks into the raw scream vocals and a walking rhythm with fancy twists that add to its energy and rage. The guitar parts are rather good in this, but still follow the vocalist a bit; as if mimicking him slightly. However by about 1:45 minutes in the guitars have found their own against the vocals and this sounds exceedingly great and lives up to the introductions promise. Despite this great find, the guitars then returns to their old habit of sharing the vocalist's part. They then return to our opening desolation, and then into a heavy solo were we hear the guitarist's talent and effort shine followed by the drums, which must go down a storm at a live performance, which is followed by some grind with raw vocals which cut of as an abrupt end of the song, leaving the listener with a surprised smile.

    In the last two songs Emersion really proved themselves to be talented musicians with a great deal of potential. As the songs develop, we hear the band develop; if only the tracks began as great as they become! Many people may loose patience by the first minute or so, but once listening to the whole demo tracks it is plain to see that the band have talent, have determination and have the ability to succeed in the music scene. Their next demo is soon to follow, and it will be interesting to see how the band have matured and changed, and taken all advice into their power. I would recommend to all to go see this band, as I imagine they put on an amazing live show; see you in the pit!



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  • Dead/Star Review

    "Emersion are an up and coming metal/scremo/thrash Perth based band, With blatant influences from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, and Killswitch engage. Dead/Star have listened to all 3 songs on the bands myspace page.

    "Skylines" is the first song the bands have featured. Emersions were not lying when they claim to have influences such as Thrice and Avenged Sevenfold. "Skylines" beings very mellodical and suddenly changes into a thrashing metal song, with pounding bass lines and speedy drum beat. There sound is a perfect marriage with the vocals and screams, and somehow make a sound that's all there own. Expect the unexpected with this song."

    "Killing Connection" begins with a simple melody and gradually builds until the vocals are introduced which Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage) would be proud of, the vocals display angst that gives the metal sound an interesting mix. Half way through, the riff become dominant and gives this already interesting sound a whole new meaning. "Killing Connection" ends the way it began, melodic, and powerful till the end.

    "Something in the water" is fast and aggressive straight away, and begins to make leaps and bounds vocally. The combination of the instruments all at once again make a sound all its own. The clear talent of Emersion is shown to it's full potential in this song, with the incredibly fast drum beat, quality riffs and powerful vocals"


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  • Captain Chaos
    Captain Chaos

    cj can u get me a cd? i will pay u a rubber chicken for it! :P p.s. (mikey's right about codename lol)

  • Mr Whippy

    in a none gay way u guys are great 2 cook 2 it gos with the beat lol p.s cj codname are queer lol x

  • luv Loowiss

    thanks fuckin loads for the cd guys: FUCKIN AMAZING!! i'll pay you on wed cj? toodles x

  • Claire T
    Claire T

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  • luv Loowiss

    you guys are fuckin amazing, therefore have my love :P and cj, get my fuckin Emersion CD :P

  • Mr Whippy

    dont u guys have a cd giv 2 cj and il giv money 4 it (cj codname r queer lol) also cj ni na ni na ni na nai na ni nade da daaaaa lol

  • Marc Zwetsloot
    Marc Zwetsloot

    the drummer for this band should drum for Equitality!!!

  • Nikki

    My gothic underground Space Chat, videos, hot pics, music, models, gothic guys&gals, tattoo, piercing, fetish, b...What is the big event coming soon? What things are different and special? Check the coolest gothic underground space and have fun!! http://gothiquenikki.tripod.com/

  • Zoe Grant
    luv Zoe Grant

    alright posers x

  • Equitality (may be coming back..) 12/1/07
  • Blood-Kiss-Murder

    love ur muzic~! ^_^ hyponess ish arrising~! ~*♥*~*♥*~*♥*~ xx ~x~X~x~

  • Jimmy Chartrand
    Jimmy Chartrand

    Skylines Something In The Water R fuckin awesome lol Kool Music

  • Proud Mummy Of Craig X

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! use were amazin at soundhaus last thursay :) wuld deffo luv 2 cum c u play again have sum luff <3 xox bebo bk xox

  • Jonathan Brooks
    Jonathan Brooks

    Dude, you guys are awesome! Keep on Rockin' ;)

  • Oh My Syndrome
    Oh My Syndrome

    NICE u guys good drummer crazy! ood vocals to hll yea im a fan hope guys makke it!

  • Tunestart .
    Tunestart .

    Hey guys. I like your sound, could we add your band to our site?