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I'm fucking fed up of feeling like the unwanted one left on the shelf.

2/26/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

♫~Seasons come and go but I will never change
Me, Myself, and I
Beauty Grabs Attention But Personality Grabs The Heart.♥

Isn't it funny how life changes?...

Thorpe Park♥

The Other Half Of Me
X Rozyrawr. X

X Rozyrawr. X

<--Secretly she IS La La from the Teletubbies

♥~Honeyy Bumm™
My gorgeous Lil' Ponyy.

I love her So much it's unbelievable...

Even if she can have Major attitude problems at times, I love her for that, no matter what :)
...It's part of who she is :) .

& WOW does she look so friggin' pretty when she is plated up for shows, by the amazing platter Pam:) ..{{She makes her look suuuper & I thank her for that}}

...But seriously I don't know what I would do without this pony, I may not see her as often as I used to, & would like to but in a way thats better because it makes me treasure each time I go up to see her more.

Basically it comes down to

Don't know what I would do without her :D

& When I'm Deeply Upset about something, spending time on my own and giving her a hug makes me take a deep breath & relax.Just like that.
♫~Riding School
I go to Stockbridge Riding School and 'tis pretty much amazingg. Merlin & Lester <3
A heaven on Earth tbqh :)
My latest addiction really :) I do believe this is the best place I have been in my life.ever.
Tbh, I don't use this account any more, if you wanna talk then contact me on Facebook or Twitter :) That's if you actually DO know me. cheersss. peace out :)

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  • Roz

    fcuk me she is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing,known her since primary she is amazing to be around,and such a special person and omg I dunno what i would have done without her I love her so much she will be one of my best freinds forever...until i'm in a coffin :L love you tons Roz

    0 Comments 231 weeks

  • Honey bunnies

    So I own this amazingly special pony named HONEY she is a SILVER DUN and has been on this planet for 12 YEARS{{arived on the 15th May}}.I'm calling her a her and she so that must tell you she is a MARE.Her Breed is NEW FORESTxDALES & well she can be a right charactor :L ...cheeky mare READY TO EXPLODE WITH ATTITUDE well yeahh I can't love her anymore....she is loved so much that it is impossible to love anymore:L
    && there are some very stunning and smexxi pictures of her somewhere on my profile...in all the albums...SPESH THE ONES OF PARK FARM SHOOOWW:D
    I know we all think are mares are better than ANYONE in the whole wide WORLDS and umm yeah SO DO I:L
    I'm not vain......just love my pony too much....as she is a big fluffy bear at the moment and when i give her hay I can snuggled my face into the top part of her neck(nearer to her body) seriously this mare is ONE SPECIIAL LEGEND and RULES my world :D
    ilySFM Honey Bunny :D

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  • Sophiirawrr

    I'm fucking fed up of feeling unwanted and left on the shelf...I really am

  • Roxi Brooke
    Roxi Brooke

    Hey. Have we met? Gleneagles maybe? X

    2/25/10 via Mobile
  • luv Toni

    Hey, its me Toni How are you? Sorry i deleted you and now i've found you again :) xxxxxxx

  • Cloe

    Im so sorry about last night. I feel really bad. If i hear anything i will let you know. Im really sorry. Yeah you know what im talking about but im not going to post it all over beboi. Sorry. x

  • Cloe

    Ha sopie fell over at ice skating lol, it was funny no offence sophie. x

  • Lilyyx
    luv Lilyyx

    SOPHIE, yea tomorow will be FUCKING amazing. lol us in a tent AGAIN. your a muslim hmmmf thanks for the pic lol we are like in greese. arnt we cool (Y) loveage for you to muslim xxx

  • Lilyyx
    luv Lilyyx

    love love love

  • Cloe

    HAHAHA Sophie fell UP a STOPPED escalator. Jokes Im so kind arnt i lol X

  • Lilyyx
    luv Lilyyx

    oh yea make me sound like a twat on bebo, thanks. you SKET. XD lmfao, remember on cobra, when we HAD to sit at the back of the cart, and when it was like spining at like 50 mph, you was shouting 'this is boring.. IM BORED' ha lmao.. .. i just found that funny :) xx

  • Toni

    Hey Gd. I'm okay thanks Lol Yeah it did :) So, what did you think of the other Dr who? thats coming up later this year? It looked scary.. again lol xxxx

  • Toni

    Hey How are you? We havent spoke for ages have we? :) Did u see David Tennant on BBC morning news? He looked soooo cute! I loved his hair :) xxxxxxxxx

  • DecapitatedGirl 4/14/09
  • DecapitatedGirl


  • Toni

    Yeah i watched him! He was soooo sweet, kinda lush :D xxxx