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About Me

Promoting the safe and responsible use of Bebo
Me, Myself, and I
Bebo has developed a set of educational resources to promote the safe and responsible use of social networking across its community. The resources were created in partnership with parents, teachers and pupils across Ireland and the UK. The materials take the form of 11 visually-engaging short videos and animations, which have been designed to encourage parents and young people to view the content together. They include videos produced by the Ad Council in the US and Bebo’s team of animators.

There is a link to the safety resources at the foot of every page on the Bebo site. The content is a significant development in support of Bebo’s ongoing online education, safety and well-being initiatives.

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  • TV company seeks young campaigners 14-19 years old

    Battlefront is a major new project designed to engage and inspire teens to get off their sofas and get involved in campaigning for issues they passionately believe in.
    Are you aged 14-19 and have a voice that needs to be heard? Are you innovative, spirited and refuse to take no for an answer? A...

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  • Twilight Fans Club
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  • Clic Online
    Anonymous Bebo User

    Hi, I work for a Welsh youth website currently in development, aimed at 11 - 25 year olds and organisations which work with them. We are the national information channel for young people, providing news, events, information and organisations that can help. The main site will be launching in June 2009, in the meantime our development blog can be found here www.cliconline.co.uk We think your page is great and we share your interest in promoting online safety with young people!

  • Anonymous Bebo User

    hows it going people , ive started a band page for my band !!!!! COLUMBA !!!!! you can hear the songs if you click the link below have a listen and become a fan , leave a comment spread the good word http://www.bebo.com/columbarocks cheers

  • James
    Anonymous Bebo User

    hey wuu2? =)

  • Denise Wihongi
    Anonymous Bebo User

    Hi can you help me, I have meant to have sent video clips wif comments about seeing them on it. But i haven't and don't know how to get rid of it please help check it out on my page

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  • Ed
    luv Anonymous Bebo User

    its ok but boring

  • luv Anonymous Bebo User

    Can you explain why my sisters bebo is not deleted yet and my bands?

  • Ryann.
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  • Reckless Wonderland
    luv Anonymous Bebo User

    This is very interesting and help in a way... :) Thanks

  • It doesn't have to happen
    Anonymous Bebo User

    Please support our anti-knife-crime campaign and add us as your friend at www.bebo.com/itdoesnthavetohappen

  • Dunny
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  • Jimmy Armour
    luv Anonymous Bebo User

    this looks boring but i'll join:)

  • Fern B
    Anonymous Bebo User

    if something is not done about siobhan username - .X.Siobhan.X. and her tellin kids how 2 copy n paste privret photos from other people then telling them its ok aslong as they dont get cought then theres rachel connolly who is useing a false name on bebo she is usein the name rachel davidson and not only that she had photos of her daughter completely naked in the bath wich has been reported but then her n siobhan have the cheek 2 moan when people take photos of their kids when siobhan is the one showing kids how 2 copy n paste privert photos is that right?????????because i dont think it is!they are just taking the piss out of bebo if you dont do any thing about it then this will be taken futher n alot of people will agree with me on this. if you dont want people to see photos of your kids dont uplaod them on bebo n ones of kids naked in the bath is just too far n she really needs to be told because that would go under child porn on your bebo site n thats giving bebo a bad name

  • Fern B
    Anonymous Bebo User

    do u let people on bebo if they are slagging it off in papers n telling an ansumers party full of people how to copy n paste peoples photos from a privret album?? this person happens to be one of the mums that has complained about it in the papers and her username is .X.Siobhan.X. she was the one that also showed me how to copy privert photos and said its ok to do it as long as you dont get caught doing it. i wasnt they only one that she showed how to do it she has also showed a lot of kids how to do it if you dont do anything about it its goin 2 go 2 far n will land up bebo getting deleted and alot of people come on bebo because its a good way to stay in touch with family and friends that have moved away if you let these people slag bebo off in papers now who knows what they will do next if i was you id rather be slagged off for putting them right n letting the people that use it to stay in touch over bebo have it spoiled when it comes to the point bebo will have to be shut down

  • Gerry Frobisher
    Anonymous Bebo User

    It is important that Bebo users are aware of the safe use of Bebo sites. A good site for this, and for signposting to other sites. 05.04.08

  • thinkbe4ublog
    Anonymous Bebo User

    plz take a look at this band thanx:D