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Formidable Four

playing renegade at the momment:)

3/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey, we are Formidable Four(FF/F4). Our goal is to beat cheaters on any game, we used to play in Metroid Prime Hunters but currently we are playing Star wars Renegade Squadron. Our team leaders are Natbomb(generalno1), Bonez1, Kooplux(boba fett), and Walaweavil. We are trying to get as much members as possible and we hope to become a noticable team. We would accept anyone into our team but we do not want cheaters/hackers in our team, we don't want to look noob-ish with them in our team . So if your not a hacker/cheater then feel free to join our team =)

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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron - PSP

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  • Sign ups

    If your looking to join our team then all u have to do is post your friend code and name, but u must agree that:
    -u don't cheat
    -that u are part of this team until u want to be removed from it, that means that u can't join any other teams, if u joined this team and went to another, this would make u a traitor
    -u don't use glitches or bugs for your advantage(we want all our members to play fair againest other players)

    if any of these rules are broken then u are banned from our team.

    once u have joined our team, u must put "F4" in your name, for example "F4 _______" that way we would know u are in our team(unless theres another team that has "F4" in their name that means something different)

    And we don't care if u have a good or bad record, any1 can join(except cheaters)

    well enough of the details, lets get posting then :D

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  • Mark Conway
    Mark Conway

    Fuck off u son of a bitch

  • Star Wars Battlefront
    Star Wars Battlefront

    join this group and vote for yur favourite Battlefront! www.bebo.com/SWBAA

  • luv D

    btw if any1 is joining, u must at least play once a week. We don't want members who join and don't do anything =/ but if u join 2 surport our team, i guess thats an exception =)

  • John Mc Crystal
    luv John Mc Crystal

    cool band:) :) :) ;)

  • D

    right i posted the blog so now people can sign up now :D

  • D

    well, i would make a friend code blog, but for now just post it as a comment :)

  • Krisk.

    How do you join this team thing? Friend codes or what?

  • supportblocky

    You say ur page is about Hunters. Yet you have an echoes skin. Just a thought.

  • Metroid Primers
    Metroid Primers

    We Are The True Metroid Primers! So Dont Copy Us!!!

  • Krisk.

    Still worth a mention.. although it's been out for a while now.

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B

    waliugi metriod hunters is wat this band is about not corruption

  • Waluigi Club
    Waluigi Club

    metroid prime 3 corruption is out

  • Krisk.

    Any Kanden players? Kanden is sweet.

  • Krisk.

    Best fucking DS game ever ^^

  • Ryan Mc C
    Ryan Mc C

    waluigi+weavil makes walaweavi:)