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Me, Myself, and I

     dani; sio; ros-bif; mad; brian; nats
        best friends alwayss

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almostt one year babeee (L)

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  • '

    ten things i want to do before i die.
    - be successful
    - get rid of my spots
    - go to newyork
    - marriage & kids.
    - be happy with myself
    - listen to a full physics lesson.
    - to know what i want in life
    - to find my prince charming
    - go too china with rosie
    - go to university

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  • '
    Jamie Templeton,
    This boy is perfect, he's so special to me. It's almost been 9 months, + i'm not going deny that we've had our minor difficulties, but they've been nothing major, i cant stand not speaking to him. Its amazing how close we are, he knows everything about me, and i'm 100% myself around him, he's seen me rough, he's seen me dressed up, he's seen me first thing in a morning, and i love the fact i can look my worst & he'll still say i look gorgeous. i'd hate to be in one of those relationships where you've always got to look nice for your boyfriend, and feel insecure if you dont look perfect. i've never felt this way before, ever. So many people have tried to come in between us, but they fail, cause me & my boy, we're just too strong. & we always will be tbh. I love him. I really do. Hes always there for me, & he loves me for me. Not what i wear, or what i look like, just becase i'm me. I don't know how he does it tbh "/ i couldn't put up with me, i'm selfish, i always want my own way, im jealous, very jealous. He really could do so much better. But i thank him, for choosing me, & staying with me. If i lost him, I'd be totally lost. I'd have nobody to go to, when i'm down, upset, stressed, angry, or just need a hug. I'd feel totally on my own. So i really hope that never happens (yn). I'm so proud of him, he has his life sorted, he knows what he wants in life, & i love that, he's so clever, he could do anything he wanted tbh. We do everything together aswell, when i'm with him, i feel stronger, like i can do anything, be anyone he makes me feel like a princess, he treats me so well, he's never done anything to hurt me, and i hope thats the way it'll always be; + the fact he makes me feel that way makes me love him more, it feels like we've been together years, i can't remember my life before 'us'. When people ask me if i'm still with him, i say yes with a huge smile on my face, proud at the fact i can call him mine. I try treat him just as well as he treats me, sometimes i know i could do better, but i've told him from now on im gonna try my best, by doing the things he wants to do, & not wanting my own way all the time, because he deserves the best, so i do try. Just little things like waking up to a nice text, holding his hand, or just him calling me baby, makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world & give me the funniest feeling in my tummy, butterflies & tingles. I love that feeling. More than anything in his world. He knows i'm always there for him, & i'm always 100% behind him, whatever his decisions, i haven't in the past, i'll admit, but i have my reasons ahaa, i love you jamie, your my best friend, my love, my soul mate, & you shall be forever (: never leave ♥

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  • Emmie.

    not spoke to you in agess :o you alright love? ♥

  • TrueBEAUTY'2010

    ☆ TrueBEAUTY'09 ™ × FAN PICTURE ANYONE? comment; αttαch α picture; αnd leαve love, thαnkчou’ x

  • UNique
    luv UNique

    Iya hw u wuu2 wat u dun this holz x

    8/8/09 via Mobile
  • Leaahh Babess
    Leaahh Babess

    Heeey thisss is Leaah Youu Okaii ? Writback x

  • Emmie.
    luv Emmie.

    yeah they sure are ;) ive just been contacting some modelling agenices tbh (: & good glad to hear it, yeah im good thanks :D good weekend?

  • NatalieSx
    luv NatalieSx

    ohmygod im up there! i love you for that! ♥

  • Emmie.

    thanks for the picture comment, you alright lovely? x

  • NatalieSx

    i love youuuuuu

  • Dena-Jayne
    luv Dena-Jayne

    hope your having a good time babes, x

  • NatalieSx
    luv NatalieSx

    I love you babee, and i know i'ma have to call u up. have fun tho, get a kick ass tan for me xxx

  • NatalieSx
    luv NatalieSx


  • Lucy.
    luv Lucy.


  • Rosee
    luv Rosee

    - Eyupp Babess, Youu Okaa? Wuu2? LoveYouuu;X3

  • NatalieSx
    luv NatalieSx

    i think you already no the answer.. sweetcheeks.

  • KatyJ'

    :) ayee we do. DEFO (: xx

  • KatyJ'
    luv KatyJ'

    have love since i haven't see you in a while. xx

  • NatalieSx
    luv NatalieSx

    eyup sexxyyy (L)

  • Warrick C
    luv Warrick C

    Love :)

  • Emmie.

    - ahh i hate revision(n) whats your next exam? x

  • Keenan.
    luv Keenan.

    ahh. justttt wondering about on ea :D thought i'd sendd you some love (LL) :D love youuuu :) xx