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About Me

To Look Into The Eyes Of A Wolf Is Like Looking Into Another's Soul...
Me, Myself, and I
The lone grey wolf wonders through the forest, her deep amber eyes gaze up at the moon with sorrow. Her ears twitch, listening to the sounds of the movements around her. She ignores the things around her, Inside she is tearing apart...No home, no mate, All the things she once loved are now long gone.
The close friends she has she treasures, they have been there for her through it all. Though here she is, crying in her own misery. She does not trust many. All the promises of forever are long gone, the promise of a lifetime is not real.
She turns her maw to the Moon, parting her jaws as she howls a song of sorrow, pain, regret...A song to those who have left - How she pines for them. But her call is not answered, sometimes she wants to give up but she remains incase those who loved her will return.
Turning back to the darkness of the forest, back to the life of a Kerl....
The Other Half Of Me


Dear Oaky. My mate. For always.

E-Gad D:
My top friends arn't in any particular order, so if i have mentioned you below then remember I love you all the same. It doesn't matter whether you're first, third or not even on there! It's too much hassle for me to keep changing it and to be honest, I don't really care whose where xD Sorry if I missed you out on my list though and strikes are for people who are gone >.<
Family (:
♪♫We may be spread far apart but never ever leaving our hearts. ♪♫ Jett. Onari. Zap. Miki. Jigsaw. Kai. Beau. Niko. Arrow. Daray. JJ. Koge. Syra. Tikaani. Corbin. Regan. Indie. Koda.
↓ Best Buddies ↓
♣ Aki. Tala . Nash. Zen. Xann. Budd ♣
Awesomeness [:
Jack. Free Soul. Fell and Larka. Blade. Rambo. Shadow. Dash. Koro. Glory. Ayden Jr. Jasper. Fell. Oakami. Greg. Winter.
One of the Golden Oldies™
I miss the days where we used to over crowd the waterfall or Jasper's beach. I miss the days where none of us had a clue how to roleplay and used the little stars *. Roleplay is changing, let it change for the better and not for the worst. Keep roleplay Alive

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  • ooc;

    Hello all! By some luck it seems wolves are returning to the forest, brilliant! I have always loved this girl very much and missed roleplaying her, though life certainly is much different then when she started. I have a boyfriend whom I live with, work in a pet shop full time and have an African Pygmy Hedgehog called Harry. So I am rather busy but will always try and get online when I can. If you want to roleplay just send me a starter but remember I'm rather rusty!

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  • Stages Of Development(Found on Arrluk's page)

    10 - 13 days: the eyes open
    3 weeks: the milk teeth appear, they start to explore the den
    4 - 5 weeks: short trips outside the den, begin to eat meat
    6 weeks: moving up to a mile from the den (with adult wolf)
    6 - 8 weeks: pups are weaned, traveling to rendezvous site.
    12 weeks: begin to travel with the pack on hunts (with adult wolves)
    15 - 28 weeks: milk teeth are replaced
    7 - 8 months: begin to hunt with the pack

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  • Ostanda's story : Editted

    Ostanda is a grey wolf, her fur changes darkness with the seasons so she is naturally lighter in the summer seasons. She is currently 8 years old, though she still has the strength and spirt of a yearling.
    Her natural birth family was unfortunately the victims of a forest flood, the water filling the den before they were able to get out. As a tiny pup, Ostanda was curious of the outside world and on the hunt of a small mouse which took her further uphill. This one act of disobedience saved her life. Yet lost her her entire family including her mother, father and three siblings; two male and one female.
    She was now left alone...
    Hungry and seeking shelter from the soon approaching winter, Ostanda has the fortune of meeting a large black varg named Free-Soul. He was kind to her and took her to find some food she so dearly needed. He then made her one of his own pups, taking her back to meet his mate, Tala. They were amazing parents to Ostanda, treating her with such kindness that she felt truly loved. They had their own pup, named Faelan and he was the best sibling Ostanda could of asked for. He was always avoiding baths and being a littermate Ostanda had lost. Sadly both Free-Soul and Faelan have since disappeared and although Tala is still around, they do not see each other as frequently.
    During her lifetime, Ostanda has had many mates, though her first mate, Jet, fathered a litter of Ostanda's pups. She loves her children dearly, though once again they have taken their own paths in life. Beau and Miki being her favourites of the litters. Miki is still around when Ostanda is lucky enough to see him. Sadly the son who was most favoured to take over the pack, Zap, disappeared and that was the start of her family breaking down.

