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The Past Is History The Future Is A Mystery

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Bullet Proof Ninja
Me, Myself, and I

Lyric's From Songs I Like
It Feels As Black As The Thoughts That I Had Wen The Road Was As Dark As My Fears
Lostprophets, Fightstar, Rage Against The Machine, Eminem, 50 Cent, Asher Roth, Chris Brown, Black Eye Peas.

Well I Skate, Play Football For Goodyear F.C, I drum In A Band Even Though That Ain't A Sport But I Really Enjoy It :P
Scared Of
Big Ass Spiders!!!! :O
Happiest When
With My M8s Gettn Blocked Nd Partyn Playin Gigs lol
Really Good Mate He's Always There 4 Me 2 He's The Most Dead On Person I've Met He's 1 Of The Funniest Fella's U'll Ever Meet,
He's AAwweessoommee!!!!!!

Ps I Love Uuuuuuu Rankus!!!!!!! Lmao!!

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Ending Of The Crisis - We Were Not Soldiers

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What type of warrior are you?

My result is: Spartan

You're no pussbucket. When it comes to battle, you dawn only a spear and leather breifs....because its all you need. Spartans are the decendents of Hercules himself, and onyl chuck norris knows better then to mess with a spartan.
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What Maori god are you ?

My result is: Tumatauenga

( the deity of war)
You are treated with the greatest respect! You are really jealous and will go to great height to get things your own way.
You plot and plan you are a mastermind and a STRONG WARRIOR

Tūmatauenga advises his brothers to kill their parents Ranginui and Papatuanuku in order to allow light and space into the world,
Tūmatauenga makes snares to catch the birds, the children of Tāne, who can no longer fly free.
He then makes nets, and traps the children of Tangaroa.
He makes hoes to dig the ground, capturing his brothers Rongomatane and Haumiatiketike, heaping them into baskets to be eaten.
The only brother that Tūmatauenga cannot subdue completely is Tāwhirimātea,
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Your Emo.
You are emotional, you oftn get teased beacause of the way you dress. You are truely one of the colest stereotypes around. You love dark colours and peopl mistake you for a goth sometimes. Your addicted to your iPod you love skinny jeans you are one unique stereo type and you rely on your skinnies� band tee's, hoodies hats scarves and converse to keep you in the emo trend.
Your more likely to be a fashion designer or in a band :)

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Chips 2228
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Chips 187060
Chips 15300
Chips 13000
Chips 12245

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Chips: $956
Rank: 1338662
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Chips: $75,486
Rank: 1370664
Chips: $75,475
Rank: 113650
Chips: $71,134
Rank: 910466
Chips: $49,418
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Chips: $46,306
Rank: 657493

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  • Jordee

    I racked in $640 in 3 days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTGX friends help friends!

  • Just Claudia
    Just Claudia

    Decky :D xx

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    love =] XxX shiv XxX

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    last love!! where were you today petal? i seen your daddy and claire walking down thee street :L i dont think they recognised me tho :P XxX shiv XxX

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    love love love love love love =D <3 for thee husband :L :L :L XxX shiv XxX

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    More love for my declan coz your awsome =D i get to see you tonight! I was goin to Txt you last night makin you top up but i decided i would be nice so i didnt :L XxX shiv XxX

    6/22/10 via Mobile
  • Siobhán Shanks 6/21/10 via Mobile
  • Siobhán Shanks
    Siobhán Shanks

    i heard you had a gig, how did it go? i bet you guys played really well =] XxX shiv XxX

  • Siobhán Shanks
    Siobhán Shanks

    declan :L :L :L XxX shiv XxX miss you like =/

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    byyyye decky!!!! i shall miss you! but ill keep in contact :) XXX shiv XxX

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    lol!!! you made my throat sore by talking to your for hours on the phone :L :L :L XxX shiv XxX love

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    guess who im on the phone to lol XxX shiv XxX

  • 'Grayce. 5/6/10
  • Luggs

    U wise

    5/6/10 via Mobile
  • Luggs


    5/6/10 via Mobile
  • Emma.
    luv Emma.

    yeah the place was packed:O you should went xoxoxox

  • I'M No Superman
    luv I'M No Superman

    lmao true :P but GRRRRR no matter how many times u do it ive still got 3 more comments with it in it

  • Emma.
    luv Emma.

    really? :O niceeee one :D i'm good thanks how are you? you should came to the foam party last night was unreal lol xoxxx

  • Siobhán Shanks
    luv Siobhán Shanks

    Hugs for last night :) Glad we got it sorted xD XxX shiv XxX

    5/2/10 via Mobile
  • Emma.
    luv Emma.

    heyaaa :D how'd the gig go?