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Billy K

Jaysus bebo still exists :O

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  • Male, 32, Luv 473
  • from Dublins Airwaves
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About Me

Don't eat yellow snow
Me, Myself, and I
Legendary dance dj currently on Iceradiodublin 107.9fm, previous stations played on include Pulse 103, Energy 94, Galaxy, ESG fm, Kiss 105, Kiss94.6, Dance fm, The Vibe, Kiss107.9 and Ice 107.9, these days you'll catch me live on Klub fm Dublin Currently 99.5fm on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm, listen online too www.nonstopklub.com 'http://www.shoutcast.com/shoutcast-c...
The Other Half Of Me
Minty Hoop

Minty Hoop

^^^^ The Minty One

classic dance, hard dance and just a little splash of commercial dance
fishing and biking
Scared Of
dentists, comreg and badgers
Happiest When
not at the dentist, on air
Catch me on Facebook www.facebook.com/djbillyk

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Oldschool Summer Session, Ibiza Foam Party and Oldschool Beach Party in 1 venue

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ruttegar, adopted from bunnyhero labs
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  • JUST DO IT :)

    Dear Billy

    you have a cute ---------------

    you make me ----------------------

    you should ---------------------- me

    someday i will ----------------------- you

    you & me = ---------------------

    if i saw you now i would ----------------------------

    i would build a ------------------------------- jst for you

    i would get your name tatooed on my -----------------------

    if i could sing you any song it would be -----------------------------

    we could ------------------------ under the stars

    love -----------------


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  • cupla jokes

    Paddy & Mick go to London to donate sperm. It was a disaster! Paddy missed the tube & Mick came on the bus!!


    A Muslim was sitting next to Paddy on a plane. Paddy odered a whiskey. The stewardess asked the Muslim if he'd like a drink.

    He replied in disgust 'I'd rather be raped by a dozen whores than let liquor touch my lips!'

    Paddy handed his drink back & said 'Me too, I didnt know we had a choice!'


    Paddy calls Easyjet to book a flight. The operator asks 'How many people are flying with you?'

    Paddy replies 'I dont know! Its your f***ing plane!!'


    Paddy & Murphy are working on a building site. Paddy says to Murphy 'Im gonna have the day off, Im gonna prtend Im mad!'

    He climbs up the rafters , hangs upside down & shouts 'I'M A LIGHTBULB! I'M A LIGHTBULB!' Murphy watches in amazement!

    The Foreman shouts 'Paddy you're mad, go home' So he leaves the site.

    Murphy starts packing his kit up to leave as well.

    'Where the hell are you going?' asks the Foreman.

    'I cant work in the friggin dark! ' says Murphy.


    Two Irish couples decided to swap partners for the night. After 3 hours of amazing sex Paddy says 'I wonder how the girls are getting on'


    Paddy takes his new wife to bed on their wedding night. She undresses & lies on the bed spreadeagled & says 'You know what I want dont you?'

    'Yeah,' says Paddy. 'The whole friggin bed by the looks of it!'


    Q. Whats a Catholic priest & a pint of Guiness got in common?

    A. black coat, white collar & you've got to watch your arse if you get a dodgy one!


    Paddy the electrician got sacked from the U.S. prison service for not servicing the electric chair. He said in his professional opinion it was a death trap!


    Paddy's chat up lines:

    1. Did ya fart? 'Cos ya just blew me away!
    2. Are your parents retarded? 'Cos your special!
    3. My love for you is like diarrhoea. I just cant hold it in!
    4. Is there a mirror in your knickers? 'Cos I can see myself in them!
    5. Your body reminds me of a spanner. Evertime I think of you my nuts tighten up!
    6. You might not be the best looking girl in here, but beauty is only a light switch away!


    Paddy, the Irish boyfriend of the woman whos head was found on Arbroath beach was asked to identify her. A detective held up the head to which point Paddy said

    0 Comments 244 weeks

  • The dublin scumbag essential collection

    Drive a Honda Civic with tinted windows, spoilers and go faster stripes; and say things like:

    "Go wan ye mad yoke"
    "Storeeeeee bud"
    "Aroigh man wots de craic"
    "Me bird has me up in court for may-enance burr oim still meetin yor wan sharden from de temple te-ator "
    "She's a birrova tramp and she has four sprogs 'n' all but she'##### inta me, know worroi mean man"
    "Ahh stop would ye, I was bleedin banjoed man, banjoed"
    "Ouura de bikky"!
    Call their mother Aul Wan and their father Aul Lad
    Always have a box of 10 Johnny Blue on ya.

    On special occassions such as court appearances /christenings/funerals you must wear faded blue Levis rammed up your arse,must be accompanied by check ben sherman shirt, with diamond jumper draped over your arm for the dressy look.

    Enormous sovereign rings on every finger, for girls huge gold creole and T-bar pendant. For da fellas, gold mobile phone or boxing glove pendant from elizabeth duke collection at Argos.

    Multi-coloured Scanda or Patagonia jackets are essential part of wardrobe. Must be worn with tie cord around the waist pulled tightly. It is also obligatory to wear baseball caps with the peak sitting on top of your forehead to reveal greasy fringe.

    Posters of Tupac/ Aslan to be placed on bedroom walls. All knackerettes must think that Christy Dignam is a "riyed".

    Portrait of your arse must be embedded into at least one wall where you sit every night all night and tell the houses owners to f*** off when they protest.

    For da younger skangers, a moped is an essential form of transport. Helmet must be worn balancing on top of head and not actually on it.

    Pram from Da Social Worker (big enough to store stolen goods) and young child with a made up name from the Jenny Jones Show, name such as D'yewanneh and D'yelikeh essential from the up and coming knackerette.

    Spit on the pavement at least every 3 seconds.

    Nearest you've been to nature is knacker drinkin down de canal or pickpocketing culchies who come up to Dublin on Dec 8th to get their Christmas Clothes

    Pretend to follow League of Ireland but only go for the fights.
    Own Celtic Jersey with your own name on the back.

    Your Buurd is up da powil or has a little ######.

    Rottweiller is essential to keep up the hardman image and threaten innocent people walking the streets. Tell them if they even look crossways that you'll get your dog to "bite the bleddin bollix off dem".

    City Centre consists of Henry St & O'Connell St, the odd venture to the Donnybrook Kiddies disco in necessary at least once a month to terrorise "de poshies".

    Left school before age 16.

    Time spent from June to October is collecting for the bon-fiyeR

    Name written on at least 10 lamposts near "your gaff" i.e. "Anto is a queer. Naaaahlee is a sluh "

    Name must end with an o e.g. Anto, Rayo, Micko for the boys and end with an ie for the girls, Naaahlie, Trayyysie.
    Summer holidays are always in Courtown or da Canaries and you think its the best thing since sliced bread

    3 Comments 279 weeks

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