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Gorgeous Gurl

Hahaha...my life be like WWWOOOAAAHHH!!!

11/4/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Mission B.C.
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Im 21 live on the rez have one son he's 11months old name is Deshaun! Gotta love the kid hes my everything..changed my life so fast yet in a way i never knew was possible!... i been with the same guy for 3years his name is Blaze we have our troubles but nothing seems to have kept us apart so far! been living by the moment lately...whatever happens happens, im happy living my life that way, im known as a bitch to many but let me remind you that a bitch aint a bad thing all the time.... till later i will this after!! gotta go! WORK WORK WORK BABY!
The Other Half Of Me
Miranda Sam

Miranda Sam

My sis, friend, and mother of my beautiful neice!

A Wicked Poem For Everyone To Read& Think About...
Mr Alcohol

My name is Mr Alcohol
My services often free
I'm found in all the cities
Death rides with me

I'll take you high on a cloud
And make you think you're rich
then bring you down with screaming sounds

I'll ease my way into your life
through whiskey, beer, and wine
I'll stay with you and never leave
you're soul I'll claim for mine

I'll steal the clothes right off your back
and shoes from your childrens feet
You'll be ashamed to lift your head
when you walk down the street

I'll specialize in breaking homes
Heartaches I like to see
Children in need of mom and dad
brigns laughter and joy to me

I love to knock the wife around
then watch her cry and grieve
I smile as she begs so hard
for me to pack and leave

I live among the black, white, and red man
the rich and the poor
I have no special class of folks
I'll knock on any door.
Juno, Why did i get married, born in East L.A., Saw 4, Game Plan, Gridiron gang, all about the benjamins, rush hour2&3, scarface, Girlfight, Million dollar baby...... cant think right now! but mainly like comedy!
Hmm... Basketball, soccer, lil bita hockey, boxing iz that shit..and hmm... football if im watchin it live..
DoNt LiKe...
Well theres hights sometimes, spiders, snakes, birds lol dont know why just hate them!! , and of course losing the people i love and the crazy ass people who waste their time hatin on others for no reason...waste of damn time...
Mi sayin...
УŌÚ ŜãУ ŀm бĨŧČҺ ĹÍĶЗ їŤŜ ā ฿ąđ ťҢĬŅĞ!!?

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  • Just some things on the top of my head...

    I seen the good and the bad
    held inside all the sad
    in my head all the things i should have said...
    to this day our love has never seemed so dead...
    sure as one has said "shoulda left that boi alone"
    never to listen, had to find out on my own, not knowing i would dred the things that happen up ahead...

    You treated me the same, done and played ur game..
    now im feelin all ashame, for things i havent done...
    used and abused i stand alone
    i look to my son and see all the love,
    i see it in him and know that it is true...
    where did he get it, and where has my pure love gone..

    Love has come and gone for me and you
    now the time to let it end, remain nothing more than just a friend
    one day will come i'll meet your wife introduce you to my new life,
    I leave this message not in vein, only to show that im not at war with you...only one can say that i love you and make it true now i know that one is not you..

    Theres nothing more for you to give
    nor is there more that i can take,
    hope these words are true and make it clear for you
    please dont hold a grudge for these feelings took me longer to show than you shall ever know...

    Written by: Ashley Wilson October 15th 2008 7:59pm

    2 Comments 250 weeks

  • Some old shit!

    Never give up if you still wanna try, never wipe away your tears if you still wanna cry, never settle for no answers if you still wanna know, never say you don't love him if your heart wont let him go,Never Leave Tha One You Love For Tha One You Like,Becuase Tha One You Like Will Leave You For Tha One They Love!!

    0 Comments 319 weeks

  • A poem from the internet but i thought was interesting!

    Rose's Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    I'm In Love
    But Not With You
    When we Broke Up
    You Thought I Cried
    But It Was All Another Guy
    So You Told Your Friends I was a Trick
    So I Told My Friends You Were Sick
    I Told You I Loved You
    You Thought It Was True
    Guess What Boy

    1 Comment 319 weeks

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  • Miranda Sam
    luv Miranda Sam

    hello ash how u doin missin u all hope to see u soon

  • Madison Bruyere
    Madison Bruyere

    holy..felt bad for your page..lol..jk no one commented in like 4 weeks.. i hardly go on bebo..but thought id say hi anyways..

  • Christopher Wilson
    luv Christopher Wilson

    Miss the Whole Family!! Heres some Love :D :D kiss Baby for me :L xoxo

  • DopeShiit
    luv DopeShiit

    Crazy days and fucked up nights Tons of crushes and stupid fights Secrets we'll take to the grave Pictures we will forever save Through thick and thin always true I dunno where I'd be without you Laughin so hard we practically cry Sittin' home bored til we basically die Crackin' jokes bout the bitches we know Causin' some drama wherever we go Were down for whatever Cuz we made it together ♥