    For now, Ostanda is on her own. Though she still has the few close friends whose always been there for her. She doesn't have a mate, though this seems to not be of much a fuss to Osty. She is happy as she is.

    To be continued...

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  • -Dakota.

    ''...Hello. Roleplay? (:''

    6 hours ago
  • Silas.

    #;; Osty - Dunno if you remember me, I use to be one of the golden oldie's of Canine role-play, Buddy?

    Apr 15
  • 'Wolverine

    Hello. No worries on the late reply, I'm ratger late getting it myself. I do apologise. Roleplay?

    Feb 9
  • Oakami
    luv Oakami

    He looked at her with content eyes.. Remembering how being gone brought pain.. Regret.. Oh how he wished he could have took it all back.. Been there when his Osty had needed him.. But although the sad thoughts a smile still danced across his face.. Being here now is all that mattered.. And this time.. He was going no where.. "No matter how long i would have been gone.. I would have always returned.. And i always will.. You mean everything to me Ostanda. Always have always will.." The male pushed his head against the fem's.. His eyes tightly shut as he did so..

  • Devon Gems
    Devon Gems

    sorry about the wait on reply would love to role-play

  • ººOlde Kootºº
    ººOlde Kootºº

    Sure np but could u start .. Bad starters block XD

  • 'Aspera.
    luv 'Aspera.

    ((OOC:: That's quite alright :)
    I've been just the same, college work and such in-formalities as that :/ *le sigh* sure thing :D here we go! ))

    It must have been time for dinner, the sky was painted with an abstract scatter of blotchy clouds, blocking the sun’s gentle rays from caressing the mountains and trees.
    Everything was shaded with a dim ashen; the leaves were no longer their vibrant hues of passionate mahogany. Instead, they were a dull and murky brown and they did not convey an aesthetically pleasing image for the eye.
    The pallid femme’s body-clock was to pot. The climate had been so irrational of late she could barely tell dawn from dusk and it was only the violent differentiation in temperature that kept her in check.
    She plodded along, her jaw elongated into a wide and gawping yawn, she was far from ‘up for the hunt.’

  • Oakami
    luv Oakami

    The scruffed up looking male slowly pondered through the soft cashmere touch of the grass. His paws sinking into the ground as each paw moved forward.. Eyes catching the site of his one and only mate.. Moving in he rubbed his head into the back of her neck. Much to say as a greeting and showing his strong affection toward the one before him. "My osty.. I have missed you as always."

  • 'Aspera.
    luv 'Aspera.

    Great! :D
    Do you want to start and I'll get round to a reply, or do you want me to send you a starter? :) up to you.

    I know right! :O I'm just so busy with college atm.... I don't get in until 6 in the evening -__-

  • 'Wolverine

    Sure I would love too :D want me to start?

  • 'Aspera.
    luv 'Aspera.

    Sure, though I cannot say I'll reply quickly ^^;

  • 'Wolverine

    I thank you for adding me ^^ I was glad to accept!

  • Oakami
    luv Oakami

    It seems as if my fur will have to be ruffled.. I shall wait for you a little while and see if you appear.

  • Oakami
    luv Oakami

    I've been missing you too osty ..

  • 'Aspera.
    luv 'Aspera.

    No problemooo~
    How are things? :D

  • 'Aspera.

    Thanks for accepting. (:

  • Okimbe.

    I'll glady start us off!:3

    The cold chill that was felt within her paws made her long, thin legs shudder slightly. By the feeling of the breeze that calmly ran through her long slightly matted pelt; it was ending the summer that brought such warmt and happiness; now came the Autumn, when the leaves would fall to their withering end upon the green grass.

    Quinn looked around her horizon subconciously. Given a curfew by Joseph; she wanted to spend this time with great detail. Her teal eyes, which shimmered from the lack of sun she was exposed from saw a town in the distance; a woodland, and fields. She knew this area well; it was a place no one would ever think about. However, in her daze of thoughts; her upright floppy ears rang with another call; a bark, a whine? What was it? Quinn re-opened her eyes; tossing her head toward the direction of the sound, and barking outloud in response and following.

  • Okimbe.
    luv Okimbe.

    Oh wow! Is this an original I see? ^^ fancy roleplaying dear?

    8/19/12 via Mobile
  • Jekkers

    [ Would you like to role-play?]

  • MoonDance

    (: Hey