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Wolverine Fans

Have seen the film? What you think!? Haven't yet? WHY???

5/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Real Name: James Howlett, now goes by Logan
Identity: Secret
Occupation: (current) Adventurer, member of the X-Men, (possible former) Samurai, (former) CIA operative, member of Canada's Weapon X program, leader of Alpha Flight, bartender on Madripoor
Other Aliases: Weapon X, Patch
Place of Birth: Unknown, presumably in Canada.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: John Howlett (father, deceased), Elizabeth Howlett (mother, presumed deceased) "The Old Man" (unnamed grandfather, presumed deceased) Windsong (wife, deceased)
Base of Operations: (current) Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, (former) the Clan Yashida compound in Japan, Department H in Canada.
Group Affiliation: (current) X-Men, (former) Clan Yashida, the Weapon X Program, Alpha Flight
First Appearance: THE INCREDIBLE HULK #181

Xmen Origins: Wolverine. Released 1st Of May 2009.

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  • Kool Facts

    Strength Level: While Wolverine may be of an advanced age, he possesses the normal human strength of a man in his prime with his height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. While possessing the adamantium skeleton, Wolverine's strength was increased to the human maximum, making him capable of lifting (pressing) 800 lbs.

    Known Superhuman Powers: Wolverine is a mutant with a number of enhancements to his physiology. Wolverine possesses heightened senses, making him capable of seeing things at a maximum distance greater than that of a normal human. His hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, and he is able to recognize people and objects by scent, even if that person or object is hidden. Logan can use these enhanced senses to track anyone, with an impressive degree of success.

    He possesses retractable bone claws that are housed in his forearms, they are part of his skeleton system. At will Wolverine can release these claws through his skin between the knuckles on each hand. The skin between the knuckles tears and bleeds, but bleeding is quickly halted by his healing factor. The claws are naturally sharp and tougher than that of normal human bone structure. This allows Wolverine to be able to cut through most types of flesh and natural materials. (Note: While Wolverine possessed his adamantium skeleton, his claws were able to cut through almost any material without any fear of damage to the claws.)

    Lastly, Wolverine possesses an accelerated healing factor based on his physiology. While most normal humans heal injuries over a long period of time, Wolverine's healing factor speeds up that natural process. Wolverine's natural healing has been advanced to the point where he can heal extensive injuries (such as broken limbs) in a matter of hours to days. This factor gives him a higher resistance to poisons and toxins, and he can recover from almost any injury. The more extensive the injury, the longer the healing time will be.

    Wolverine is not immortal, however. If the injuries are extensive enough, especially if they result in the loss of vital organs, large amounts of blood, and/or loss of physical form (such as having flesh burned away by fire or acid), Logan can die.

    Wolverine, again due to his healing factor, has an enhanced resistance to disease, as well as an extended life span. Despite Wolverine's chronological age, he is still as healthy and physically fit as a man in his prime.

    Abilities: Due to his extensive training as a CIA operative, a Samurai, and as a member of the Weapon X program, Wolverine is a master of multiple forms of martial arts, weapons, and vehicles. He is also a trained expert in computers, explosives, and assassination techniques.

    NOTE: Hugh Jackman played him in X-Men the movies.

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X-MEN Origins: Wolverine Trailer

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  • Catherine

    i love x-men. i got all 4 for my birthday. i love hugh jackman

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    Daiclaec Daiclaec

    Broken hearts and naughty women http://ajaxurl.com/0b9h1m

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    Play your origial movies http://tyoob.com/c9z

  • luv Tina Keane

    I hate the flim the changed 2 much better not fuck up deadpool i stil luv wolverine tho

    2/13/10 via Mobile
  • 'Ironman.

    Add me :DD x

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes

    few things to put in, he has a son daken(known reletives), he was born in the 19th century, in alberta canada(place of birth).

  • The Batbear
    The Batbear

    Add the Batbear

  • Manitou Maiingan
    Manitou Maiingan

    i been a big fan of marvel since i was a little kid i remember when wolverine and spiderman wer enimies i love all the x men movies

  • Kane

    I loved the film

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Holly
    luv Holly

    have some love, hugh jackman is bloody gorgeous :* ;) :P Love x

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    Hey, Come check out our new film show on Channelflip where our resident film expert Justin gives you his opinion on Wolverine.. Enjoy.!

  • Luke

    his name was james creed. he and saber-tooth are brothers, and saber-tooth's name is viktor creed

  • MikeyismyHero
    luv MikeyismyHero

    Has AnyOne Played The PS3 Game??

  • -N.S

    Yeah some1 shud make a skin about that song ITS AWSOME!

  • luv 'Kaitlynn

    In that Song Cool Guys Dont Look At Explotions , Wolverine is in it :o YOu See Him in it At 2:14 :D :D xxx